Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anh's tricks, responding to the use of banned substances

Thư KỳJul 19, 2023 at 07:32

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After a period of silence, despite public condemnation and severe stoning, recently, Quynh Thu has "shown her head" to the public. At the same time, the female model at the same time spoke clearly about the recent scandals.

Quynh Thu is probably the most mentioned name in recent times when the marriage between young master Duc Pham and Diep Lam Anh is noisy, fighting each other from the court to the social network. Even the couple Duc Pham - Diep Lam Anh also pulled this person into the game.

However, before the accusations of Diep Lam Anh, the long legs born in 1989 were the cause of her family's breakup. Not stopping there, Diep Lam Anh's side also accused Quynh Thu of using banned substances, and had to entice her ex-husband, young master Duc Pham, into the path of breaking the law.

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 1

Before the noise that took place in the past time, although Diep Lam Anh's side repeatedly called her name over and over, causing public opinion to join hands to condemn criticism and stone, Quynh Thu's side did not give any Instead, she silently locked comments on her personal facebook page.

When everything was probably quieted down, recently Quynh Thu suddenly made a move. Accordingly, on the afternoon of July 18, Quynh Thu through her personal Facebook page shared some volunteering pictures when the female model participated in b.lood donation.

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 2

In the series of photos that Quynh Thu posted, you can see that she is very fresh and radiant. This can see the controversy and criticism on social networks has no effect on her.

"Let's meet again... those who have followed Thu must know that every 3 or 4 months Thu will go to Cho Ray hospital where Thu trusts the most to donate b.lood once, because the doctor advised this to be a b.lood donation. When b.lood is purified, it's best to donate. And Thu wants to call on everyone to join hands to donate b.lood because the b.lood supply to save lives in hospitals is lacking at an alarming rate!", Quynh Thu was happy when I can contribute a little bit of my strength to donating b.lood to help those in need.

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 3

In addition to the photos showing off her charity work, Quynh Thu also once clarified the rumors on social networks that she used banned substances.

Quynh Thu wrote: "Thu's b.lood is still donated regularly all year round and every year, after that it is carefully tested by the hospital before giving it to the patient and sending a thank you letter like this... But I don't understand why it's still there. someone made up a story, covered the icon of unknown name, then accused of being addicted to something...with someone...in order to manipulate public opinion to achieve personal benefits."

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 4

After Quynh Thu's side responded to public opinion and sent a message to someone malicious, the trick to manipulate public opinion received the attention of the online community. Instead of voicing support for her, most netizens still condemned criticism and stoned Quynh Thu mercilessly for lack of understanding.

"Blood donation has a b.lood test, but it is to know if you have infectious diseases, it has nothing to do with the use of d.rugs?", "Blood donation has nothing to do with playing toys or not. B.lood test at Donor places only test for disease. But playing with toys, you must have a separate test device to detect it", "Perhaps you are playing with toys? B.lood donation test is to detect infectious diseases i.nfection, not testing the use of items", ... some netizens left comments to clarify knowledge for Quynh Thu.

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 5

In addition to criticizing Quynh Thu, the online community continued to dig up her previous statements about the third person. Quynh Thu said: "Quynh Thu's biggest taboo in love is a.dultery. He may not be too rich, not too handsome, but he must be kind and must not have an affair."

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 6

"My criteria for a lover is quite high, if it is rumored that I am paired with a young master or a rich man, it is also normal. For me, in a love match, whoever is not loved is the third person. Quynh Thu I would like to keep it a secret about whether or not I have a lover at the moment because I have not shared this in public before," Quynh Thu added.

Currently, the story about the trio of Diep Lam Anh - Duc Pham and Quynh Thu is still an issue of interest to the online community.

Quynh Thu appeared after hiding, kicking Diep Lam Anhs tricks, responding to the use of banned substances - Photo 7

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