Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by "brothers" when parting, had to ask for help

JLOAug 20, 2023 at 11:02

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In a talk show that recently aired, the story of an unmasked 32-year-old singer caught the attention of many people. Speaking to the host, the singer also admitted about her mistakes.

The 3rd person, just hearing about it makes people uncomfortable. The 3rd person involved in a marriage may be peaceful or may have been broken for a long time. Whatever the purpose, whatever the motive, the 3rd person is always to blame. However, what matters is how many 3rd people know how to turn around and strongly get rid of mistakes after they have "sunk".

The stories shared from real characters in the show 3rd Person made the audience go from s.hock to surprise. Each story brings different levels of emotions.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 1

Recently, 1 story of the g.irl who used to be the 3rd person shared on the show is of interest to many people. The g.irl from Hanoi, 32 years old, is working as an MC, freelance singer.

Specifically, she said that at the time, she was only 24-25 years old and the other man was 40. No matter where she goes to sing, this person often comes to see her sing wherever she is, even asking for a phone number from the show to actively care and follow the singer.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 2

"He often talks about his unhappy family, he is getting divorced but because of his 2 children and property concerns, he has not been able to divorce. His wife also had a new partner, so he also wanted to find a new relationship. I honestly don't think he'll leave his wife to marry me, I just feel like this is someone who protects me, gives me a full economy," the singer said.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 3

But gradually, from the initial desire to provide, the singer began to have feelings for this man. After more than 3 years of back and forth, the singer just met and talked to the wife of the man she is knowing. While she was prepared for the possibility of being jealous, her wife's attitude was extremely gentle and polite which made her more shy.

"His sister-in-law said she had known he had been in a relationship for a long time but still gave him a chance to come back. She also said she wasn't going to divorce. But what obsesses me is that my sister-in-law is too gentle. And there was one thing she said that reminded me forever: 'There will come a time when you get married and have children, what would you be like if you were in the same situation?'" the singer said.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 4

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The encounter with the government caused her to torment herself and begin to gradually lengthen the wrong relationship. However, the man's side did not agree to the breakup. When he saw the singer move, blocked the phone number,... He still reached out and threatened her life if she still decided to leave. In the end, the singer had to text her wife asking for help out of the relationship.

The singer expressed about the reason why she was determined to stop: "Living together for a long time will have bad habits and vices revealed. His temper, unable to restrain himself, though he has never hit himself, will s.mash things. It's hard to accept in the long run because of his patriarchy."

She used to be "blinded" by sweet words, gifts, economy, but she realized this was not the "love" of her life. She just wanted to quit completely, no longer wanting to have anything to do with this man.

"Actually, up to this moment, what I get is just m.oney because people spend m.oney to buy my love. What is lost is youth and faith. With what I have experienced, I believe more in the law of cause and effect. And if I stop at the right time, luckily I can still salvage it. And also because I am afraid, I do not want to continue another relationship at the moment," the singer expressed.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 5

Listening to the singer's sharing, Dr. To Nhi A said that the preservation of marriage and if there is the appearance of the 3rd person, it needs the efforts of all 3 parties. While the sister-in-law is alert enough, the husband must know how to turn his head, especially the 3rd person must know how to be awake. Sometimes enjoyment can lead us to make poor decisions, but if we work hard to put in our effort, the results will be truly sustainable.

Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by brothers when parting, had to ask for help - Photo 6

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