Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man?

Đình NhưApr 10, 2024 at 15:02

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Recently, Van Toan's love story has been a topic discussed by netizens on forums. Because over the years, male players are still single even though their peers are married.

Faced with this situation, many enthusiastic viewers urged him to soon find a suitable person to settle down.

One of the pink shadows who received love as well as calls to pair with the male striker is Hoa Minzy.

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 1

Reviewing the interactive footage at Quang Hai's wedding, a part of the audience tried their best to "push the boat" and look forward to the day they become a couple. It is known that their relationship has been maintained for more than 10 years. Many times the Bac Ninh singer publicly supported the career of the striker who plays for the Southern team.

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 2

After a series of close moments at weddings, the two returned to their own lives. Van Toan was suddenly "outed" because of the appearance of a special person.

Accordingly, after 1 month of traveling to Australia and playing with his biological father, b.aby Bo recently returned home and returned to his mother's arms. Hoa Minzy was happy to see her son again.

Going to the airport to pick up her loved one, Hoa Minzy shared a clip of meeting b.aby Bo with the status line: "The gift Bo gave to mom after 1 month of separation is a pink doll that mom really likes. No wonder mom keeps wanting to make it. b.aby forever".

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 3

In the comments section, there were fans wondering. "Sentence: I gave it to mom! Does it sound like Bo's father's voice?". The famous mother replied: "Yes, that's right. I just landed." The female singer also added that her c.hild just arrived at the airport, so her family is also there.

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 4

Besides, Hoa Minzy's attitude towards young master Minh Hai and his mother also attracted attention. When meeting her ex-lover's mother again, Hoa Minzy remained cheerful and comfortable chatting with her. It can be seen that, even though they broke up, the female singer still has a certain respect for her ex-boyfriend's family.

Many people left compliments for the civilized behavior of Hoa Minzy and her ex-boyfriend. "Listen to Bo's father's voice, Bo's parents are so civilized, they don't let Bo lack anyone's affection," one person praised. In response, Hoa Minzy replied: "Mom and Dad don't love each other, but Mom and Dad love Bo."

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 5

Previously, Hoa Minzy and young master Minh Hai were questioned about "resuming their old love" when they took their son to the opening ceremony. However, the female singer quickly denied it, saying: "For the last time, Bo's mother asked for permission to say a few words: Hai and I really can't get back together anymore, so it's up to each of us to Having a new relationship is normal. I also confirm that that new relationship did not appear when we were still in love, there is no third person. The only thing between me and Mr. Hai is still the responsibility. We are responsible for taking care of Bo together, so keeping a good relationship after breaking up is for me to look at too! If we talk, it's only about me and if we meet, it's only for me."

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 6

After returning to single life, Hoa Minzy only focused on work and taking care of b.aby Bo. On her personal page, famous mothers often share pictures and stories about their children. Many of Hoa Minzy's parenting views received much approval from fans.

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 7

For example, she affirmed that in the future she will not force her c.hild to study day and night, and create conditions for the c.hild to explore the world around him. She teaches her children to say thank you, to care for others, and to do their own housework. Under her mother's tutelage, it can be seen that Bo is very understanding, obedient and polite.

In addition, even though she is a single mother, Hoa Minzy does not let her children be disadvantaged or hurt. She once shared that she didn't want her c.hild to be told things like "my poor child" or "poor child", especially "poor child". Because "you're not pitiful, you're a happy boy".

Van Toan was left out by Hoa Minzy, is it all because of this man? - Photo 8

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