Phuong Hang reveals her true self when she claims to respect the poor

Hậu HậuOct 28, 2021 at 17:02

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For a long time, the keyword Nguyen Phuong Hang - CEO Dai Nam is not too strange to the online community.

Phuong Hang reveals her true self when she claims to respect the poor - Photo 1

It is difficult to ignore her livestreams from the "war" accusing Mr. Vo Hoang Yen of misappropriating hundreds of billions of dong, touching a series of artists and showbiz "boss", building a medical oxygen factory and free oxygen cylinders for the f.ight against the epidemic..., this giant woman gives the public many conflicting emotions. Phuong Hang declared, love and hate is a common thing in life, she does not live by the world's tongue. But she has her own rules of life that she sets and adheres to. "Live with the poor, play with the rich" is one of them. She explained, as a successful businessman, brave in the market, of course the friends who often hang out with her are also rich people. However, her heart is for the poor.

The businesswoman confided: "The people I hate most in life are those who despise people, eat first, look down on the poor. When I meet the poor, I bend down very low, because I don't want them to feel guilty, I don't want them to carry me. I feel like I'm a requester. I have never been arrogant or contemptuous of anyone. Maybe I don't help them as they want, but I leave in their hearts kindness and warmth; not give them m.oney and curse and despise them. Holding that coin is humiliating and painful." This statement makes many people wonder, do words go hand in hand with deeds? In everyday life, many times people see her friendly and happy when doing charity work. Whether dressed up or down, she never forgets to wear jewelry.

She explained, it is respecting herself and respecting the poor, not trying to "imitate" the simple to get along with them. Instead, she often holds hands, hugs, pats them. Some old clips of Mrs. Phuong Hang with the predestined pediatric patients she helped also r.eveal the gentle and warm features of the female CEO. Once, while she was talking to a young infant, another b.aby approached, twirling beside her to play with diamonds. The female CEO is still calm, stooping to talk to the lying b.aby without scolding the curious b.aby with her jewelry. Those moments make those who love the rich woman more sympathetic to her.

Phuong Hang reveals her true self when she claims to respect the poor - Photo 2

However, the "faction" on the contrary said that on social networks, Ms. Phuong Hang is somewhat harsh and harsh. The subjects she "named" are often violently attacked with strong, sometimes disparaging words. The way she gave ugly nicknames, called you - me with a high-pitched voice to scold those "accused" made netizens uncomfortable.

Being warm to the poor is like that, but when facing someone she considers evil, her attitude turns 180 degrees. It is obvious that the netizens are very clear that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has been pursuing the case of "medicine god" Vo Hoang Yen for a long time, leading to many scandals. One of the rumors mentioned by netizens, after leaking a recording of a phone conversation believed to be between her and Mr. Vo Hoang Yen, was that she fell in love with Mr. Yen.

Not long ago, Ms. Phuong Hang once candidly spoke about these allegations. "My antifan heard one-sided information, insulted me. People said that I was in love with Mr. Yen, I was c.razy because of him. When I was betrayed by him, I went c.razy and harmed him. But the the truth is always the truth. I have to have proof to prove I'm right." Accordingly, Ms. Phuong Hang denied this information. She also released a picture she had just extracted from her phone, showing that Mr. Vo Hoang Yen had sent her some private pictures. Accordingly, Mr. Yen complained that he was sick, had to shave all over his b.ody, and ran out of m.oney owed to Mrs. Hang.

She declared: "If he didn't have any intentions, interests, or tricks, these pictures wouldn't have been sent to me. In this world, no one takes m.oney from other people and then sends messages, records, and collages. then go back and sue like that. I'm very strong, I'm a victim in this. Who has offended me, wait to know. I have collected evidence, extracted messages to go to court." .

Phuong Hang reveals her true self when she claims to respect the poor - Photo 3

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