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Coldzy: Karik's student, whose past was ruined by love, revived through music

Lan Chi11:56:42 26/06/2024
After a long period of silence, rapper Coldzy, Karik's student in Rap Viet season 2, has returned to the music race. This is a big push, promising to be a stepping stone for many music products, as this is a carefully invested song.

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Uyen Pim: ex-lover accused Karik of stealing m.oney, is the reason why he doesn't sing Thuong?

Phương Thảo07:45:42 22/02/2024
Uyen Pim is a lover that few people remember every step of Karik's life. Unlike the girls who bring scandalous love affairs, Uyen Pim is remembered by the audience when she once accused the rapper of squandering m.oney from her band.

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Shin Hong Vinh: Former S-Girl member, once rumored to be dating Ricky Star

Nguyễn Tuyết21:38:52 30/12/2023
Shin Hong Vinh is known as a famous young singer from the group S-Girl; After a period of silence, she has just re-entered the entertainment industry with the short film Mother's Heart 3 with a new stage name.

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Rapper Freaky: Sleeping in a house flooded with sewage can't stop his musical advancement

Vân Anh22:54:28 08/12/2023
Rapper Freaky participated in Rap Viet season 2 and is known as a member of team Karik. Before coming to Rap Viet, he was already familiar to the audience when he owned many songs that captivated the hearts of young people.

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Miu Le officially confirmed her relationship with Karik, fans are excited because this "boat" is so beautiful

Mộc Trà10:18:54 16/11/2023
Miu Le - Karik is a couple that has been pushed by many audiences in recent times. Currently, the two are starring together in a movie project that makes this boat stir again.

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Thuy Ngan did something special for Jack, making people say: "You are my exception"?

Khánh Huyền17:07:46 15/11/2023
Before Jack, there was a lot of information that Thuy Ngan dated ST Son Thach, Truong The Vinh, Karik, Jun Pham... But until the rumors with the singer born in 1997 caused a stir in public opinion, Thuy Ngan first time doing this.

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Miu Le revealed a hidden corner, in Vietnam without a relative, claiming to be weak, famous for luck

Đức Trí15:07:03 01/11/2023
Singer Miu Le has just had an emotional experience, during the press conference to launch the product after a long time in hiding. Claiming to be inferior to many other artists, success is due to luck and effort. Life is lonely, because there are no relatives.

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Miu Le had an accident and nearly fell at the press conference, Karik and Phuong Thanh quickly saved the rescue

Ning Jing13:57:01 31/10/2023
At a moment while chatting and juggling with Karik, Miu Le accidentally tripped. However, the quick reaction of Karik and senior Phuong Thanh by his side saved the singer's life because his mother forced them to break up.

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Vu Phung Tien: Hit owner Le Luu Ly replaced her mother to fulfill her singing dream, suddenly became famous thanks to "pairing" with Karik

Snow16:02:44 29/09/2023
Vu Phung Tien is a name that the audience is especially interested in, when he had an extremely impressive comeback with the MV Le Luu Ly in collaboration with DT Tap Rap; received huge views after only 5 days of release.

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One more couple following Puka's happy news - Gin Tuan Kiet revealed an equally h.ot identity "love" photo

Nhật Hân15:29:56 08/09/2023
In addition, the whole Vbiz together waited until the end of the year to witness the fairytale wedding of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet. Another couple has also just released a hint that made netizens stand still.

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Vietnamese Rap contestant claimed by Korean rapper to be plagiarized by famous musicians

Gia Linh15:54:49 24/08/2023
Although it is not clear whether the Vietnamese Rap contestant is actually a copycat or not. However, the Korean rapper's analysis of Vietnamese music is causing intense controversy because it is demeaning to Vietnamese music.

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HURRYKNG made fans regret having to stop at the Semifinals, revealing the owner of 3 Golden Hats?

Gia Linh16:32:55 22/08/2023
During a recent concert, HURRYKNG reluctantly let his close friend HIEUTHUHAI r.eveal the semi-final results to the audience. Besides, 3 names chosen to send hats have also been revealed.

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HYDRA: "Yang Qua" returned after 3 years in hiding, still losing at the hands of "Uncle Soldier" Mikelodic

Snow14:29:20 17/08/2023
Hydra has been known to many viewers since his performance of The Mute Father at the first episode of Rap Viet season 1. With his deep, emotional use of words, the rapper made the whole stage choke.

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YUNO BIGBOI: Struggling to find his glory in the Rap show, "empty-handed" if he can't do this

Nguyễn Tuyết14:31:47 16/08/2023
Yuno BigBoi has started to be better known to the audience since participating in Rap Viet season 1, coach Karik's team. And recently, the rapper continues to attract attention by his impressive comeback at Rap Viet season 3.

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DRAGON HAT: Thai VG rap contestant Karik also apologized for doubting his competence

Nguyễn Tuyết17:24:13 12/08/2023
Long Hat-Lá is considered one of the talented young faces of the Vietnamese music industry. Not only is he a singer but he is also a songwriter and has just made his way onto the rap scene as a rapper.

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Disgruntled Karik posted on the forum to refer to someone "for fame and money", people scrambled to find their identity

Uyển Đình15:16:06 20/06/2023
Recently, Karik received a lot of attention when participating in Rap Viet season 3 as a judge. Recently, the singer also caused a stir in the online community when he posted a message against someone on social networks, even revealing that the character mentioned was a star.

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Tran Thanh was stoned again for his poor joke, making LGBT contestants and Karik "embarrassed"

Thành Tài15:32:11 31/05/2023
The response of Tran Thanh and the contestant of the hottest Rap contest is now becoming a topic of discussion among netizens. Some viewers think that Tran Thanh jokes poorly. On May 27, the hottest Rap program today was officially broadcast, attracting great attention from the...

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Uyen An revealed the reason for not making her boyfriend public, all because of Tran Thanh?

Minh Lợi10:48:02 28/01/2023
The private life also helps Uyen An to focus more on future work. Tran Thanh's sister is promised to become the dominant face of the screen for many years to come. Uyen An is a promising young actress of the Vietnamese screen. Although she has just entered her new career for...

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Only C - The talented musician was accused of "stealing" royalties and controversy with Son Tung MTP

An Nhi13:50:45 09/08/2022
Only C is known as a talented singer, music producer loved by many audiences. However, the guy's career path is not only spreading roses as many people still think. Only C's real name is Nguyen Phuc Thach, this guy born in 1988 and born in Da Nang is known as a famous Vietnamese...

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Miu Le was 'revealed' and the male star's actions caught attention

Thư Kỳ16:54:02 14/06/2022
In the launch of the project to mark her return, Miu Le attracted the attention of her promoted beauty. Besides, also at the event, the actress "I'm your grandmother" encountered a costume problem. On the afternoon of June 13, Miu Le had a presentation of the music project...

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Karik and Miu Le are dating, revealing a 'strange' moment in the parking lot?

Nắng14:37:16 06/06/2022
Karik once did not hesitate to share that Miu Le is his ideal girlfriend, even openly expressing his affection for the singer. Regarding the love story, the male rapper has publicly dated many beautiful people, but they can't have a "happy ending". Recently on social networking...

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Dam Phuong Linh - Vbiz's charming female VJ and confusing love affair with the handsome male rapper Karik

Nắng10:48:32 28/04/2022
At a young age, Phuong Linh has had a fairly wide and experienced career, with each role from host, actress to singer... Dam Phuong Linh - a beauty born in 1993 has long been no stranger to many young people, she used to take on the role of VJ of many large and small programs...

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Karik was caught alive, dating photos of his ex-girlfriend Dam Phuong Linh

An Nhi19:47:13 26/04/2022
Besides her career, Karik's private life is always a topic that attracts the attention of netizens. Karik is one of the hottest male rappers in Vietnamese showbiz when his love story always receives a lot of attention from fans. So far, Karik has publicized a love story with...

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Karik admits to having a strange disease for 12 years, making the audience worried

Nam Phương19:22:47 18/03/2022
This disease has seriously affected Karik's psychology as well as the process of making music. However, this is the first time he chose to go public with the media Karik is the first rap artist to win the MTV Vietnam a.ward. Possessing an inspirational, warm, easy-to-go voice...

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