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Caught a couple red-handed buying and selling banned substances, scheming and leading the ring

Gia Nhi10:39:13 26/02/2024
Lam Dong Provincial Police have just issued an urgent arrest decision for a couple involved in buying, selling and possessing banned substances. The two's tricks of scheming and circumventing the law were revealed.

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Lee Sun Kyun: Male star passed away suddenly in the car, from a brilliant career to a drug addiction

Trí Nhi16:42:43 28/12/2023
Korean actor Lee Sun Kyun is a character who is making fans around the world shocked and shocked by the news that he suddenly passed away in a car. It is known that he was found unconscious at a park.

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Santa Claus in Peru destroys criminal gangs, capturing many "unlucky reindeer"

Phi Đức10:08:41 26/12/2023
In the bustling Christmas atmosphere, Peruvian police recently destroyed a criminal gang in the Huacal area, near the capital Lima, with the help of a special character. That's Santa Claus.

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans

Yang Mi08:02:59 07/11/2023
BIGBANG's G-Dragon became the talk of the whole town when he showed up with a free-spirited, smiling demeanor at the police station to investigate rumors of drug use.

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G-Dragon reveals new move, posts forum to talk about ethics, towards Buddhism amid drama of using banned substances

Pinky14:49:30 02/11/2023
South Korean male superstar, member of popular group BIGBANG - singer G-Dragon has just made a move to cause a stir, when suddenly there is a post talking about morality amid the noise of protest, affirming that he does not use banned substances.

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Angelababy was once again hurt miserably by YG's "house chicken" when she was named in G-Dragon's allegations of using banned substances.

Gia Linh14:41:45 27/10/2023
After the noisy support of Lisa's (BLACKPINK) concert at C.razy Horse, Angelababy has not really regained its foothold at home. Recently, the female star was suddenly exposed surrounding G-Dragon's prosecution.

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G-Dragon implicitly responded to accusations of using banned substances, a post from 3 years ago was suddenly "dug up"

Nhật Hân09:32:08 27/10/2023
Recently, the whole Kbiz was shocked with the news that top KPop star G-Dragon was prosecuted for being involved in banned substances. It is known that the male idol was questioned many years ago, but only now has he been exposed.

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The driver of the car used banned substances, causing a tragic end to the woman on the road

Gia Linh15:37:22 26/10/2023
Recently, the authorities of Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city have detained a male car driver who used banned substances while driving a vehicle, causing an accident for a woman driving a car on the side of the road.

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Yoo Ah In was required to be urgently arrested because he tested positive for 7 types of banned substances, r.evealing his tricks to avoid crime

Uyển Đình09:21:54 19/09/2023
The Violent Crime Investigation Bureau of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office requested an urgent arrest warrant for actor Yoo Ah In on charges of violating the drug control act, destroying evidence and evading crime. .

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Peace: The group of "young men and women" renting apartments, banned substances were suddenly "held" along with exhibits

Hướng Dương21:24:39 11/09/2023
When suddenly checking an apartment in Hoa Binh city (Hoa Binh province), the authorities found 5 young men and 4 girls in a state of high levels of illegal substances.

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Diep Lam Anh kicked Quynh Thu after the post did not use banned substances, confronting the principle of b.lood testing

Phúc Sen12:15:13 19/07/2023
Diep Lam Anh has just made a move to respond to Quynh Thu, after the actress confirmed that she did not use banned substances, confidently went for a b.lood test. The former model always released the principle of identifying stimulants during the b.lood collection process to suppress the minor tam.

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Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anh's tricks, responding to the use of banned substances

Thư Kỳ07:32:58 19/07/2023
After a period of silence, despite public condemnation and stoning, Quynh Thu recently appeared in public. At the same time, the female model at the same time spoke clearly about the recent scandals.

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Identity H.ot g.irl Ha Tam was arrested for selling "mai Thuy": Doing nails for a walk, wanting to be famous to have m.oney to play

Thảo Mai10:16:31 15/07/2023
Due to the job of making eyelashes and nails, the income could not meet her own spending needs, Hoang Thi Nghia (nicknamed h.ot g.irl Ha Tam) turned to selling banned substances.

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'Photo Emperor' Yoo Ah In admitted to using banned substances, was handcuffed, escorted to detention center

M.A08:06:35 25/05/2023
Yoo Ah In was escorted to a detention center because the police were afraid that the actor would destroy the evidence of the drug use case. The famous actor was accused of using 5 banned substances, causing his career to almost completely collapse. On May 24, Korean media...

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Hot developments in the case of 4 flight attendants "carrying" banned substances: 78 people were prosecuted, r.evealing sophisticated tricks?

Phương Nam15:08:36 12/05/2023
Ho Chi Minh City police have now searched the entire line and prosecuted 78 defendants from the case of 4 Vietnam Airlines flight attendants carrying banned substances through Tan Son Nhat airport, causing a stir in public opinion for a long time. Lieutenant General Nguyen Duy...

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The strange attitude of the pilot caught ketamine positive: Littering information, erasing all traces

Đức Trí10:25:48 07/05/2023
Netizens suddenly exposed the identity of the male pilot who was positive for ketamine in recent days, discovered a strange attitude when suddenly erased all traces and concealed information. In the past few days, the case of the male PHD pilot suspected of using d.rugs and...

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) urgently informed about the case that pilot PHD (famous c.hild star) was positive for banned substances?

Xuka11:10:43 04/05/2023
Recently, social networks stirred when spreading a document of flight crew 919, the medical station was issued on April 27, reporting on the drug test of pilot Pham. H.D 1. According to this document, pilot Pham HD 1 was taken for a health check before the flight, but when it...

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The c.hild star who played the most movies on the Vietnamese screen, now the pilot has been suspected of being positive for banned substances

T.P15:52:13 02/05/2023
Famous actor and pilot Pham Ha Duy has just been released by netizens, extremely shocked and confused when he learned that he was positive for d.rugs, namely ketamine. On the afternoon of May 2, social network users were extremely confused and shocked at the information that was...

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HOT: Huu Tin officially appeared in court for the use of banned substances, confessed out of curiosity, and was recommended for a sentence of 8.5 years in prison

Thanh Phúc13:05:53 28/04/2023
The People's Court of District 8, Ho Chi Minh City officially opened the trial of actor Huu Tin for the crime of illegally using banned substances, and netizens simultaneously poured all their attention when the pre-planned penalty frame would fall between 7 and 10. 15 years in...

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Hari Won "vindicated" Tran Thanh, saying the reason why her husband left the gameshow, Anh Duc denied using banned substances

Minh Lợi09:30:52 28/04/2023
In the past time, Tran Thanh has been constantly involved in marketing from noisy theaters to being accused of going to a bar, calling to dig, stealing m.oney from a g.irl of nearly 180 million. Before that, the male MC was also rumored to be locked up when "flying color" from the...

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Duc showed a lethargic face, an unusual expression that was difficult to understand, how did he react between the noisy Tran Thanh going to the bar?

T.P15:51:40 27/04/2023
Actor Anh Duc - Tran Thanh's close friend appeared at the event with an unusual look, a confused face, and netizens were also constantly interested in his reaction when Tran Thanh was facing a drama storm. Anh Duc is a comedian who has long been famous in Vietnamese showbiz, he...

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New details in the case of 4 flight attendants transporting banned substances: More than 50 people were arrested, 4 TVHK still innocent?

Pinky16:51:20 25/04/2023
The online community simultaneously paid attention to the new information of the case of 4 flight attendants transporting more than 11kg of banned substances to the country, packed in toothpaste tubes, shocked when more than 50 people were arrested. Recently, the case that...

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DV Le Hang has just been arrested: The first idol of the screen, once suspected of stealing, her adoptive husband should retire

Minh Lợi16:36:00 25/04/2023
The information that Le Hang was prosecuted for illegal trading of banned substances made everyone surprised. Worth mentioning, her roles as big sisters and criminals seem to have been transformed into real life. On April 23, Hanoi City Police said that the Dong Da District...

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The case of Le Hang was arrested for selling banned substances: Shocked by the testimony of the actress, 1 runner-up is involved?

Mưa14:02:34 24/04/2023
On April 23, Hanoi City Police said that the Dong Da District Public Security Bureau had issued a decision to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused against Bui Thi Le Hang (actor Le Hang) on charges of crime. Illegal buying and selling of banned substances. With an...

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