Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown?

Minh LợiMay 23, 2024 at 14:12

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The homepage of the Miss Grand International contest recently made a surprise announcement that this year's contest will not be held in Myanmar as scheduled. Currently, this information is making beauty fans extremely confused.

"The Miss Grand International organizing committee would like to announce that the Miss Grand International 2024 pageant will no longer be held in Myanmar. Stay tuned for official updates on the new host country in October," the committee said. writing organization.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 1

The organizing committee's decision caused mixed controversy. Many people believe that this is the right decision to ensure the safety of candidates because the situation in Myanmar is unstable. But many viewers also criticized the organizers for being unprofessional.

"It is the right decision, most of us Myanmar people do not want to organize international events like this in this situation", "Now is not the time to celebrate in Myanmar. We will welcome welcome you back when the time is right"... are comments from Myanmar fans.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 2

After the Miss Grand International 2024 contest was no longer held in Myanmar, the audience asked questions about which country will become the new host of Miss Grand International 2024.

Many people believe that if a new hosting country cannot be found, it is likely that Miss Grand International 2024 will be held in Thailand - the birth country of Miss Grand International.

In addition, this year the company that owns the copyright of Miss Grand Vietnam is currently hosting the Mr World 2024 contest and is also holding it at the end of the year, so the plan of holding it for 2 consecutive years in Vietnam is very unlikely. exam.

Previously, Miss Grand Honduras 2024 - Cecilia Isabel Garcia Pineda - suddenly posted an article sharing her decision to give up the title and not attend Miss Grand International 2024 in Myanmar.

She wrote: "Today I write to you with mixed emotions to announce my decision to relinquish the title of Miss Grand Honduras 2024. The Miss Grand International 2024 pageant is scheduled to take place. In Myanmar and with the situation here, I am concerned. This is not an easy decision, but after careful thought and consideration, I know it is the best thing for me."

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 3

Myanmar once hosted Miss Grand in 2018. That year, the representative of Myanmar was the beautiful Su Myat Phoo but did not win any achievements.

Since Ni Ni Lin Eain's 1st runner-up achievement at Miss Grand International 2023, the Miss Grand International contest has become more famous and loved in Myanmar. However, there were also rumors that runner-up Ni Ni Lin gave up the crown because of a conflict between Mr. Nawat with the Miss Peace Myanmar organization.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 4

Miss Grand International in recent years has been one of the most notable international beauty contests, and has been ranked in the Big 6, the 6 largest beauty contests on the planet. Vietnam's biggest achievement when participating in this beauty arena belongs to Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, she won the crown in the 2021 contest season. Last year when the contest was held in Vietnam, Miss Le Hoang Phuong appeared. won the 4th runner-up position.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 5

Currently, Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 is also entering the casting phase. Recently, the organizers continued to announce the next series of contestants, including a beauty who was praised by netizens for her beauty queen charisma and is a bright candidate for the crown.

Accordingly, Cao Thi Lien was born in 1999 and comes from Thai Binh, with remarkable academic achievements. The beauty won the Gold medal in the National Violympic Math Competition in 2015-2016 and was admitted directly to University. Cao Thi Lien lost her mother when she was in 11th grade. The big s.hock made her taciturn, self-conscious, withdrawn, and gain weight out of control. However, after that the beauty worked hard to overcome adversity, maintain her academic achievements and grow to where she is today.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 6

Nguyen Huynh Thanh Thuy, born in 2004, comes from Ho Chi Minh City. Thanh Thuy diligently participates in volunteer activities, from city to national programs. She is currently studying at Vietnam Aviation Academy and has won many scholarships.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 7

Pham Quynh Anh, born in 2002, comes from Hanoi. Quynh Anh received a lot of interaction from beauty fans thanks to her beautiful beauty. She was even commented to have the charisma of a beauty queen. However, few people know that Quynh Anh was once laughed at by her friends because of her brown skin and excessive weight. The beauty has tried very hard to change herself, making herself more beautiful and confident.

Mr. Nawat stripped Myanmar of the right to host MGI, runner-up frustrated to return the crown? - Photo 8

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