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Truong Luong Dinh: "Dolphin Princess" was disowned by her mother because she married someone who already had a wife and children

Trí Nhi18:51:52 29/05/2024
Zhang Liangying, also known as Jane Zhang, was born on October 11, 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is a Chinese pop singer, she is called the angel voice of China.

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May Bae reappears after a noisy "little tam" raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it?

Bút Màu10:31:05 29/05/2024
Recently, May Bae officially reappeared and pursued a professional music path, organizing a music night with the participation of many Vietnamese stars and TikTokers. Previously, H.ot TikToker was caught up in a scandal and was accused of being a minor and receiving 8.5 billion VND from his lover.

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Pimmy Pimprapa: Thai muse from a great family, once entangled in suspicion of being a minor

Bút Mực19:13:09 27/05/2024
Coming from a wealthy family, Pimmy Pimprapa soon became a c.hild star of the Golden Temple. The actress was once rumored to be the third person involved in her co-star's love affair.

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Nha Phuong shows off her impressive figure, publicly humiliating Truong Giang's "little three".

Bút Bi07:44:28 18/05/2024
Nha Phuong rarely publicly shows her superior attitude and is known as her husband's third c.hild. She also humorously affirmed her position in the heart of Truong Giang's husband to her opponent.

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22-year-old nanny snatches the landlord's husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned

Pinky13:46:16 12/04/2024
Vietnamese netizens are constantly buzzing about a Vietnamese tiktoker's nanny-snatch-her-husband drama series, a thrilling 27-part series that everyone is looking forward to. This series of millions of views r.evealing videos is shaking netizens.

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Song Ha Yoon has more phosphorus, accused of a convex attitude when traveling in Vietnam

Khánh Huyền17:03:03 03/04/2024
Song Ha Yoon - The Woman She Went To Marry My Husband Over the past few days, the past few days have been constantly exposed to an unclean past. So far, she has been exposed by a former reporter for her extremely convex attitude while traveling with the film crew in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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Quynh Thu was accused of faking a marriage proposal, the c.hild had no father, the owner came out to preempt it

T.P09:09:38 26/03/2024
Actress and model Quynh Thu - who was once entangled in the scandal of stealing her husband Diep Lam Anh, just continued to encounter trouble, when suddenly rumored to go to Germany to give birth but without a husband, making up a story about being proposed to, everyone fell down. face up.

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Han So Hee is mentally unstable after the drama "little tam", will she become the second Sulli?

Hoàng Trang16:40:02 23/03/2024
In recent days, the noise about the love story between Hyeri - Ryu Jun Yeol - Han So Hee has caused a stir on social networks. Every move of Han Soo Hee (who is considered a minor) always receives special attention from the public.

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Tran Thanh's sister's film has not been released yet and has already encountered problems, suspected of plagiarism of the Oscar masterpiece

Tuyết Ngọc17:08:35 20/03/2024
The film crew of The Price of Happiness has just released the official poster to attract the attention of fans. However, the work featuring Tran Thanh's younger sister was accused of plagiarizing the Oscar-winning film.

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The husband discussed "golden dragon hunting" with his lover, and the wife stayed at home like a single mother

Uyển Đình22:11:10 19/03/2024
The story of a husband hunting golden dragons with his lover while having two children is receiving attention from the online community. When the couple still told each other to wait for the divorce to make it public, the wife decided to go one step ahead: make it public for the whole country to know.

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Trinh Thang Binh protects Han So Hee amid the "baby" drama: Still love you because of your personality

Đông Nguyên14:42:39 19/03/2024
Trinh Thang Binh's statement right in the middle of Han So Hee's love affair scandal is receiving many mixed opinions from the public. Many people believe that the male singer is deliberately trying to steal the fame of Korean stars' love dramas.

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Hyeri publicly apologizes amid the controversy with Han So Hee and her ex-girlfriend: Doubts were f.orced?

Đông Nguyên09:44:25 19/03/2024
Hyeri's apology letter is currently receiving a lot of attention from the public. A series of comments expressed frustration when she was the victim and had to apologize to Han So Hee and her ex-lover Ryu Jun Yeol.

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Quynh Thu vomited her second c.hild even though she was pregnant with her first c.hild, netizens sarcastically said "a birthing machine?"

Nhật Duy17:24:22 18/03/2024
Since announcing her pregnancy with her first c.hild, Quynh Thu's life has received a lot of attention from the public. Her every move became the topic of discussion among netizens.

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Han So Hee revealed intimate photos with Ryu Jun Yeol: The date of their love was revealed

Mỹ Hoàng14:14:36 18/03/2024
The series of dating photos between Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol suddenly published by Dispatch are currently receiving a lot of attention from the public. At the same time, the news site also revealed the timeline of the two's relationship.

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Thanh Truc was told she was "green tea" so she hid it from her husband. Her response left fans speechless

Tuyết Ngọc18:29:29 10/03/2024
After a long absence, Thanh Truc suddenly confirmed that she was pregnant with her first c.hild, surprising the public. In response to false rumors surrounding her married life, she responded frankly.

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Jolie Nguyen, suspected of being a minor tam, destroyed Yoghurt Nattasha's family, spoke out

Thảo Mai16:04:29 04/03/2024
Jolie Nguyen is known as Miss World Vietnamese in Australia, a lady in the Association of Rich Vietnamese Children. After getting involved in the Vbiz scandal in 2020, she moved to Australia, the past few years absent from the entertainment industry.

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The beauty salon director tolerated the "little tam" to harm the "main family", the community was indignant

Nguyễn Tuyết16:37:17 27/02/2024
Social networks were abuzz with the incident of an account posting an article accusing her husband of having an affair with a female colleague at work. Worth mentioning, this man was promiscuous with not only 1 but 2 people.

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TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names

Khánh Huyền14:28:00 20/02/2024
Many TikTokers have emerged thanks to their beauty and talent, attracting the attention of many social network users. These are two cases where even though they were involved in a lot of noise from the third person, they still confidently faced that wave.

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Jung Eun Chae: specializes in supporting roles that dominate the female lead, in real life 2 times as a minor tam

Phương Thảo16:33:28 15/02/2024
Actress Jung Eun Chae, whoever plays a supporting role, overwhelms the heroine of that film. In real life, she was twice involved in a shocking love scandal, but on the contrary, her career was not affected but also received a lot of love thanks to her beauty.

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Trang Fa was implied by her best friend Le Quyen as "green tea", flirting with her lover 1 beautiful sister?

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:59:39 04/02/2024
According to MC Ngoc Khanh, Li Quyen's close friend, the livestream insinuated that Xiao tam in the show "Sister Beautiful Pedaling the Wind" received great attention from netizen. From the subtext of the female MC, fans think that they are referring to Trang Dharma.

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The wife discovered that the star fruit sisters had snatched her husband and posted a message on social media to e.xpose them

Phượng Vũ18:36:08 27/01/2024
An article by a sister with a series of photos exposing her close younger sister's affair with her husband is attracting great attention from the online community. Tieu Tam also brazenly reminded the main house to keep her husband careful.

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The wife gave up her jealous thoughts when she saw the beauty of the third c.hild

Minh Ngọc07:50:33 20/01/2024
Discovering that her husband was having an affair, the wife was extremely indignant and immediately thought of being jealous. But the situation turned upside down, as soon as she saw the third person's face, she suddenly became so confused that she couldn't understand.

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Song Ha Yoon: The hottest "Tieu Tam" today, a talented actor capable of all types of roles

Phương Thảo09:49:46 15/01/2024
Song Ha Yoon is an extremely h.ot name when she takes on the supporting female role in the hit film adaptation of Miss You Marry My Husband. Her powerful acting, youthful beauty, and appearance as if she came out of a story made her receive a lot of positive feedback.

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The g.irl who was once attacked by her husband, helped by Phuong Le, is now accused of green tea

Đình Như15:59:08 02/01/2024
The story of a woman named Bui Thi T.G (36 years old, from Kien Giang province) who denounced being abused by her husband in Hai Duong has caused public opinion. After 7 months, her life has changed a lot.

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