Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chien's hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it

Phi YếnJan 31, 2024 at 15:46

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The Dilraba and Tieu Chien fan community couldn't help but be proud when they both just received great news. Particularly, the Xinjiang beauty also set an "unprecedented" record that made her opponents unable to keep up.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba - Tieu Chien is one of the famous 9x traffic peaks of Cbiz today. Not only possessing beautiful looks, the star couple also has h.ot movies that capture the hearts of the audience. Recently, the two just received great news that made fans "restless" because they were so happy.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 1

Accordingly, the social network of the billion-dollar country announced the Top 10 new young people in China in 2023. As a result, Dilraba Dilmurat and Tieu Chien were honored to become two of the 10 young people honored for their achievements. excel in work and contribute to society. After this information was posted, social networks exploded and immediately climbed to the top of Weibo's h.ot search on the entertainment board.

In the past year, Tieu Chien achieved a lot of success when there were 3 movies aired, the most prominent of which is "The Sea of Dreams" in collaboration with Ly Tham.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 2

His good acting helped the handsome man receive countless compliments from experts. There is even an opinion that the main character of "The Sea of Dreams" is the most breakthrough role in Tieu Chien's acting career.

Meanwhile, Dilraba Dilmurat also has 2 films scheduled to air in 2023. Although her achievements are not too outstanding, she is still a fully nominated actress of the three great television stations.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 3

Being honored in the Top 10 new young people in China in 2023 is truly great news for Tieu Chien and Dilraba Dilmurat. Because not everyone can be on this list, all the efforts of the Cbiz top pair have finally been rewarded. Currently, the audience is extremely looking forward to the explosion of these two stars in 2024.

In other developments, before the end of January 2024, Dilraba has continuously reaped great achievements, making many opponents afraid. First, the actress's super dialogue reached 20,000 likes.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 4

What's special is that the Xinjiang beauty is the first female star to achieve this achievement. That also partly proves that the number of living fans of the little flower g.irl is extremely large. Not only that, the female lead An Lac Truyen also unlocked 4 high-end institutional costumes from famous brands.

Among them, there is a set that has only been released for 4 days and she is the first female star to wear it. Dilraba Dilraba's beauty and charisma are also said to have returned to their peak after changing their stylist.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 5

Thus, in just under a month of the new year, the actress has surprised the public with her rapid changes. There are opinions that, with this momentum, even Duong Tu can hardly compete.

Especially recently, the little flower family Duong is facing a big failure when the movie "Want to Love Forever" in collaboration with Pham Thua Thua aired with ratings going down.

"Want to Love Forever" directed by director Nguu Sieu and screenwriter Cuu Van Long Ly Quy tells about a group of 6 friends who were together during their youth and helped each other grow up. Tuong Duc (Pham Thua Thua) is the person who "taught" Hoang Doanh Tu (Yang Tu) how to apply emotions to life and work, growing up together...

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 6

The incident happened when Hoang Doanh Tu went to Beijing after graduating from university, and Tuong Duc went to America. The friends in the group each go their separate ways...

Many years passed, at the age of 30, when they were living their own lives, they received news that their old friend Quan Sieu (Chieu Thuy) was about to get married and then memories came rushing back, old stories appeared before their eyes.

Hoang Doanh Tu tried every way to get 6 childhood friends to come to school to meet, talk and clear up old misunderstandings. At the same time, find answers about your feelings.

Dich Li Nhiet Ba held Tieu Chiens hand to welcome the good news, Duong Tu was far from being able to match it - Photo 7

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