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Thao Nhi Le was like Cinderella on the Cannes red carpet, being reminded by the organizers


15:08:53 18/05/2024
Thao Nhi Le was discussed by some netizens saying that she was admonished by organizers on the Cannes red carpet and ignored by international media. The truth is exactly the opposite as she continuously falls under the lens and receives many compliments from foreign news sites.

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Jisoo bought a new house in the most expensive apartment complex in Korea, becoming a neighbor of BTS

Korean stars

15:56:22 17/05/2024
Social networks are buzzing with the news that the new house of goddess Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is located in the most expensive area in Korea. Netizens admiringly affirmed: As expected of being the richest member of BLACKPINK.

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Thao Nhi Le: from a rich kid with a beautiful face in the top 100 in the world to the Vietnamese Universe runner-up

Star's profile

16:25:46 16/05/2024
Before Thao Nhi Le shined at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, she was already a famous face in the online community. The beauty born in 1994 is one of the famous hotgirls and has a significant influence among rich kids in Vietnam.

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Chinese artists were shunned and shunned at Cannes just because they worried about posing for too long

Chinese stars

15:36:39 16/05/2024
This year's Cannes red carpet featured many famous artists from billions of people. However, there is still no name that really stands out when attending this Opening Ceremony. However, there was no controversy when Chinese artists received a cold attitude from the organizers.

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How rich is 'papaya salad saint' Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

H.ot KOLs

16:26:24 15/05/2024
Ty Thy officially said goodbye to the people of Saigon after 6 years of opening the restaurant here. After many years of struggling, Ty Thy became a self-made rich woman, accumulating an admirable fortune.

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Le Thi Khanh Huyen: from h.ot g.irl tycoon to young master Cao Lanh's wife

Famous people

14:22:16 15/05/2024
Le Thi Khanh Huyen once associated an extremely unique image in the public eye with a series of controversial statements. However, after marrying young master Cao Lanh, she gradually changed herself in a more positive direction.

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TikToker Tin Nguyen caused a stir with his debut role, becoming the highlight of the film

H.ot KOLs

17:11:02 13/05/2024
It can be said that Tin Nguyen is one of the most interesting highlights of the new movie Ly Hai. She completely surprised the audience when she was originally a TikToker but her acting was extremely impressive and full of talent.

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Bright Vachirawit's appearance clearly deteriorated after the dating news, netizens criticized the country

Showbiz 24h

14:46:07 11/05/2024
Bright Vachirawit lost a large number of fans after publicly dating, and even admitted that he had a crush on Nene at the time he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. That's why he is now gradually losing more points every time he appears in public.

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Thuy Ngan plays the role of Hwang Jung Eum, the online community cries out in protest

Recently, Secret Love – Hwang Jung Eum's one-time hit film has been confirmed to be remade in Vietnam. However, the female lead role played by Thuy Ngan caused great controversy from the online community.

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Hanoi b.aby has just been born with super g.irl syndrome, how is the treatment?

Wonderful world

17:55:40 09/05/2024
Hanoi Maternity Hospital said a b.aby girl born on May 6 was diagnosed with extremely rare super g.irl syndrome. What is suprafemale syndrome? Causes, manifestations and how to recover psychologically.

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Fat Cat - an outstanding gamer, remembered by the players in a special way

H.ot trend

17:28:49 08/05/2024
Only 21 years old, but Fat Cat has earned billions every year thanks to possessing high-class gaming techniques. Recently, the players of this game have paid tribute to the guy in a very special way.

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Song Joong Ki - Song Hye Kyo at Baeksang 2024, beaming when he meets?

Korean stars

14:35:24 08/05/2024
On X (Twitter) circulated the moment Song Joong Ki laughed when Song Hye Kyo was on stage giving a speech. This post was shared at breakneck speed, taking the country by storm.

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