Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot

Hướng DươngApr 11, 2024 at 17:30

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A clip recording the scene where guests walked out of a wedding theater set up in the middle of the street and collided with a motorbike has attracted the attention of the online community in recent hours.

During the wedding season, the situation of setting up theaters taking over entire streets and sidewalks continues to recur. This not only causes inconvenience and frustration to people around, but also causes unfortunate accidents to happen to passersby.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 1

Typically, recently, social networks spread images cut from security cameras recording an accident between a pedestrian going to a wedding and two motorbikes, attracting the attention of many netizens.

Specifically, the incident happened on a road where a wedding theater took up most of the space with a large number of guests attending. The rest of the road still has normal traffic.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 2

Suddenly, a young man crossed from the wedding theater area and collided with a motorbike. Both people in the car and him were thrown several meters onto the road. Right at this moment, another motorbike coming from the opposite direction collided without having time to react.

The strong and continuous collision resulted in people and vehicles falling on top of each other. According to residents, the young male pedestrian was motionless on the spot after the incident. People at the scene quickly approached to help the victims.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 3

When the video of the incident spread, it received a lot of discussion from netizens, many people believed that the accident occurred due to errors from many sides. Some comments: "The theater is encroaching on the road, pedestrians don't pay close attention, and motorbikes go too fast," a netizen commented.

It can be seen that nowadays, setting up wedding theaters in the middle of the road is becoming more and more popular, causing a significant impact on people's traffic.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 4

For someone's happy day, maybe people will be willing to ignore the inconveniences of traveling in traffic. But setting up a wedding tent in the middle of the road is a violation of the law and will result in administrative sanctions. And to keep the big day safe, netizens think this practice should stop.

In fact, this is not the first time a serious accident has occurred due to the construction of a wedding tent in the middle of the road. Previously, a tragic accident occurred when a truck, avoiding a wedding theater, hit a young woman, causing the victim to die at the Go Dua overpass (Binh Chieu ward, Ho Chi Minh City).

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 5

The car accident.

Many people who witnessed the incident recounted that at the time the crane truck BKS 54Y was traveling on Le Thi Hoa Street, heading from Song Than Industrial Park to Provincial Road 43. When the vehicle was about 500m away from the Go Dua overpass, the driver Suddenly discovered that in front there was a wedding theater set up on half of the street.

At this time, there were many people gathered in the theater. To avoid crashing into the wedding theater, the driver immediately swerved to the right side of the road. Unfortunately, because the theater obscured the view, when driving, the car hit two motorbikes traveling in the same direction. Immediately after that, the car continued to move and hit the g.irl walking on the road. The strong impact caused the g.irl to die on the spot.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 6

Before the two consecutive collisions, due to panic, the driver could not control the speed and continued to drive the car forward. When he reached the intersection of Provincial Road 43 (about 400m from the wedding theater), he crashed into a tricycle, injuring a man.

Not stopping there, the crane truck continued to rush up the sidewalk and into the empty lot. Due to the high slope, as soon as the car hit the slope of Go Dua bridge, it slid downhill before stopping on the low ground.

After the accident occurred, the driver quickly left the car and ran away from the scene, but was arrested by people and handed over to the police. According to some witnesses, the cause of the accident was because the driver was talking on the phone while driving.

Outraged, the wedding hall occupied the road, guests collided with motorbikes and remained motionless on the spot - Photo 7

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