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Chu Thanh Huyen is very different from Doan Hai My, the flaw is r.evealing her pregnant belly, probably more than 3 months old

Hot KOLs

13:30:14 12/04/2024
Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen enjoyed their honeymoon in Phu Quoc in recent days. On this trip, Wags continuously updated her romantic moments with her husband, making fans extremely excited.

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ViruSs before dating Ngoc Kem: Accused girlfriend of changing hearts, suspected of promiscuity

Hot KOLs

07:43:12 11/04/2024
Before being caught dating TikToker Ngoc Kem, ViruSs had sweet relationships with beautiful people but they all broke up in a noisy way. Sometimes even suspected of promiscuity.

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An Ky (THE9): Member who was highly praised by Lisa, suddenly accused of being a "little tam"

Famous stars

16:05:55 10/04/2024
An Ky is known as a member of the music group THE9, which debuted in 6th place after the TV show Thanh Xuan With You. During the competition, she was the contestant that Lisa especially loved.

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Chu Thanh Huyen doesn't want to be close to Doan Hai My, should everything stop at just enough?

Hot KOLs

14:44:49 10/04/2024
As two of the famous Wags of Vietnamese football, Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are constantly under scrutiny for their attitudes, even suspected of disliking each other to the point that insiders have to speak out.

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How did Zhou Qingxuan's sister show up, how beautiful was it that made the fans wake up?

Hot KOLs

16:12:19 08/04/2024
In addition to the attention on the bride Zhou Qinghui, another character is equally interested in the online community, which is the sister of Wags born in 2000.

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"BLACKPINK sister" surpasses "NewJeans sister", still criticized by music website

Korean stars

13:39:06 08/04/2024
Debuting at the same time, BABYMONSTER was inferior to HYBE's rookie - ILLIT. However, sales of the group's debut album still managed to set a new record on Hanteo.

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Trang Thanh Xuan: The famous beauty reform luong now lives alone, selling l.ottery tickets for a living

Star's profile

18:23:53 07/04/2024
Trang Thanh Xuan was known as a famous beauty reform liang at one time, but in old age has a difficult life. At the age of 71, the artist lives alone and has to sell l.ottery tickets for a living.

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Lin Jingjin was embarrassed to kiss Zhao Liying, and the person close to him spoke up

Chinese stars

14:12:40 05/04/2024
In the kissing scene of Lin Jingjin and Zhao Liying, it was one of the most expensive. However, 1 confusing action of the male lead caused a social media fever.

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Miss Universe Thai dropped the title, looking for a chance to face Vietnam at Miss Supranational

Showbiz 24h

21:34:54 04/04/2024
The Miss Universe Thailand runner-up has surprised when she decided to shelve the title and announced that she will attend Miss Supranational Thailand, after many words of encouragement from friends and fans.

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Incident with elderly woman picking up bottle ticks: Victim begs but subject still refuses

Hot news

17:30:19 03/04/2024
The police of Binh Duong province have just held a press conference to inform about the situation of a number of cases occurring in the area this morning (April 3), including a serious case that occurred in Phu Dao district.

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Baolin Legion beats Hari Won in the middle of the street, nearly being taken back to the station by the American police

Vietnamese showbiz

14:27:42 01/04/2024
This trip to the US of Bao Lam and Le Giang caused many troubles for Tran Thanh and his wife. After badmouthing their colleagues, the couple continued to make skits that misled the American people.

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Brad Pitt "colds" Pax Thien of letting go of Angelina and the divorce battle ends

European and American stars

17:32:38 30/03/2024
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's years-long divorce battle is said to have reached its final stage. Because the 6X actor decided to give up custody of his children.

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