Long Non La's family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action

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The news that Long Non La contracted cancer at the age of 24 is attracting a lot of attention from the public. This young man's family background and journey to pursue his passion inspire many people.

Recently, the news that Long Non La - Thai student VG in "Rap Viet" season 3 suffered from a serious illness when he was in his 20s received a lot of attention from the audience. The male singer said that he was diagnosed with a serious illness late last year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and have surgery to remove it.

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 1

Initially, he intended to keep his illness a secret, but because the audience asked a lot, he decided to share. The story of his journey to pursue his passion for music and his family background was revealed by Long Non La and has inspired many people.

Accordingly, the male singer was born and raised in a family with two sisters in the countryside of Bac Lieu. At the age of 10, his father passed away. Later, her older sister got married, so the family was left with only mother and c.hild relying on each other. Therefore, the young man always wanted to spend most of his time taking care of and helping his mother because her health was not good.

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 2

When he became known to many people, Long Non La still decided to live in the countryside and not move to the city. In a share in 2023, the male singer said that every day he usually has two main jobs: helping his family work at the shrimp farm and composing music.

Previously, this guy volunteered to take on the job of deputy hamlet after finishing high school. Many people thought that this was a job with no future and no economic potential, but young people always believed that there was no job. What work is less valuable?

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 3

When he decided to focus on making music, Long Non La quit this job. He received a lot of attention from the neighbors right from the moment he released his first song. Just going to the market became the focus of everyone. Yet no one thought that such a sincere, rustic and energetic guy would suffer from a serious illness that required chemotherapy.

Currently, after learning about Long Non La's illness, many friends have done things that have caused strong emotions. The male singer just shared about Toi (Dao Duong Cong Toai, born in 1997 - the person he used to share with Thai VG team) when he heard that he was sick.

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 4

Specifically, Long Non La said that just 2 days after he got his bald head, Toi also quietly shaved his hair. The guy didn't say anything in advance, but after shaving he called to say it. In addition, another brother also took similar actions.

"Two days ago my hair was clean, that afternoon I received a call from Mr. Toi, video call! He showed off his bald head and said: "I can't accept a job that involves you alone." just bald! Try your best! I'm here with you."

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 5

The next morning, another brother of mine also called and said with his bald head, "It's fun to play when you have a chance". Gods, I had no choice but to shave my hair, my hair is so precious that I almost died, why do I have to do it just for my younger brother?

It's been a long time since I dared to share, because I'm just getting used to this new hairstyle. If you see me like this, don't call me teacher this or teacher that. Have a nice evening, everyone," the singer of Old Corridor said.

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 6

In the comments section, many people left words of encouragement, hoping the male singer would try to maintain his health and recover soon. Long Non La's real name is (Le Hoang Long, born in 2000), once known as a contestant of "Rap Viet" season 3 of Thai team VG.

On social networks, he is also quite famous as the owner of many songs with tens of millions of views on the YouTube platform, popular with young people such as: Hoang Hoa Ky, Le Duyen Tinh, Tuong Phung, Old Corridor,.. . With his special voice, Long Non La has received a lot of praise when appearing at: Comedian Challenge, Lyrics Arena and Vietnamese Rap.

Long Non Las family has just announced that he has cancer, and his close friend has taken an unexpected action - Photo 7

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