Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face"

Hà HàNov 04, 2021 at 17:03

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Regarding the controversy between Tinh That Bong Lai and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, a female YouTuber named Quynh Nhu has posted a number of videos stating her personal opinions.

She believes that Ms. Phuong Hang was trapped by Le Thanh Minh Tung - who claimed to be Mr. Le Tung Van's son. From here, Quynh Nhu went from being a devoted supporter of Phuong Hang to conflict with the female CEO.

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 1

This made the female CEO angry. The owner of Dai Nam called Quynh Nhu's name directly on the livestream on November 2: "Quynh Nhu uploaded a clip to say out loud and then texted me to apologize enough to say that there was some misunderstanding. But I didn't reply because I didn't reply. touching people's egos, I sincerely advise Quynh Nhu if you have a terrible family, your parents have this group of people, and you are an unmarried g.irl yourself, you should withdraw from this Youtube market. Because you don't need to search for the truth. You don't have enough experience to talk about the truth."

Phuong Hang's reaction, Quynh Nhu recently posted an official apology status line. She admitted her mistake for making the clip without consulting the female CEO: "Quynh Nhu also feels that she is inexperienced and has not managed her emotions well, so Quynh Nhu will learn from her experience." The g.irl thanked the sincere advice from law doctor Dang Anh Quan, Mrs. Phuong Hang. As for whether or not to "stop making Youtube" like the message of the owner Dai Nam, Quynh Nhu said she will continue to make clips when her mental state is more stable.

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 2

"As a YouTuber, Quynh Nhu will return to the analysis in the press and will not be related to the way Ms. Hang is doing or how. Quynh Nhu promises never such things will happen, Quynh Nhu should only speak and write and make clips when the spirit is stable." Bui Thanh Quynh Nhu is commonly known as Quynh Nhu Vlog. Previously, she was a famous YouTuber on the channel "Wandering the Streets" with videos sharing about food, art and everyday happenings. The g.irl's gentle and skillful way of talking attracted viewers. Some sources said that she graduated from the Law class of the Judicial Academy and studied for a master's degree in Law in Korea.

Although she did not say it clearly, many times she confirmed on her personal YouTube channel that her background is not inferior to Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang. This makes the community even more curious to see how "terrible" the g.irl's family is to the end.

Not only that, Quynh Nhu participated in writing books, composing music (Don Coi by Truong Quynh Anh) and also studied at Hong Van theater stage. According to the information available to the present time, it can be seen that Quynh Nhu is a person who is not only educated but also multi-talented.

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 3

In particular, in the "controversy" case between Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang and many famous figures, Quynh Nhu also made enthusiastic comments. Her comments mainly support Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's views and practices. She even participated in a livestream with her grandmother.

"When I decided to make a Vlog to support Ms. Hang, I thought very carefully. When watching Ms. Hang's livestreams, I care a lot about the motives that Ms. Hang is doing. But I don't care much about other issues. I understand the frustration of a woman who is a victim of a cult scam. Therefore, I completely sympathize with her" - Quynh Nhu once shared about deciding to participate in the discussion about "drama" of her. Nguyen Phuong Hang and expressed her sympathy and understanding.

Regarding the noise of Ms. Phuong Hang and Tinh That Bong Lai, from the morning of November 4, many people stood in front of Thien Am's door on the banks of the universe (formerly known as Tinh That Bong Lai, in Hoa Khanh Tay commune, district). Duc Hoa, Long An Province) to welcome Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang. YouTuber force, neighbors, local people... also gathered around Thien am because of curiosity.

Many YouTubers and extremists put their phones in an empty box on the gate of Zen am to observe inside, h.anging on the high wall of people's houses. The two people of Thien am, Hoan Nguyen and Nhat Nguyen, had to livestream to speak up, thanks to the authorities involved. After receiving information about the situation in the area, the police, protecting the residential group of Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa Khanh Tay commune, Duc Hoa district sent people to maintain order in front of the Thien am gate on the banks of the universe.

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 4

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 5

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 6

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 7

Standing in front of Thien Am door, functional forces including 2 policemen and 3 street guards tried to disperse the crowd. At the same time, in response to Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's desire to open the door of Thien Am, the police said that there was no authorization and refused the offer.

Around 13:30, Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang's bodyguard arrived. But after waiting for 20 minutes, the Thien am side on the edge of the universe was still in a state of "silence" and did not open the door to welcome, Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang, her assistant, and the bodyguards returned.

Previously, female CEO Dai Nam informed about her "visit" to Mr. Le Tung Van at noon on the same day. Accordingly, Ms. Phuong Hang also affirmed: "All participants received 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine. We will also conduct the visit based on full compliance with the 5K measures of the Ministry of Health. to prevent epidemics and strictly comply with the laws of the State".

Phuong Hang left empty-handed from Thien am, YouTuber Quynh Nhu reacted when the female CEO "slapped her face" - Photo 8

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