Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh "fell" miserably

Quỳnh QuỳnhMay 18, 2024 at 15:49

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Khanh Du Nien 2 is a rare super project in the history of Chinese films that sets a huge record. The film paralyzed the entire screen, destroying all achievements of previous films.

The most anticipated movie of 2024 - Khanh Du Nien 2, after a long time of incubation, officially aired on the evening of May 17. With the existing heat from the previous season 1, Khanh Du Nien 2 of course has a lot of expectations from the audience. On the first day of screening, this historical masterpiece brought a series of unprecedented achievements, making Tencent's projection platform is "blooming".

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 1

Specifically, if Du Phuong Hanh took 26 minutes to reach 26,000 points on Tencent, Khanh Du Nien 2 only took 15 minutes to reach this milestone. Before that, the film continuously held records for breaking the fastest heat of 21,000, 22,000, 23,000, to 30,000 points on the platform.

Worth mentioning, Khanh Du Nien 2 is the first movie in Tencent Video history to reach 32,000 ratings (after 126 minutes) on the first night of broadcast. This is a score that even Du Phuong Hanh cannot reach after finishing the movie, and at the same time, 90% of movies shown on Tencent do not reach this milestone.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 2

Besides the record-breaking heat points, Khanh Du Nien 2's ability to attack is also impressive. After 5 episodes (the first day showed 4 episodes with VIP accounts and 5 episodes with S.VIP accounts), it attracted 9 brands, 45 ads and a total duration of 675 seconds (including 1 136-second long ad). seconds, another unprecedented record). It can be said that the number of advertisements for Khanh Du Nien 2 in just the first day was equal to other h.ot movies such as Du Phuong Hanh, Pho Hoa or Truong Tuong Tu showing all of them.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 3

In addition, on the first day of airing, Khanh Du Nien 2 was predicted by Khoc Van site to reach 100 million views. Compared to other movies, the views on the first day only reached 10-20 million views. Du Phuong Hanh previously held the record for the movie with the highest first-day views of 32 million views.

Khanh Du Nien 2, in addition to being shown on Tencent, is also broadcast in prime time on CCTV8, the overall rating trend is also very good. Based on statistics, the average rating of episodes 1 - 2 of the movie is 1.7557%, ranking first among projects with the same airtime. Ratings after each episode show positive signs of increase.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 4

According to QQ, in fact, the explosion of Khanh Du Nien 2 was predicted in advance. Part 1 of the film received passionate love from the audience. After 5 years of waiting, part 2 of the movie was released. Ever since part 2 was filmed, tens of millions of viewers have been waiting for the film. Khanh Du Nien 2 is also the work with the highest number of pre-orders on all platforms with 18 million people.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 5

Khanh Du Nien is about Pham Nhan (Truong Nhuoc Quan), who is a modern historical researcher but suddenly travels back to the past and becomes the son of Emperor Khanh (Tran Dao Minh). However, due to chaos, he accepted Pham Kien as his adoptive father and lived in hiding in the countryside for many years. Pham Nhan was taught martial arts and how to use poison by his masters. Afterwards, he returned to the capital and opened the legend of his life.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 6

Khanh Du Nien is loved thanks to his in-depth script and layered plots. The film also makes the audience excited with its humorous storytelling style. As previously announced, Khanh Du Nien 2, except for the role of Ngon Bang Van being replaced, the main cast of season 1 r.emains the same, from male lead Truong Nhuoc Quan, playing Pham Nhan, to Ngo Cuong, Tran Dao Minh, Ly Tham, Tong Dat, Quach Ky Lan... In addition, the film also has the special acting participation of Vuong So Nhien, Mao Hieu Dong, Kim Than.

Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh fell miserably - Photo 7

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