Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hai's wedding outfit also commented!

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At the wedding of his close friend Quang Hai, Van Toan carefully chose to wear a suit from brands that are loved by many customers. However, the too youthful coordination made the male player receive mixed comments.

In Van Toan's latest post on his personal account, Hoa Minzy cleverly reminded her close friend about the style of dressing for the wedding causing a stir online: "When you go to the wedding, why not wear it for people to help talk". To this statement from the singer, the confused guy said: "Sorry everyone. And I saw that I wore the right dresscode, simple, light that didn't stand out. Probably the color combination looks a bit beachy." After Van Toan's testimony, Hoa Minzy quickly introduced the shirts she was selling: "I sold the required BTC shirt, Navy Blue without buying it politely."

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 1

Earlier in the wedding invitation, Guanghai and Zhou Qingxuan made a dress code for guests. Specifically, the couple asked guests to wear only clothes in navy, beige or gray, and black, white, pastel pink and pastel blue tones were deemed inappropriate when coming to celebrate with the couple. Therefore, Van Toan wore a gray shirt combined with a white T-shirt and dark pants, completely fulfilling the wishes of the bride and groom.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 2

It is known that at the wedding of Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen on the evening of 6.4, Hoa Minzy contributed to the wedding with the exciting song "Turn on love", duet with her best friend Van Toan. The couple had fun interactions, stirring up the wedding with the bride and groom and a funny exchange.

Because Van Toan did not know his words, he had to look at the phone screen while performing the song.

After that, Van Toan continued to duet with the groom Quang Hai with the song "Love rain". As he sang "Sweetheart", Hoa Minzy replied "why" to the excitement of the guests.

Van Toan and Hoa Minzy also did not hesitate to hold hands on stage, dance, and "stir" jubilantly.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 3

Earlier, during the wedding of Quang Hai and Zhou Thanh Huyen in their hometown on March 28, Hoa Minzy and Van Toan dueted many songs, "danced" with the guests until late at night.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 4

The "chemistry" between Hoa Minzy and Van Toan delighted fans, often "pushing the boat" for 2 people into pairs.

Previously, Hoa Minzy and Van Toan were suspected of dating. Their friendship has continued for more than 12 years, often appearing together at weddings of Vietnamese footballers such as Ha Duc Chinh, Quang Hai, Van Hau.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 5

It can be seen that after the wedding ended, Van Toan's name suddenly became popular in all media channels. One of the reasons why Van Toan is sought after by many viewers is that he takes on the role of best man for Quang Hai, and is a rare player who is not married when compared to his peers.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 6

On the morning of April 8, Van Toan did not hide his heart when he became the best man for Quang Hai when sharing with the audience on his personal page: "How long has it been as a groom. Congratulations on family happiness." An acquaintance happily teased the guy: "Quang Hai wedding and everywhere you see Van Toan." The male player expressed his excitement at this statement: "Get used to the atmosphere, brother." Van Toan also declared "out of luck" when receiving the comment "Spend your youth to go to groom". Before this move from the male player, many viewers said that he is also looking forward to "quieting down" soon like a close circle of friends.

Van Toan was taken care of by Hoa Minzy, even Quang Hais wedding outfit also commented! - Photo 7

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