Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan?

Nguyễn TuyếtDec 26, 2023 at 18:00

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At the present time, the audience is still waiting for the day "Truong Tuong Tu" part 2 will air. However, there was just news that the movie had to give up its premiere slot to another historical masterpiece.

After part 1 of "Truong Tuong Tu" ended, people are waiting for the early release date of part 2 to tell the unfinished story. However, except for rumors spread on social networks from many different sources, the film crew has not made any official moves. This makes the audience even more impatient and impatient.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 1

Previously, a Chinese blogger once revealed that "Truong Tuong Tu 2" will be broadcast in the first quarter of 2024. However, according to what is being spread among netizens recently, the film will likely have to be postponed to another quarter of next year, to make room for "Khanh Du Nien 2".

And most likely, the remaining 19 episodes of this work will not be released until next summer. This is certainly not good news for Chinese movie buffs.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 2

As for "Khanh Du Nien", the project took up to 4 years to film part 2, the audience had to wait for news about the movie for a long time. However, the enthusiasm and affection that the public has for the work has never diminished, even more boiling after the male lead Truong Nhuoc Quan revealed the "mist" of his "brainchild". I'm on air.

Since its debut in 2019, part 1 of "Khanh Du Nien" has created an explosive fever. The film not only created great attraction in the Chinese market but also in other Asian countries.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 3

In Khanh Du Nien 2, Truong Nhuoc Quan will continue to play the role of Pham Nhan - a stubborn but intelligent, grateful guy and actress Ly Tham will still take on the role of Pham Nhan's fiancee, Lam Uyen Nhi. .

The fact that the couple continues to take on the main roles in the film's sequel is considered a great attraction as both had excellent performances in part 1. According to the latest records, "Khanh Du Nien 2" is considered on December 25, has received more than 9 million preview orders, a record high number, even Yang Zi's "Thang Tuong Tu 2" can hardly match it.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 4

Tell more about "The Tuong Tuong School", the film adapted from the novel of the same name by author Tong Hoa; h.ot throughout the summer of 2023 thanks to the acting participation of Yang Zi, Truong Van Y, Dang Vi, Dan Kien Thu, Vuong Hoang Nghi,... Part 1 of the 39-episode project aired from July 24 and ended early at the end of August.

During its run, the film continuously reaped remarkable achievements, being recognized as a "breakthrough" work in 2023, and at the same time being a "launching pad" to help make the male leads Dang Vi and Dan Kien famous. Thu and Truong Van Y raised it to a new level.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 5

The couple most loved by the audience in "Truong Tuong Tu" is Duong Tu and Dang Vi. Not only their visuals are beautiful, but their chemistry also makes viewers "sit still" because they are so sweet. There is a source that, after the great success of the film, the star couple will become King and Queen of the Weibo Festival held next year.

According to this person, the festival's crew is already preparing. Although Duong Tu - Dang Vi have achieved great success in the past year, there are also many opinions that there are other couples who are just as explosive as them. In particular, the influence and hotness of the handsome man surnamed Dang is not yet strong enough to become King in the 2023 Weibo Festival.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 6

Compared to the King and Queen of Weibo Festival 2022, which are Liu Yifei and Hu Ge, Dang Vi is considered difficult to step up to this position at the present time. Couples that received public attention last year include: Bach Loc - La Van Hi, Bach Kinh Dinh - Tong Dat, Trieu Lo Tu - Tran Triet Vien,...

Weibo Night is one of the annual events that brings together half the Chinese entertainment industry to participate. This is an opportunity for fans to see their idols shine on the red carpet and be honored in important a.ward categories.

Truong Tuong Tu 2 suddenly postponed its broadcast schedule, is Duong Tu blocked by Truong Nhuoc Quan? - Photo 7

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