Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many "unlucky reindeer"

Phi ĐứcDec 26, 2023 at 10:08

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In the bustling Christmas atmosphere, Peruvian police recently destroyed a criminal gang in the Huacal area, near the capital Lima, with the help of a special character. It's 'Santa Claus'.
As soon as the images of the man handing out gifts to children every Christmas, holding a hammer and jumping in to capture criminals, made many people "eyes A-shaped" because they did not think that the night mission was Your Christmas is so special.
Recently, the Daily Mail posted a clip recording the scene of "Santa Claus" in Peru holding a sledgehammer in his hand, rushing into a house and capturing many criminals alive.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 1

In fact, police officers from the urban intelligence unit also known as the "Green Squad" disguised themselves as Santa Claus to "take advantage" of the crowded holiday to destroy a hidden crime ring. storing and using banned substances outside the capital Lima.

"An officer disguised himself as Santa Claus to infiltrate the dangerous area. This tactic was a great success, Christmas has come to 'two evil reindeers'" - National police leader Peru said.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 2

After the raid, police arrested 4 drug trafficking suspects belonging to the Pinto gang and seized 1,187 packages of narcotics and 166 packages of marijuana. At the scene, police also found a g.un.

In the past few years, Peruvian police have continuously carried out disguise campaigns to arrest criminals during the holidays. And almost every Christmas, there are "Santa Clauses" with special missions. Partly because crime in Peru is extremely sophisticated and dangerous, the police cannot handle it in the traditional way.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 3

Previously, on October 29, Peruvian police launched the "Marvel" campaign. At the time of the Halloween-themed music show, policemen dressed in costumes of famous characters Spiderman, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow roamed the streets of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru. to track the target.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 4

When identifying a suspicious house, four "superheroes" used specialized equipment to break down the iron door, kick in the door, and point guns at gang members storing and using banned substances. At first, the suspects thought this was a Halloween prank until 10 officers dressed in police uniforms entered.

Three wanted men and a woman were arrested during the raid. Police seized 3,250 small packages of cocaine and 287 large packages of cocaine and 127 packages of marijuana.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 5

Peru is a country with extremely high consumption of banned substances. Specifically, on the evening of August 27, Peruvian police conducted the final destruction of banned substances this year, including more than 5 tons of illegal d.rugs confiscated recently.

With more than 5 tons of banned substances burned in the capital Lima, Peruvian police have burned a total of 41 tons of narcotics this year. This is a record number ever in this South American country.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 6

Peruvian officials said that anti-drug trafficking activities were carried out in localities including Junin, Ayacucho, Lima, Huanuco, Puno, Amazonas and Ucayali.

With this lingering problem, Peruvian authorities are always stepping up to control the transportation, storage and use of banned substances in the country. In addition, Peruvian police not only have to be professional, but also need to be creative and quick to grasp the psychology of criminals to easily approach them in the most unexpected ways.

Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many unlucky reindeer - Photo 7

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