DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence

Nguyễn TuyếtAug 12, 2023 at 17:24

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Long Hat-Lá is considered one of the talented young faces of the Vietnamese music industry. Not only is he a singer but he is also a songwriter and has just made his way onto the rap scene as a rapper.

Long Hat's real name is Le Hoang Long, born in 2000 in Bac Lieu. He is now a young singer loved and known by many. With the sweet, sticky voice typical of Western vocalists, it has left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the audience. Hoang Long songs create ballad influences, mixed with unique rap to help those works come closer and closer to young people and be enthusiastically received; by the novelty and uniqueness of Long Cone Leaf.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 1

Not only is he a talented singer, but Long Hone Leaf is also a talented songwriter. He always knows how to refresh the music he creates, making the audience as well as colleagues of his age recognize his natural ability.

After the success of the song "Old Corridor", Long Hone Leaf continues to launch a new product called "Corner of the schoolyard". Both songs are a combination of ballad sounds mixed with rap along with rustic, simple lyrics of a beautiful, pure first love that is loved by many young people.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 2

Besides showing self-composed songs, Long Hat-Leaf also covered many hits on social media platforms. Most recently, he also participated in singing the theme song of the movie "Bread Mr. Color" with the song "Burden of Father's Life".

In addition to singing, composing Long Hat Leaf also tried his hand at some other playgrounds. At the "Comedy Challenge", he was praised by artists Truong Giang and Zhencheng for his special music style and charming and humorous way of talking. Long Hat Leaf also participated in the program "Lyric Arena" and impressed the judges as well as the audience thanks to her characteristic voice.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 3

Most recently, the young singer has successfully made a splash when he strongly registered for the contest "Rap Viet" season 3. When he first joined Long Hat, Leaf was a name that received a lot of controversy when appearing on the show. Some even questioned his ability in rap.

Specifically, in episode 4 "Rap Viet" season 3, Le Hoang Long received 2 selected kicks from coach Andree Right Hand and coach Thai Vi Gi with the performance of "Earth And Fire". Worth mentioning, even Andree had to be determined to compete for a musical color far different from himself, proving that Long Hat Leaf had a really convincing performance. In the end, he was brought back by the judges to rapper Thai Vi Gi. This is also the next contemporary folk piece of this coach.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 4

In the Head-to-Head round, coach Thai Vi Gi gave the topic of "Where I Live" to Long Hat Leaf and Mikelodic. He said: "I was very confident about my melody part but now I'm bumping into Mikelodic. I find it quite difficult and also a bit of a difference."

Talking about the reason for this proposal for Hoang Long, Thai Vi Gi said that he wanted the rapper to choose the most realistic depiction of the quiet countryside. As for Mikelodic, he wanted his uncle to paint a picture of the city.

In the end, Long Hat Leaf and his teammates performed their test well, making judge Karik constantly exclamate at the outstanding performance of both of them. In particular, Karik said, "As for Long Hat, I didn't think you would be able to rap so well, but until now I want to apologize to you for having false doubts about you."

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 5

Judge JustaTee commented on the contestant's performance: "Long is a poetic person, and Mikelodic is a very lifelong person. Both of you are close to people in difficult circumstances in life and we have succeeded in putting all the poetry and quality of life on this stage."

In terms of votes from the studio audience, Long Hat Leaf and Mikelodic scored a close score of 59 - 41. And after deliberation, the judges came to the final decision that Mikelodic would go on to the next round with the Thai Vi Gi team. However, by the "8 bar" round, Hoang Long excelled past WAVY and CADMIUM to continue with his coach.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 6

At this time, Long Hat Leaf seemed to burst with emotion because he really didn't think he would be chosen by Thai VG. I was quite surprised. "I thank Mr. Thai for giving me one more chance to go into Round 3 to prove myself. Even more surprising was that Mr. Tsai chose me instead of Mr. HYDRA. As far as I can tell, HYDRA does better than me at 8 bars," the young vocalist said.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 7

When asked if he had "fought" hard in the Head-to-Head round, Long Hone Lá said that coming to Rap Viet he was in the mood to be "a new mat". What he shows in front of people is what he is best at and insists there is no "hiding cards" here.

Besides, Hoang Long also shared for the first time about the problem of many people comparing himself and another male singer in the West. "I'm quite used to being compared to this person in my profession. From the very beginning, I was compared. I also feel quite similar in terms of being children of the West and both having to leave the countryside because of the nature of their work. But lyrics, we're completely different. The way of looking at life and the way of putting these experiences into the songs is also very different," he said.

In the near future, Long Hat Leaf will continue to play directly with other contestants of the remaining 3 teams to qualify for the final. It is known that the first candidate to be in the final is rapper Liu Grace also from the Thai VG coaching team.

DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence - Photo 8

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