Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer

Phi ĐứcApr 20, 2024 at 15:27

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Amid the information that he was being treated for a serious illness, Long Non La suddenly made strange moves on social networks, making friends and colleagues worried and wondering about these actions.

On the morning of April 20, Rapper Long Non La suddenly posted a confusing status on his personal social network account and startled his friends. Accordingly, Long Non La wrote a verse in the song Behind a G.irl by Soobin Hoang Son and posted it on Facebook.

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 1

The content of this song shows the helplessness, pain, and torment of the b.oy when he accepts to step back to "see you more clearly". Along with the song, Long Non La also leaves a broken heart symbol.

Seeing the unusual sharing, the male rapper's friends all came to ask. Many people panicked and asked Long Non La: "What are you talking about, Long", "What's wrong, Long", "Are you not feeling well, Long?" Some viewers speculated that Long Non La might be having emotional problems, so he posted a status announcing his current love relationship.

Long Non La's real name is Le Hoang Long, born in 2000, from Bac Lieu. At Rap Viet season 3, Long Non La impressed with the sincerity and simplicity of his rap lyrics and style. He became one of the prominent contestants of Thai team VG and only lost to Mikelodic in the Semi-finals.

The news that Long Non La has cancer and is currently entering his third round of chemotherapy has caused a stir in the Vietnamese rap community in recent days. Many wishes from his brothers, colleagues, and fans were sent to the male rapper to wish him a quick recovery from his serious illness.

The manager said that Long Non La discovered he had a serious illness at the end of 2023. At that time, he felt tired so he went for a general examination and discovered the disease, but fortunately the disease was only in the early stages. head.

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 2

According to Long Non La, he had malignant lymph nodes in his abdomen, forcing him to undergo chemotherapy. According to the doctor's regimen, the male rapper must undergo 4 rounds of chemotherapy and he is in the 3rd round of chemotherapy.

After learning that he had cancer, his friends and colleagues stood by his side and took many heartwarming actions to support Long Non La.

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 3

Recently, Long Non La also shared a particularly heartwarming message from his coach at Rap Viet - Thai VG. Specifically, in the Thai VG team's group chat on Facebook, Thai VG sent a photo of Long Non La performing with a shaved head due to chemotherapy. Thai VG reminded the members: "If everyone could change their profile picture to send Long our love and support, I would greatly appreciate it!" .

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 4

Responding to Thai VG's very cute message, the male coach himself "set an example" and changed his first avatar. After that, rappers Mikelodic, Yuno Bigboi, Toi,... all simultaneously changed their photos similarly. Long Non La expressed great emotion at the strong spiritual support of his seniors and teammates at Rap Viet.

Long Non La also received strong moral support from other rappers. Double2T left a comment with a photo of himself with a bald head: "Thank you. Try your best, my friend, I will always support you when you need it. Being bald is now a fashion, be optimistic! Maybe it's time to work." A folk song from the mountainous region, right?"

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 5

Many other rappers such as Huynh Cong Hieu, 24k.Right, Captain, musician Bui Cong Nam,... also left comments supporting Long Non La's spirit. Actor Le Nam was emotional: "Son, I'm surprised to hear about your health situation like that. Try to f.ight your best. I hope you overcome everything."

Before that, the rapper born in 2000 also shared Toi's humanitarian work. Long Non La said that just 2 days after he got his bald head, Toi also quietly shaved his hair.

The senior man did not say anything first, but after shaving, he called Long Non La and said: "I cannot accept being bald." In addition, another brother also did this because "playing with a chance is fun".

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 6

Talking about the support of the online community in recent days, Long Non La was surprised and touched. "I really thank everyone. I didn't think letting everyone know would receive so much love and care. I have received so much. I would like to pack it up as a luggage for the upcoming days of chemotherapy." coming" , the rapper born in 2000 confided.

Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer - Photo 7

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