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Lam Khanh Chi revealed clearly wrinkled and degraded skin despite spending billions on "refurbishment"

Châu Anh17:30:50 15/07/2024
Lam Khanh Chi's abdominal skin makes many viewers worried. Different from the previous smoothness and firmness, the latest image shows that the skin is wrinkled and sagging.

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Xuan Ca shows off her face-shattering beauty and confidently beats Misthy when standing next to her?

Keng16:43:11 11/07/2024
Owning a TikTok account with more than 2 million followers and tens of millions of views, Xuan Ca has become a social network phenomenon with highly entertaining short videos. However, her beauty is something that often causes controversy.

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Ho Quang Hieu "received criticism" and was devastated because he got a lip tattoo to change his luck and was accused of exaggeration and untruth

Pinky17:10:23 21/06/2024
Male singer Ho Quang Hieu just introduced himself to a cosmetic clinic, saying that getting his eyebrows corrected and getting lip tattoos done will change his luck and bring him more luck. Many people think that he is doing excessive PR, exaggerating the truth, regardless of m.oney.

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Director Le Hoang U70 opened his lips and eyebrows, people were stunned, shocked by his appearance

Phúc Sen13:24:46 19/06/2024
Male director Le Hoang, at the age of 68, made people fall in love when he suddenly decided to undergo a beauty makeover. However, his new appearance has received many mixed opinions. Many people were shocked when they did not recognize Le Hoang.

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Fisherman Anh Vien denies having plastic surgery, she looks beautiful because of this!

JLO15:29:34 14/06/2024
After retiring, Anh Vien took more care of her beauty. She chose gentle makeup styles to highlight her high nose bridge and small face. It was this change that made her suspected of having had plastic surgery.

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Viet Phuong Apply 3rd nose repair after silicone complications, r.evealing the amount of cutlery

Đình Như15:51:17 03/06/2024
At the end of February, Viet Phuong Thoa (real name Nguyen Viet Phuong Thoa) posted a video warning that he had cosmetic complications recently, surprising many people.

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Tiktoker Martial Artist Ngan Ha is suspected of having her bust restored, how is her beauty after plastic surgery?

Keng20:09:19 28/05/2024
Ngan Ha or Ha Moi's real name is Vo Nu Ngan Ha, born in 2003, currently one of the hottest TikTokers. With 7.2 million followers, each clip of Ngan Ha on this platform attracts millions of views.

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Miss Ngoc Chau: Crowned at the oldest age in beauty history, involved in plastic surgery controversy

Bút Mực14:55:30 24/05/2024
Miss Ngoc Chau made an impression when she was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam at the age of 28. During her time in office, she continuously caused controversy because of cosmetic surgery noises.

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Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking

Thảo Mai10:31:12 14/05/2024
More than 4 months ago, Tho Nguyen suddenly announced his retirement, causing many people to stir and discuss. After that, she seemed to be silent, not updating her activities.

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Lin Qingzhi just "smashed his face and rebuilt", did his boyfriend at home find someone else?

Bảo Nam16:57:21 03/05/2024
Lam Khanh Chi is a famous transgender beauty of Vbiz. Despite possessing a beautiful beauty, the beauty born in 1977 still wants to be more perfect, so she does not hesitate to touch more cutlery.

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Tho Nguyen was depressed, determined to wash herself up, declaring that the sky was still fighting

Thanh Phúc09:31:26 02/05/2024
YouTuber Tho Nguyen continued to have a post that made the online community uneasy, rarely talking about the journey of changing himself, retiring to solve wrongful laundering. She first told the story of wanting to end her life, having been severely depressed.

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Xuan Ca shows off her voice compared to Rosé (BLACKPINK), is suspected of continuing "plastic surgery"

Kim Lâm14:53:12 30/04/2024
Xuan Ca is always a name that makes the online community interested not only because of her talent but also about the gossip surrounding her. After the recent love affair, every move of the female tiktoker is noticed by everyone.

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Tho Nguyen insulted supermodel Xuan Lan, took revenge after 3 years, determined to the end

Trí Nhi09:13:54 27/04/2024
Female youtuber Tho Nguyen just made the internet stir when she posted a post directly mentioning supermodel Xuan Lan, exacting revenge for her revenge 3 years ago, when she was publicly attacked by the female supermodel.

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Nguyen's poetry is said to be good at studying, with great achievements, and his fans are immediately compared to Bao Ngoc

Pinky09:06:29 26/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen recently made a sensitive post about letting go of your b.ody and studying well. Previously in 2021, she was involved in a controversy over a related story. Now when she mentioned it again, netizens immediately became excited.

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Tho Nguyen frowned, affirming his famous 7-year career, where is Bao Ngoc?

Đức Trí10:01:24 25/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen continues to be extremely harsh on her personal page, declaring directly to the online community about her name. Even though he retired, his popularity still hasn't cooled down, netizens immediately compared him to c.hild star Bao Ngoc.

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Tho Nguyen 'wriggled' in front of a luxury car, showing off her extremely slim figure, fans rubbed their eyes in disbelief

Trí Nhi13:41:54 23/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen made the online community gasp when suddenly there was a post that shocked social networks. Accordingly, sharing on her personal page, the female YouTuber showed off her extremely eye-catching figure, showing off her perfect b.ody and beauty after surgery.

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Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned

Gia Nhi13:15:45 22/04/2024
Although she has retired and no longer posts clips on YouTube, Tho Nguyen recently received shocking good news, confirming that her name is still h.ot. This is also good news after she publicly announced her plastic surgery.

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Cami Kami shows off her "hundred million" appearance, r.evealing her fat buttocks, embarrassedly covering up

An Nhi09:15:17 20/04/2024
After being booed by the online community for her post-surgical beauty, recently, Gam Kami appeared with an eye-catching appearance. However, she accidentally revealed a flaw on her b.ody and had to quickly cover it with her hand.

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Poetry Nguyen was brought to the front page of the scandal, unable to recover due to too many fans

Gia Nhi11:32:03 19/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen just had a scene complaining on his personal page, when he was determined to cultivate non-discrimination on social networks, but was not allowed to return to justice by fans and praised him too much. Not only that, she was also honored by a fanpage on the front page.

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Rosé is as beautiful as a "living doll", her beauty improves without the need for "plastic surgery" thanks to this

Châu Anh11:46:48 17/04/2024
At a recent event, Rosé showed off her stylish fashion sense and bold yet sophisticated style. With recent events, the female singer has continuously worked hard to change her hairstyle, bringing different, new and unique images.

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Tho Nguyen was dismayed after a series of attacks, c.hasing away anyone who did not share his views

Phúc Sen13:33:02 16/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen continues to post to share her status after a series of attacks from netizens. She once again emphasized her current lifestyle, c.hasing away those who came to her page to scrutinize her.

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Poet Nguyen "lowered his voice" to plead with antifans, r.evealing the most regretful thing of the past 6 years

Hoàng Phúc16:13:04 15/04/2024
Tho Nguyen is the hottest name on social networks in recent days. Even though she announced her retirement, the female YouTuber's private life is still of interest, especially when she recently publicly announced her plastic surgery.

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Nguyen's poetry about beauty contests after "plastic surgery", to the "furnace" of skills of a famous beauty queen?

Nguyễn Kim15:40:54 15/04/2024
After attracting attention with her beauty restoration image, Tho Nguyen recently surprised many people when she checked in to a model training facility. Will the female YouTuber intend to compete in some beauty contest in the near future?

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Nguyen's poetry after cosmetic surgery was attacked by Bao Ngoc, puns were pungent, and beauty was criticized?

Đức Trí09:31:47 15/04/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen is causing a storm in the online community in recent days with her public story of plastic surgery, from a duck to a swan, her current beauty is like that of a beauty. Immediately, netizens discovered Bao Ngoc's new move.

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