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The creepy "ghost of five palace maids" appearing in the Forbidden City gives visitors goosebumps

Kim Lâm14:16:12 19/06/2024
The Forbidden City is the royal palace, which has witnessed 24 births, accessions and deaths of emperors, and also witnessed many past lives of maids, eunuchs, and concubines. Therefore, there are many strange phenomena here due to too much resentment.

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The maid received 26 million per month, a huge salary and accommodation included, the truth was disillusioning

Đức Trí10:50:34 16/06/2024
Despite receiving a huge salary for the maid profession, up to 26 million VND per month and including accommodation, the U50 woman doing this job still feels dissatisfied with herself. The profound reason makes anyone who hears it become disillusioned.

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Chi Pu was criticized by 1 CEO for destroying a pho shop sold in China, high prices and low quality

Pinky09:28:15 08/06/2024
Chi Pu recently made a splash when she suddenly opened a Pho shop in China. Although she is highly appreciated for bringing Vietnamese cuisine to your country, she was recently criticized by a CEO with a reputation for the quality of pho here.

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Truong Luong Dinh: "Dolphin Princess" was disowned by her mother because she married someone who already had a wife and children

Trí Nhi18:51:52 29/05/2024
Zhang Liangying, also known as Jane Zhang, was born on October 11, 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is a Chinese pop singer, she is called the angel voice of China.

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The Forbidden City has no toilet even though tens of thousands of people live there, "wiping out" the trees?

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:07:15 27/05/2024
The Forbidden City is one of the largest places in the world that still exists and attracts the most tourists in Beijing. Currently, this place still preserves many legends, secrets and interesting facts that few people know.

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Law professor analyzes Fat Cat's case, could she be guilty of a crime and have to go to jail?

Minh Lợi16:41:42 22/05/2024
Recently, the police of Chongqing, China posted a document announcing the results of the investigation of the case related to the tragic passing of the 21-year-old man, also known as Fat Cat.

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Rihanna's livestream closed the deal on a Chinese app, shocking the music industry

Trí Nhi13:30:44 22/05/2024
Rihanna's fans around the world are extremely shocked and surprised by a series of images of the female singer livestreaming a deal with her cosmetics brand called Fenty Beauty on a Chinese app. This is a rare and unprecedented thing for Rihanna.

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Phan Tri Han appeared to "protect" Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other?

Đình Như11:56:03 22/05/2024
Recently, Chi Pu posted a new MV teaser video, marking her return to the music industry in 2024 called Finding You. Notably, she even made a big deal to invite Phan Tri Han to play the main male role in the MV.

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Tho Nguyen got angry at Fat Meo, defended Dam Truc, and talked about the amount of m.oney provided!

Thảo Mai17:38:55 21/05/2024
After the authorities in Chongqing (China) posted a detailed report about Fat Cat's incident, many people admitted that this was a lesson for them when wandering around online.

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The authorities ordered to "punish" Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc

JLO15:24:00 21/05/2024
The case of the 21-year-old gamer Fat Cat who passed away after his girlfriend canceled his engagement has been a h.ot topic since early May. Until recently, the police posted the results of the investigation, causing public opinion to change direction.

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R.evealing important details in the Fat Cat case, the transfer application completely exposed

Trí Nhi11:35:24 21/05/2024
Continue to update more about the Fat Cat and Dam Truc g.irl case, after the g.irl was proven clean and innocent by Chinese authorities, important details in the m.oney transfer e-wallet application are also available. public.

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Dam Truc went missing after being "wrongfully cleared" of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly "turned around"

Châu Anh07:26:07 21/05/2024
After the investigation, Chongqing police issued a statement confirming that Fat Cat and Dam Truc have a true love relationship. Fat Cat's sister also admitted to leading public opinion and cyber v.iolence, Dam Truc was unjustly accused!

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Fat Meo, who has every disability, was exposed and still posted a clip arguing about her younger brother

Minh Lợi12:26:43 20/05/2024
According to official information from the Nangan District Police Department, Chongqing City (China) on the morning of April 11, Mr. Liu (21 years old, from Lam Vu, Hunan) is commonly known as Meo. Fat passed away.

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Chinese police announced that Dam Truc was unjustly accused, and Fat Cat's sister made up a story

Phúc Sen09:37:46 20/05/2024
After 1 month of investigating the story of a 21-year-old man nicknamed Fat Cat who foolishly chose to leave because of his love for Dam Truc, Chinese police have just made a statement that shocked the entire internet, saying that his sister Fat Cat made up a story.

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Another Fat Cat appeared: Sleeping in the car, skipping showers to pay to visit his girlfriend 500km away

Bảo Nam07:19:57 20/05/2024
Recently, the story of the Fat Cat guy has caused a stir all over the internet. During 2 years of love, this Chinese guy accepted to live a miserable life, not daring to eat well, not daring to go out just because he was trying to play games and save m.oney for his girlfriend.

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Excavation of the Yangtze River where Fat Meo passed away, what is there about a 1000m long bridge that took 6 years to build?

Pinky14:43:20 19/05/2024
Regarding the scene where Fat Cat's incident occurred, netizens began to stir to learn about the Yangtze River and the 1000m bridge across this river. Everyone must be amazed at this most majestic and magnificent project, which took 6 years to build.

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The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation

Bút Màu11:48:55 19/05/2024
Acumen accidentally becomes a tool to help the husband discover his wife's secret. Chinese netizens say this is a lesson for both men and women to know how to control themselves and not let themselves go beyond their limits.

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Vietnamese gamers imitate Fat Cat and play 59 consecutive games, the ending is unbelievable

Keng17:43:55 18/05/2024
The incident of the unfortunate gamer Fat Cat made the community feel sad. Looking at the indicators of extremely stressful farming but the lack of care and attention to health makes people feel sad.

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The mystery of the world's largest "crying" stone Buddha statue, which shed tears 4 times

Uyển Đình17:13:47 17/05/2024
According to folk legend, since its construction, the Leshan Giant Buddha has not only protected the people but also been able to express emotions of sadness when disasters strike and happiness on important occasions of the world. human world.

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At a class meeting of 17 people, suddenly an uninvited person came, the whole group was shocked.

Pinky10:10:16 17/05/2024
This special story that happened in China is making netizens stir, everyone must understand and learn lessons about friendship for themselves, and at the same time admire the sincere feelings that the whole group shares. you are for each other.

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Marriage tragedy among Chinese men, experts use Fat Cat as an example

Bút Chì16:24:13 16/05/2024
Not only is it a lesson in love, the case of Chinese gamer Fat Cat also raises a serious problem in China - where men outnumber women and are under pressure to provide for their girlfriends immediately. even before marriage.

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Dam Truc was rumored to have been blackmailed after Fat Cat passed away, exposed by Chinese netizens

Phúc Sen09:19:15 16/05/2024
The latest developments in the case that shocked Chinese netizens over the past month, about the passing of the young man Fat Cat, the online community is extremely confused by the information that Fat Cat's girlfriend, Dam Truc, was sexually abused by her teachers. reassure.

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Fat Cat was given the song by the Vietnamese "king of music", and after hearing it, I just wanted to cry

Thiên Di17:10:49 15/05/2024
The tragic story of the young man Fat Cat has attracted the attention of many online communities. Recently, people also shared a new song by Vuong Anh Tu with profound lyrics, full of sadness like the story of Fat Cat.

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The letter Fat Cat's sister sent to her brother after he passed away revealed her heart. No matter how you read it, your heart will break

Pinky15:06:38 15/05/2024
Netizens are extremely excited about the heart-wrenching letter from Fat Cat's sister to her brother after his d.eath. The words in the heart of the young man's sister are also considered the words that the entire Chinese people want to send to him.

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