BIGBANG's G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans

Yang MiNov 07, 2023 at 08:02

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon became the talk of the whole town when he showed up with a free-spirited, smiling demeanor at the police station to investigate rumors of drug use.

Recently, the police completed G-Dragon's first investigative summons after 4 hours for allegedly violating the Illegal Substances Control Act at Nonhyeon Police Station in Namdong, Inch on November 6.

Appeared at Nonhyeon Police Station for questioning regarding alleged drug use. Here, the idol immediately became a h.ot topic when he arrived in a luxury car, maintained a confident demeanor and even smiled when interviewing reporters.

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 1

After concluding the investigation, G-Dragon, standing in front of reporters, said, "I have made all the statements necessary for the investigation, actively participated in the investigation and told the truth. I should have come if they summoned me further, but the police did not provide further evidence."

G-Dragon had previously shown up at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Inch for his initial investigation around 1:30 p.m. With neat black hair and a suit, he appeared comfortable stretching in front of dozens of reporters.

His attitude was no different after the investigation. G-Dragon bowed 90 degrees in front of the police institute in charge and stroked his hair again and again. Some netizens complained that he looked too comfortable for someone who was being investigated by the police.

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 2

G-Dragon said, " The simple illegal substance test came back negative," adding, "I hope the investigating agency will make its statement accurately and quickly, and request a thorough test."

Tests on the use of simple stimulation usually end within an hour. Police were scheduled to conduct an hour-long investigation that day, but the investigation time was increased to four hours. In response, G-Dragon said, " It ended with me laughing," and then said, "I'm just joking." No matter how guilty he pleaded, his gentle demeanor was inappropriate for a situation involving a drug use case.

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 3
G-Dragon emphasized , "I don't know what the investigation itself is about. The police decide whether my statement will help the investigation. I don't know the details yet but what I hope is that the detailed inspection will be completed soon."

G-Dragon said, " I don't think it's an unreasonable police investigation. I have no personal grudge against the police, I think they do their job because of the nature of their work. I am also here to prove that I had nothing to do with the allegations due to the nature of my work. "I don't think it's ridiculous, but I hope they do it in a good way and I hope they don't overdo investigating other unconfirmed things."

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 4

Finally, the singer also mentioned that he tested negative in a simple banned substance test and requested an urgent detailed test. He expressed hope that the investigating agency would announce the results soon.

After answering the reporter's question, G-Dragon greeted him like an artist, finished his performance and got into the car.

Besides, on the same day, G-Dragon posted on Instagram a message with this idiom implying that no matter what happens, things will eventually return to normal.

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 5

The accompanying inscription in G-Dragon's post further explains the meaning: " At first, right and wrong may not be clearly distinguished, wrong may temporarily prevail, but eventually, everything will return to its right state."

According to the police, on October 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's substance crime investigation team is investigating G-Dragon for non-custodial violations of the Controlled Substances Act. However, the police said actor Lee Sun-kyun's previously known case was different from G-Dragon's.

In fact, this is not the first time G-Dragon has been involved in a scandal. In 2011, he was involved in marijuana. At that time, a representative of the Seoul police side revealed, "We accuse G-Dragon of using marijuana."

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 6

According to investigators, G-Dragon smoked marijuana several times around mid-May 2011. He then went for a "mai thi thuy" test on July 7. Although urine results are negative, other tests show the opposite.

Some sources even said that G-Dragon also confessed to using d.rugs at a nightclub in Japan, when he went there to perform. The Korean newspaper quoted G-Dragon as saying, "I smoked a cigarette that someone gave me at the club. It tasted a little different than regular c.igarettes, so I was a little suspicious it contained marijuana, but the truth is I smoked it."

BIGBANGs G-Dragon smirked at the police station, casually saying a word to his fans - Photo 7

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