S.HOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar

Nam PhươngNov 21, 2021 at 16:45

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There was a vow to contribute 100 billion to carry out a heart surgery campaign in Hanoi, but CEO Phuong Hang received terrible results.

On the afternoon of November 21, Ms. Phuong Hang and Doctor of Law Dang Anh Quan held a livestream with the theme "drops overflowing". During the conversation, the owner of Dai Nam KDL resentfully recounted the journey of being a good person but being beaten by public opinion. In particular, during the drama exposing the fraudulent medical treatment line Vo Hoang Yen. Mr. Dung's wife explained, the reason why I mentioned the names of artists like Hoai Linh, MC Ky Duyen ... because they used to PR for the god of medicine. However, all were silent and refused to speak up.

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 1

Talking about the establishment of Hang Huu heart surgery fund, the businesswoman said that this desire has existed for a long time. In 2013, Ms. Phuong Hang expressed her desire to donate 100 billion to a charity to help unfortunate hearts. However, when just contributed the first 10 billion, this organization took advantage and deliberately used it for the wrong purpose. Because of misplaced trust, the couple Huynh Uy Dung decided to set up their own fund and monitor it themselves. This fund will link up with a number of large hospitals such as Cho Ray, Children's Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Funding of Hang Huu heart surgery fund is 100% profit from business activities of Dai Nam Company. Do not donate to any individual or organization.

"Starting in 2013, we had a vow to do heart surgery for our children. At that time, I did not have a heart surgery fund, so I went to Hanoi and volunteered to contribute 100 billion VND to Ms. Nguyen Thi Doan's fund. At that time, the fund to support poor patients. Our journey to be kind people was very painful, very arduous. After returning from Hanoi, I immediately transferred 10 billion VND to that fund. , in the end no heart was operated on this is what is very real, that m.oney is used to buy Range Rover, buy notebooks, bicycles... and what else I don't know.

Finally I received a letter we apologized that the m.oney had already been used up and not a single fruit was opened. That was the first heartbreak that f.orced me to open the Hang Huu heart surgery fund, which we are the supervisors. " - Mrs. Phuong Hang recounted

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 2

On November 14, the giant Phuong Hang and his wife held an exchange with a scale of 1000 people and streamed it on social media platforms at the pedestrian street - Dai Nam KDL (Binh Duong).

In addition to causing frustration about the behavior of gathering people, not complying with the 5k rule. One of the guests, Youtuber Long Ngo, made a false statement, insulting the press such as: "... the communist press joins with the reactionary to beat a Nguyen Phuong Hang...". Also at the talk, Mr. Dung repeatedly criticized artists and journalists on both sides for fabricating and slandering the honor of his family.

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 3
The Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information found that the content of the above statement showed signs of violating the law, spreading false information, and insulting the honor and reputation of the Vietnamese revolutionary press. Therefore, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information requests the Department of Information and Communications of Binh Duong province to inspect, verify and strictly handle violations of the law (if any) related to the case. above. At the same time, report the handling results to the Department before November 30, 2021.

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 4

Used to be supported by netizens for public and charitable activities. However, the fact that Mr. Dung and Phuong Hang let Youtuber Long Ngo speak freely in public received many negative comments.

To find out more about this issue, Thanh Nien newspaper contacted the Binh Duong Department of Information and Communications, but the leaders here did not answer the phone. When talking with Mr. Huynh Uy Dung (Dung Lo Voi), the reporter received a clear answer from this giant. Accordingly, he said: "I and the doctor of law expressed our views at that time. But the speaker's intention to ask you to contact the speaker will be more clear. As for the opinion of the speaker, he said. whom that person is responsible".

During the livestream on the afternoon of November 16, Phuong Hang also frankly stated her point of view. Specifically, CEO Dai Nam expressed that he did not defend YouTuber Long Ngo, but said that anyone who has made false or inaccurate statements must be f.orced to explain and be punished. As for the livestream on 11/11, the owner of Dai Nam confirmed that her resort did not violate the law. If the authorities asked to close, she still happily accepted.

"Long Ngo spoke, Long Ngo had to explain, that's all. I think, however, Long Ngo was fined 7.5 million. And I organized it for tourists, a lot of guests, not just me and Long. Ngo, right, so you have to be careful when you speak in public. If you're not careful, you'll just break your mouth. If there is a violation of the law, it has to be a process. Not 1-2 sentences. people become criminals.

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 5

It's normal for me to organize exchanges with other people there, because my area is a tourist area. Many times the speaker does not mean to speak, the listener means to listen. Experience it once so that the next time you say it, tell it properly. That day when Long Ngo talked to me, I was a bit surprised, I might be too nervous to say it.

You can rest assured that we are not doing anything illegal. Organized and licensed tourist resorts. When we open the door, we will open the door, we will operate. Who sent an official letter to close Dai Nam KDL, I closed it"

SHOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar - Photo 6

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