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Case of shipper whose car and goods were stolen: The thief was arrested, a happy ending for the victim

H.ot news

19:51:04 27/04/2024
The case of a shipper having both his vehicle and goods stolen in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City has attracted public attention in recent days. Recently, two thieves were arrested by the police.

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Van Toan's younger sister lives in a villa and travels luxuriously. Just posting a photo has made fans' hearts flutter

H.ot KOLs

07:49:03 27/04/2024
Nguyen Nu - a g.irl with beautiful beauty who received people's attention because she is the younger sister of football player Nguyen Van Toan. This g.irl just released a series of beach photos, showing off her slim figure, making many people unable to take their eyes off her.

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Quynh Bei: TikToker hides her appearance, not afraid to lift her shirt to respond to anti-fans

Famous people

20:09:34 26/04/2024
Similar to Xuan Ca, Quynh Bei is also known as a TikToker who owns a series of clips showing off her million-view choreography. However, this g.irl makes viewers feel uncomfortable because she always seems mysterious.

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Nam Em - Que Van were officially sued by Ngan 98, their court date is not far away

Vietnamese showbiz

17:41:54 26/04/2024
After being called out repeatedly by Nam Em - Que Van on the livestream, Ngan 98 and Luong Bang Quang decided to send a petition to the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City to sue them both. The lawsuit file is still being consolidated by the female DJ.

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The g.irl took 5 days off to get married and was fired from her job. She went to court and was compensated 100 million

H.ot trend

09:51:29 26/04/2024
Taking 5 days off to get married, a female designer was suddenly fired by her boss. She was so frustrated that she had to ask the court to get justice and the ending that followed made many people happy.

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Nam Em's relatives weren't finished worrying yet so they invited Nam Anh to Da Lat, affirming that they still loved each other

Beautiful stars

15:24:09 23/04/2024
After the scandal, the relationship between Nam Anh and Nam Em received a lot of attention from the public. A few days ago, the older sister mentioned her younger sister in her post; Now it's the opposite.

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Thai Tra My: Martial arts athlete encroaching on acting, MGVN's thousand-blooded warrior

Star's profile

17:20:45 22/04/2024
From a l.ittle g.irl competing in martial arts to earn income to help her family, Thai Tra My has now become a famous actress and model of Vbiz. Many sources also said that this g.irl will compete in a beauty pageant in the near future.

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LUNAS delayed their debut, because of internal conflicts or lack of musical direction?

Vietnamese showbiz

15:39:02 21/04/2024
Gathering the famous Beautiful Sisters, LUNAS is definitely the group receiving the most attention and expectations at the present time. However, before the group debuted, they were already caught up in internal disputes.

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Miss Grand VN: R.evealing the brightest candidate for the Miss title, weighing beautifully in the livestream round


12:34:58 20/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 has officially returned with a newer format than ever. At this time, many beauty fans are extremely looking forward to a g.irl joining the race to succeed Miss Le Hoang Phuong.

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Long Non La's family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action

Vietnamese showbiz

07:31:57 17/04/2024
The news that Long Non La contracted cancer at the age of 24 is attracting a lot of attention from the public. This young man's family background and journey to pursue his passion inspire many people.

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Aki Khoa: Owner of the hit Tinh Ta Hai Nga, whose cover was once knocked down by Cao Thai Son

Star's profile

17:10:14 15/04/2024
Emerging from clips of busking and music covers with an inspiring voice, Aki Khoa has now gradually conquered the audience with music products produced and written by himself.

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Duong Domic: Coming from a Korean entertainment company, blatantly confronting Son Tung

Star's profile

17:01:40 13/04/2024
Duong Domic is known as a singer trained according to Kpop idol standards in Korea. He once caused a stir in Vietnamese showbiz when he was a rookie collaborating with Microdot Top 8 Show Me The M.oney.

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