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Lam Khanh Chi revealed clearly wrinkled and degraded skin despite spending billions on "refurbishment"

Châu Anh17:30:50 15/07/2024
Lam Khanh Chi's abdominal skin makes many viewers worried. Different from the previous smoothness and firmness, the latest image shows that the skin is wrinkled and sagging.

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Dat Nguyen: Lam Khanh Chi's 17-year-old rumored love, owning a b.ody of thousands of people

Bảo Nam17:06:13 01/06/2024
Dat Nguyen is currently working as a model and actress, due to the nature of his work, it is not difficult to understand when the guy possesses a reluctant appearance, from a woman's heart-wrenching smile to a standard b.ody that does not need adjustment.

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Lin Qingzhi sobbed to announce the good news after the surgery, having what he had dreamed of for so long

Gia Nhi14:45:33 01/06/2024
Transgender beauty Lam Khanh Chi has just had good news to announce to the audience, she is overjoyed because this is her long-time dream, having to trade many things, from m.oney to health. Fans and colleagues alike congratulated her in unison.

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Lam Khanh Chi caused controversy for posting shocking photos of Duc Tien and Xuan Lan as a reminder

Bút Máy07:22:35 20/05/2024
Lam Khanh Chi's actions caused many mixed opinions and frustration with the audience. Xuan Lan herself also took steps to remind her to keep the beautiful image of the deceased in the eyes of the public.

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Lam Khanh Chi spoke up about marrying a model 17 years younger than her, affirming that her taste was right

T.P10:44:05 19/05/2024
Transgender beauty Lam Khanh Chi has just officially spoken out about wedding rumors with model Nguyen Dat, 17 years her junior. The female singer admitted that she has special feelings, declaring that the hotboy he is is too trendy.

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Lam Khanh Chi got married for the second time, held 3 wedding parties, and revealed the identity of her other half

Minh Lợi07:26:44 14/05/2024
After an incomplete love affair with Phi Hung at the end of 2021, Lam Khanh Chi is still happily single. She focuses on her online business and takes good care of her young son.

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Lin Qingzhi just "smashed his face and rebuilt", did his boyfriend at home find someone else?

Bảo Nam16:57:21 03/05/2024
Lam Khanh Chi is a famous transgender beauty of Vbiz. Despite possessing a beautiful beauty, the beauty born in 1977 still wants to be more perfect, so she does not hesitate to touch more cutlery.

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Lam Khanh Chi 'b.lood boiled' at MC Nguyen Khang's life, claiming that she was despised on the red carpet

Thanh Phúc09:02:22 19/04/2024
Transgender beauty Lam Khanh Chi shook the whole showbiz when she suddenly mentioned MC Nguyen Khang's name on social networks, accusing the male MC of ignoring her beauty and looking down on her on the red carpet. Immediately, insiders had to intervene.

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Lam Khanh Chi is stuck with an assistant who is 21 years younger than her: People speculate that she is about to remarry

Đông Nguyên09:39:02 13/03/2024
The transgender female singer often posts a series of photos traveling with her young male assistant. Many netizens have expressed doubts about the two's above-normally close relationship.

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Lam Khanh Chi was cheated of 3 billion for believing strangers: Having to live miserably because he ran out of spending m.oney

Mỹ Hoàng08:26:34 09/03/2024
After being deceived by bad actors of losing the amount of 3 billion, Lin Khanh Chi immediately fell into an extremely difficult situation. The transgender singer also said that this year she was cheated a total of 3 times.

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Lam Khanh Chi wears a bridal dress, hinting at getting married with an underage assistant?

Hoa Tuyết15:42:15 17/01/2024
Nearly 3 years after going their separate ways with her ex-husband, Lam Khanh Chi suddenly put on a bridal gown and made a statement about her decision after many ups and downs. Are you about to get married with your underage assistant?

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Lam Khanh Chi is getting younger and younger, confidently competing with her assistant who is 21 years younger than her, revealing a point that shows she loves the right person.

Keng16:40:14 15/12/2023
Recently, Lam Khanh Chi made fans excited when she posted the latest set of romantic photos with her 21-year-old assistant. Both wore elegant white clothes under a bright Christmas decoration space.

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Lam Khanh Chi implicitly admitted to dating an assistant who is 21 years younger than her when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments

Tiểu Trúc06:34:07 12/12/2023
Recently, on his personal page, Lam Khanh Chi posted a series of photos traveling with his underage assistant. Notably, the transgender beauty also implicitly admitted to dating her assistant when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments.

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Lin Qingzhi reveals secret related to ex-husband amid public stir in new love

Nắng11:25:17 07/12/2023
She also spoke about her current state of health after voice surgery: "The voice is not perfect, only about 70% of the time. I can't sing yet, b.aby, slowly I can sing.

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Lam Khanh Chi shows off her beauty after restoration, what is the beauty's attitude when compared to Huong Giang?

Anh Thụy09:34:43 29/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Lam Khanh Chi showed off a set of beautiful photos after her beauty restoration. Notably, an audience compared her beauty with Huong Giang. The beauty's attitude attracts attention.

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Lam Khanh Chi posted a bold photo after her beauty restoration that shocked people, showing off her 3 amazing busts

Pinky09:31:44 24/11/2023
Transgender beauty Lam Khanh Chi just shocked people when she suddenly revealed her bold image, not wearing any clothes and showing off her whole b.ody. After her beauty restoration, the princess also publicly announced her super standard measurements.

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Lam Khanh Chi revealed her real relationship with her new lover, but because "that person" decided to do something?

Mai Trúc09:32:19 21/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Lam Khanh Chi revealed her real relationship with her new lover. Not only that, the beauty also decided to do something for that person, attracting the attention of the online community.

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Lin Qingzhi let the rumored young love "air", look like a male god, identity turned out to be acquaintance?

Nguyễn Kim14:50:27 06/11/2023
Lam Khanh Chi is known as a popular transgender beauty in Vietnamese showbiz. Recently, the moment she fell in love with 1 young man at a romantic dinner party caused a stir. The identity of the other half surprised many people.

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Lam Khanh Chi shows off the special man in her life, whose beauty has changed imperceptibly

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:37:20 30/10/2023
Since cosmetic surgery to tighten facial skin to retain youth, Lam Khanh Chi has always made netizens stir because of her beauty. In her recent appearance, the female singer attracted attention with her unique appearance when paired with special man.

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Lam Khanh Chi publicly announced the appearance of her new boyfriend, a younger man, who was praised and praised to the sky

Pinky06:57:06 28/10/2023
Transgender singer Lam Khanh Chi has just posted a post, implicitly confirming her romantic relationship with a young man, after a long time of being entangled in dating suspicions. She also praised her other half, raising it to the skies.

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Lam Khanh Chi was commented to resemble 'Quynh Doll' Phuong Oanh, the shocking anti-dame singer

Yaya07:23:46 26/10/2023
After spending a large amount of m.oney to improve her beauty, Lam Khanh Chi was often put on the table comparing her from one person to another, along with rumors about the female singer's beauty.

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Once sworn to a romantic relationship, the bride decided to divorce and publicly announced her new boyfriend after receiving 18 gold bars and 15 red books.

Nhật Hân16:54:26 18/10/2023
The couple's relationship was once considered a fairy tale love story with a happy ending of a super wedding that overwhelmed netizens. However, the relationship was short-lived and the bride decided to divorce after only 3 months of being in the same house.

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Lam Khanh Chi revealed the price of her beauty after the major restoration in China, not forgetting to declare something "shocking"

Huỳnh Phúc14:43:44 17/10/2023
After a major restoration in a foreign country, Lam Khanh Chi recently revealed her new beauty in front of the media. Besides, the beauty also did not forget to declare something that made the online community stir.

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Lam Khanh Chi transforms into Vietnamese version of Pham Bang Bang, accepts the fact that she always looks at her "silver billion" beauty after skin tightening surgery

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:06:24 16/10/2023
After returning from abroad for a facelift, Lam Khanh Chi's beauty has always been a topic of discussion among fans. Appearing in The New Mentor Final, she attracted attention when wearing the same outfit as Pham Bang Bang and her current beauty.

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