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Mr. Nawat's daughter attitude when stripped of the title, how are the 2 Miss Sharing the same fate now

Đình Như14:45:40 02/02/2024
The cases of beauties who were once stripped of the crown of Miss World left many regrets in the hearts of the public. The reason is that these beauty queens became pregnant while in office.

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"Daughter" Mr. Nawat was stripped of her crown because she was in office again

Hoàng Phúc14:51:11 01/02/2024
The Miss Peace Organization of Ranong province recently announced the revocation of the title of beauty Phailin Wongsa because she became pregnant while in office and transferred the right to compete in Miss Grand Thailand to the 1st runner-up.

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Ohm Pawat was pushed in the boat with a female Vbiz star: The other person bought pho and delivered it to him

Hoàng Phúc17:21:39 15/01/2024
Recently, Ohm Pawat and a group of Thai stars were present in Vietnam to attend the Asian Television Awards ceremony. Here, the male god of the Golden Temple received special attention from a female Vbiz star.

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Mr. Nawat "messed" to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty

JLO17:15:43 06/01/2024
Mr Nawat recently announced the withdrawal of Miss Grand USA's Miss Grand International rights, while also transferring it to beauty Rachel Slawson, representing Ireland at the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant.

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Anntonia "defeated" Engfa, becoming a beauty legend widely mentioned in Thailand

Keng14:10:00 29/12/2023
Miss Universe 1st runner-up - Miss Universe 2023 Anntonia Porsild is currently leading the voting category for the most mentioned celebrity in entertainment news newspapers in the land of the Golden Temple.

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Cherry Magic (Thai version): Tay - New creates great chemistry but is still criticized because of this 1 point

Bảo Nam17:20:44 22/12/2023
In recent years, the Thai film industry has been the birthplace of many famous boylove/girllove works. This is also the genre that made the careers of many famous actors.

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Miss Intercontinental 2023: Thai crowned, Vietnam won 2nd runner-up, shattering the "back to back" dream

Minh Lợi10:31:14 16/12/2023
Beauty Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat became the owner of the Miss Intercontinental 2023 crown. Among them, Vietnam representative - Ngoc Hang stopped at the 2nd runner-up position.

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1st runner-up Miss Universe's salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete.

Bảo Nam07:26:58 30/11/2023
On the evening of November 26, Thai beauty Anntonia Porsild - 1st runner-up of Miss Universe 2023 returned to her hometown in a warm welcome from the audience in her home country. She is called the Thai Beauty Legend by the people of the land of the Golden Temple.

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Engfa's rumored love affair with a strange guy, people suspect is her lover because of one detail

Đình Như12:44:12 25/11/2023
After participating in the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 season, the relationship of Engfa Waraha and 5th runner-up - Charlotte Austin continuously became a topic of interest from many fans.

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Susie Naenna: A s.exy beauty who went back in time to love you, the tragic fate of the movie comes to life

Đào Thị08:30:28 23/11/2023
Although she only takes on the female role in Back in Time to Love You, the character Malee played by Susie Susira Naenna receives a lot of attention thanks to her extremely beautiful beauty. However, her love story is just as tragic as the character in the movie.

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Mr. Nawat declared s.hock about MU 2023 results, 1 runner-up criticized Anntonia, Ngoc Chau ignored Bui Quynh Hoa

Thảo Mai06:39:52 22/11/2023
Although it has ended, the echoes of the Miss Universe - Miss Universe 2023 contest are still there. Recently, Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil - president of the Miss Grand contest suddenly congratulated the beautiful Anntonia Porsild.

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Miss Universe: 1st runner-up apologized, was comforted by MS president and Lukkade, Mr. Nawat was stoned for one reason

JLO13:56:56 20/11/2023
On the morning of November 19 (Vietnam time), 84 representatives from around the world entered the Miss Universe final. After many competitions, the Top 2 held hands at the moment of calling the names of the winners, beauties from Nicaragua and Thailand.

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Engfa Wahara made a terrible mistake because of an action related to Thai MU, not considering MGI - Mr. Nawat out?

Keng15:13:14 18/11/2023
Miss Universe 2023 is about to end with only the final night left on November 18 (local time). The beauty's journey to conquer the crown is even more exciting with the support and cheering from the home audience.

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Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments

Keng11:31:38 14/11/2023
After more than 10 days of participation, the beauties are preparing to enter the important competition nights of Miss Universe 2023. The 82 girls' journey to carry the bell to compete in foreign countries will be even more brilliant thanks to the wholehearted support of fans. beauty around the world.

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Miss Universe Thailand is beautiful when standing next to Bui Quynh Hoa, the only Asian representative in the top 5

Thảo Mai14:41:16 11/11/2023
More than half the way to conquering the Miss Universe crown - Miss Universe 2023 has passed, but Bui Quynh Hoa is still considered pale and lacking in shine. Recently, she was criticized for being in the same frame as the representative of Thailand.

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Miss Universe 2023 is at risk of being suspended because the new owner filed for bankruptcy, will Bui Quynh Hoa lose everything?

Minh Lợi11:42:14 10/11/2023
On the morning of November 9, Khaosod English newspaper reported that the JKN group of transgender billionaire Anne Jakrakutatip - owner of the Miss Universe contest - filed for bankruptcy to extend debt repayment.

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Miss Universe 2023: Bui Quynh Hoa's bad English skills still make it to the top 15, Thailand falls out of the top 5

JLO12:24:32 09/11/2023
Revolving around the framework of the Miss Universe 2023 contest, a series of contestants continue to be divided into small groups to participate in ceremony activities. Accordingly, Bui Quynh Hoa was present at an event and freely interacted with the MC.

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Miss Universe covered Bui Quynh Hoa, still for international competition, 1 miss was investigated but received bitter results?

Thảo Mai15:08:00 05/10/2023
After announcing that she would investigate, the Miss Universe homepage suddenly posted an article related to Bui Quynh Hoa. Immediately, netizens left many comments forcing the organization to clarify its actions.

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Bella Ranee was at the mall that was down, luckily escaped, recounting the moment of life and death

Keng16:48:14 04/10/2023
Information related to the s.hooting at Siam Paragon shopping mall in Thailand that caused many casualties attracted the attention of the public. It is known that at the time of the incident, Bella Ranee and some other stars were having events here.

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Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US President's wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands?

Hoàng Phúc11:52:17 25/09/2023
On September 21, beauty site Sash Factor published an article saying that Jill Biden - the first lady of the US President - praised the reigning Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild.

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Engfa was "played badly" by MG Cambodia, intentionally taking positions, Mr. Nawat immediately retaliated on stage

Thảo Mai14:04:18 24/09/2023
Recently, on social networks, there was a clip recording the image of Engfa Waraha and Miss Grand Cambodia 2023 - Phoem Sreyno standing together on the stage of the Miss Grand Saraburi final, in Thailand.

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Bright Vachirawit is rumored to be having an affair despite having a girlfriend and using banned substances. What does the management company say?

Thảo Mai11:43:06 15/09/2023
On September 14, social networks were in a stir when a news site in Thailand suddenly posted rumors about a famous actor, possessing a handsome appearance and being influential after appearing in the movie. B.oy Love movie series.

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Miss Universe 2023 canceled because new owner defaulted, transgender billionaire immediately voiced rumors!

Thảo Mai09:53:05 09/09/2023
In recent days, the news that JKN Global Group Plc (JKN) - the company of transgender billionaire Anne Jakrakutatip is at risk of default due to the continuous decline in stock prices has attracted many people's attention.

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Miss Thailand lost the right to compete in Miss World, the same reason as Thanh Thuy, had to compete in the less prestigious pageant?

JLO10:25:47 07/09/2023
The reigning Miss Thailand 2023 Chonnikarn Supittayaporn will compete in the Miss Global 2023 pageant held in Vietnam. Her exclusion from competing in Miss World is controversial.

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