Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy

Hà HàOct 27, 2021 at 15:01

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Recently, the case of Diem My - the g.irl who once made "Bong Lai Pure House" (also known as "Zen am on the edge of the universe") noisy - has once again become an attractive topic. much attention from the online community.

Because on October 24, the g.irl's parents were present in Nguyen Phuong Hang's livestream and narrated the incident from a personal perspective.

Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy - Photo 1

Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy - Photo 2

Up to now, Diem My's parents still think that "Bong Lai's Pure House" has made their daughter mesmerized. They called the police for help for a long time. They brought their relatives to the place to find their children, leading to a f.ight at the end of October 2019, but to no avail.

Before the above noises, on October 27, Diem My appeared in a livestream that constantly cried and blamed her parents. This g.irl even used d.eath to "threatening" her own relatives and asked her parents to let her go. Diem My cried while saying: "They said they love me, they want to save me, but they don't know they are k.illing me. I was living happy days in Tinh That Bong Lai when they came and kidnapped me. .. I'm the victim, I'm the kidnapper and they're c.hasing me, I'm like someone who lost his freedom.

When will parents forgive their children, will they forgive their children? Only if you find d.eath, your parents can regret it. Only after the d.eath of the c.hild can parents understand that they have done something wrong." In the clip that Diem My shared, there was not only the sound of a motorbike honking, but also the sound of prayers and the sound of children crying. Although I don't know where Diem My is now, the young g.irl's loss of composure also makes many followers worried.

Before this livestream, her newly created fanpage also changed the avatar of Diem My wearing a mask with the sharing line, "Forgive it". Many people, after watching the above clip, have left comments advising Diem My to return to her parents' side because no matter what, it is only the parents who will unconditionally cover and protect their children. condition. In addition, many people believe that the young g.irl's way of hiding is not a good way to worry about her family and will affect her psychology and future when the scandals related to Tinh That Bong. unresolved future. Currently, the above clip is still attracting the attention and comments of many online users.

Recently, many TikTok accounts also shared a short clip recording the image of a g.irl believed to be Diem My having her hair down, kneeling in front of "Grandfather Teacher" Le Tung Van - the head of the "Bong Lai Pure House". .

Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy - Photo 3

Accordingly, in the presence of the members of "Bong Lai Tranquility", Mr. Le Tung Van gave Diem My a new name, Tien. Mr. Le Tung Van said, "Now I choose a dharma name for you. Because it is worthy, worthy of being a fairy. Then you two agree to give me the word "Fairy". Because a fairy is virtuous. Now you let me be a Fairy. Now I accept it as a Fairy." The g.irl who is said to be Diem My kneels below and constantly clasps her hands to say "yes". While Mr. Le Tung Van gave Diem My the name "Fairy", a member of "Bong Lai Pure Land" sitting there also added, "Because it's so beautiful, teacher" to further explain this new name. The clip above, after being shared on social networks, once again caused a stir and received mixed opinions from the online community.

At the last livestream, Mr. Minh Tung "unmasked" many of his father's behaviors, surprising many people. Especially the fact that many children in "Zen Am on the Edge of the Universe" have b.lood relations with Mr. Le Tung Van. However, soon after, the head of the "Bong Lai Pure House" denied the father-son relationship with Mr. Le Thanh Tung. He said that 40 years ago, Le Thanh Minh Tung was a c.hild who was abandoned and adopted by his sister. Other than that, there are no other relationships.

Along with that, he also asked Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang to prove that she is Le Thanh Minh Tung's biological father and return her innocence. Before the "request" words of Mr. Le Tung Van, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang in the latest livestream confirmed that she would support him in verifying the b.lood relationship not only with Mr. Le Thanh Minh Tung but also with 10 other people at "Meditation on the Edge of the Universe". If the DNA results confirm that the head of the "Peng Lai Pure Land" is unjustly wrong, the female CEO of Binh Duong will give him 20 billion in cash to compensate for his mental injuries.

Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy - Photo 4

Not only Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, Mr. Le Thanh Minh Tung also sent advice to the person he called his father - Mr. Le Tung Van: "Father, now Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang said she would bring the team of doctors down to verify. Yes, those children are orphans, the father is still a virgin, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang will give her father 20 billion. Now what do you think? This b.et is so good, 20 billion. The previous bets are 4 billion, 2 billion, 6 billion but this one. the 20 billion.

Minh Tung's son's dream later is to become a police officer, and his wife's family are all people with meritorious services to the country. If my son does well in school and wants to join the police force, if he is not involved with Mr. Le Tung Van, I am very happy because I have to consider 3 generations. If Minh Tung is really Le Tung Van's son, the crime Minh Tung committed is just unfilial piety, swearing at his father too much, because his father broke the law. But it has influenced me a lot in my life. If Minh Tung is not the son of Mr. Le Tung Van, then it is indeed a blessing for 10 lives, only for 10 lives.” The case is still receiving the attention of public opinion.

Diem My "Tinh That Bong Lai" livestream sobbed, begging her parents to let go, claiming to be happy - Photo 5

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