Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested

Hàn DiAug 21, 2023 at 18:24

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In the "wife" cast of Rap Viet season 3, Kim - Thai VG's wife is a quite special character, which netizens are most interested in. Recently, she was revealed about her special role on this hit show.

The reason is not only because she has a husband who is a famous rapper, popular with the audience, but Kim herself is quite private - rarely expressing herself on social media. However, in episode 13 of the recent show, VG's wife Kim was mentioned publicly on television, and her special role with the Thai VG team was also revealed. This information made many people excited.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 1

Specifically, after the performance of Long Hone Lá (real name is Le Hoang Long, born in 2000, from Bac Lieu), Thai VG had praise and advice for students in English. " Because the rap above has a fast tempo — it's hard to control your breathing... However, she surprised Andree, B Ray, and Bigdaddy. However, in my opinion - I still need to improve my breath control more."

In front of the coach's enthusiastic messages, Long Hone Leaf asked MC Zhencheng in bewilderment: "But what did Mr. Thai say earlier?" - this made the comedian laugh. JustaTee joked that Thai VG with contestants communicated using waves, special frequencies, not language.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 2

Before the judges' words, Long Hone Leaf revealed: "Sister Kim talks for Mr. Thai." Elaborating, Tran Thanh explained: "Mr. Thai has a wife named Kim and Ms. Kim speaks Vietnamese."

It is known that Kim - Thai VG's wife is also of Vietnamese descent. She has accompanied her husband in his work and moral support since the first day the rapper returned to Vietnam. During the recording of the program or meeting with the coaches association, the Vietnamese Rap Board, she was present and supported her husband.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 3

During her appearances at the show, Thai VG's wife also made netizens love because of her happy face and bright smile. Although quite secretive, with friendly and enthusiastic personalities, both Thai VG and his wife are popular from colleagues, contestants and fans.

In addition to her talent in rapping, Thai VG is also loved by the audience for her friendly personality and affectionate lifestyle. On his personal page, this rapper once sent a message to his wife that (roughly translated): " The women right here held me back when I was c.hasing my dreams! We used to sleep on the ground, no mattress, no television, nothing to call. I traveled for months while she kept her family.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 4

We work hard every day trying to figure out our lives and where we're headed. Through many ups and downs, I made her overcome difficulties to solve my problems and she is still by my side! But since we're in a better place now, I want to see her pursue her dreams and be by her side to help build and support!

She always put others before herself and never complained about anything! No relationship is perfect and I'm sure it's far from perfect but I know I'm going to give 100% to help build and support my women just like she did to me!" It can be seen that the affection of Thai couple VG and his wife Kim is very close.

Thai VG (Ngo Thai Minh) is an Asian rapper legend in the US - the first person to open the rap wave in Vietnam. He has more than 25 years with rap, famous in the US from the age of 16. Thai VG is considered one of the first living legends of rap music in Vietnam.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 5

Thai VG is the first Vietnamese-born rapper to be loved not only from the Asian community but also African Americans and Latin Americans. He has also collaborated with many domestic stars. In addition to the music, the film starring VG – Bang Bang – was also enthusiastically supported at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 6

Justatee did not exaggerate when he said that Thai VG is the eldest brother of Vietnamese rap. It is known that Thai VG was one of the first people of Vietnamese descent to have rap products and put Vietnamese lyrics into those songs - typically Vietnamese Gang performed with Khanh Small.

Although not officially operating in the Vietnamese market, Vietnamese Gang still has a huge influence on the rap music scene in the country. Both Suboi and Justatee admit to having heard and been influenced by the rap.

Mrs. Thai VG revealed a special role when next to her husband, how the situation made Zhencheng interested - Photo 7

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