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The Nemo page caused controversy for singing "I have to pull the mask" even though he bowed his head in apology

Hoàng Phúc09:31:36 30/01/2022
The clip is being widely shared by netizens. It has been a dozen days, but the clash between Trang Nemo and Tran My is still causing people to talk about when there are constantly new details. Specifically, around 9am on January 29, a person named S. - a close sister in the team...

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Nha Trang Nemo was splashed with shrimp paste at 2am on the 27th of Tet, who is the culprit?

Hoàng Phúc08:26:25 29/01/2022
The day before, Page Nemo posted a clip of apology after the incident happened at his shop. At 6 a.m. on January 29 (ie 27 of the Lunar New Year), Trang Nemo suddenly posted a clip extracted from a private home camera with the status line "Tat shrimp paste at home". According to...

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Page Nemo sings insinuating that "old stories are ignored", determined not to apologize to "white shirt sister"?

Hoàng Phúc07:26:06 25/01/2022
Nemo Page's latest move continues to cause controversy. One of the loudest dramas at the end of 2021 that made people constantly talk about recently was the incident in front of Trang Nemo's fashion shop. The source of the incident came from the conflict on the social network of...

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Tran My innocently changed clothes on the livestream after being noisy with Trang Nemo, netizens divided the controversy

Hoàng Phúc17:46:18 20/01/2022
After the noise at Trang Nemo shop, Tran My's latest action on the livestream is making people talk non-stop on social networks. Recently, Tran My is a h.ot name on social media when she got into a scuffle at Trang Nemo shop. Temporarily setting aside the marketing problems...

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Tran My livestream attracts 100k viewers, r.evealing that he is not close to the person who "cancels bullets" on his behalf

Hoàng Phúc07:11:43 18/01/2022
In addition to recounting the conflict between himself and Trang Nemo and Tran My, as well as r.evealing more about the character "sister in white". The clash between Tran My and Trang Nemo continues to attract netizens. By tonight (January 17), Tran My was on the air to explain...

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Nemo page suddenly "turned the car", took all the mistakes on himself

Hou00e0ng Phu00fac14:07:44 17/01/2022
Recently, Page Nemo spoke to the media about the recent incident. On the afternoon of January 16, netizens shared a clip of a g.irl being assaulted in a famous fashion shop in Ho Chi Minh City. The incident started when two h.ot girls Trang Nemo and Tran My broke out in conflict...

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The Nemo page "exposes" Tran My's conspiracy theory, accusing the opponent of "pulling the string" to eat the whole spotlight

Hoàng Phúc23:43:49 16/01/2022
Nemo's latest move caused a stir among netizens. Recently on her business fanpage, Trang Nemo continued to share after the f.ight with Tran My took place on Sunday, January 16. In her status, Trang Nemo suddenly mentioned a character named S. - said to be Tran My's close sister...

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Trang Nemo and Tran My clashed, a woman was brutally beaten

Hou00e0ng Phu00fac20:20:54 16/01/2022
Nemo and Tran My pages are two names that are constantly being discussed by netizens on MXH. Recently, a series of photos and videos about the f.ight of two h.ot girls livestream, Tran My and Trang Nemo, were quickly spread by netizens on social networks. The source of the...

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