Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not 'tuesday'

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After two marriage breakdowns as well as intense denunciations on social media, Viet Anh was tired and let go of the idea of starting a family. In parallel, the actor once clarified all ties with his co-star.

Viet Anh is known as the actor through many films such as "Run the Case", "Sentimental Boy", "Love Without a Date", "Youth", "Zippo, Mustard and You", "The Wind Against the Season", "The Judge", "Sunflower Against the Sun" ...

Famous, possessing a handsome appearance, Viet Anh is also involved in many scandals when plastic surgery, disputes after divorce with his ex-wife in c.hild support, a.dultery with co-stars,...

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 1

Not long ago, Huong Tran – the ex-wife of actor Viet Anh attracted attention when she accused him of not asking questions and providing for their common c.hild for a year. Huong Tran emphasized that the apartment she currently owns is not related to Viet Anh and said she left empty-handed after the divorce.

"Divorced without a penny, left empty-handed. Married for 8 years, the house is renting for 2 mothers and children to go away", Huong Tran shared.

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 2

Before the incident, Viet Anh also clarified. The actor said he has been in touch with his ex-wife and will find a way to process the story between the two. Earlier, Huong Tran blocked all Viet Anh communication channels. When the actor used another phone number to call, his ex-wife claimed she "didn't want to talk to him" and hung up.

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 3

After more than 2 weeks of drama, recently in the premiere of a new film starring Viet Anh, the actor had his thoughts about the past scandals. At the press conference, when asked about whether Viet Anh would be willing to nurse again after two breakdowns, the actor said, " Through two blows, I feel like I belong to the group of people who should live alone to have less influence on others.

Viet Anh's story will stop at 2. I stopped also to avoid future fuss. I'm tired of all that, I don't have the strength to take it again."

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 4

Viet Anh added that although he has no intention of getting married again, the actor is still ready to open up to love again if he finds the right person: "I don't pursue higher things only to be disappointed. If I'm lucky, I'll find a like-minded woman. They are also determined to only love, not marry. Assuming she accepts, we're happy to be together.

I always make this desire clear to everyone, including those who intend to get to know me. I don't want to make a cake and cheat on a woman, tell them "Come to me, I'll marry you" and then hide away. That's really c.ruel."

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 5

In addition to sharing about the intense drama between himself and his ex-wife, also at the film's premiere press conference, Viet Anh also once again clarified the relationship between himself and Quynh Nga.

The actor firmly asserted that Quynh Nga is not the third person to interfere with the happiness of his family and his ex-wife causing the breakdown of their marriage: " Actually, this is Quynh Nga's misfortune when the brothers play together in the group. Coincidentally, the two brothers are single, so it is always a topic for people to assign. Myself and Quynh Nga have never said that we are in love, everything is just rumors.

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 6

I think rumors are forever just rumors until we confirm we have feelings for each other that it's worth talking about. I think at that point the story was very normal. At this point, I insist that Quynh Nga has nothing to do with my broken family or marriage. And I have enough information and evidence to confirm that. At some point, if Quynh Nga is really too affected by this story, I will have to give evidence to prove that Quynh Nga and I are not related.

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 7

Quynh Nga herself does not want to continue to be drawn into this story. Now, Quynh Nga has proven herself that she is not relevant to my story. We have a group that plays together, we talk to each other every day, we shouldn't let ourselves be the cause of a bad story, so we choose to be silent."

Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not tuesday - Photo 8

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