"Nhi Tinh" To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen

Nguyễn TuyếtMar 10, 2024 at 14:34

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If you are a die-hard fan of "Dien Hi Cong Luoc", you will probably know about Queen Phu Sat's close maid named Nhi Tinh. This sinister role that everyone hates is played by To Thanh.

To Thanh was born on July 5, 1989 and graduated from Hunan Institute of Communication. Active since about 2008 until now, she is best known to the audience for two films "Thiet Huyet Nam Nhi Ha Minh Han" (2012) and Van Trung Ca (2015). Especially in 2018, the little flower g.irl first caused a storm with her role as Nhi Tinh in "Dien Hi Cong Luoc" directed by Vu Chinh.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 1

Known as a Vu maid (actress who regularly appears in Vu Chinh's films). To Thanh is no longer a strange name to the Chinese film lover community.

However, with the craze of "Dien Hi Cong Luoc", from a person who initially seemed to have nothing to worry about, her character Nhi Tinh became a "media crisis" on a large scale because of her "media crisis". evil" spread, making the whole world agitated, but overall an impressive role.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 2

While in previous films, To Thanh was "labeled" as a queen, causing Chinese netizens to give her the title "national queen".

Because no one bathes twice in the same river, yet the actress really took the trouble to play the queen 3 times, unfortunately it was not impressive; It's like having to go through three "historical lifetimes" to become Nhi Tinh and light up a piece of heaven.

One of the most famous palace fighting movies that "Nhi Tinh" To Thanh appeared in is "My Nhan Tam Ke". In the movie, she had to transform into the character Truong Yen (Empress Hieu Hue Truong) - the only Empress of Han Hui De Liu Ying (2nd Emperor of the Han Dynasty). It can be said that this is a character who has been mistreated since entering the palace even though he is in a noble position.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 3

Truong Yen entered the palace at the age of 10 and had to marry her biological uncle as her husband under the arrangement of Queen Mother Lu. Since childhood, she had an unfortunate life, unable to even speak because of the "shock" in the palace.

Later, when she became Queen Mother Truong, she now fell in love with Asia Phu. Taking advantage of that, Than Nhi (played by Vuong Le Khon) tried to plot harm by sending a letter to elope for both of them to meet at midnight. At the same time, report this to Queen Mother Bac Co. Luckily, thanks to Dau Y Phong's rescue, Truong Yen later became Asia Phu's wife.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 4

Next is Queen Cung Hoai of "Nga Vi Cung Cuong 2", this is one of the most unlucky roles of "Nhi Tinh" when she did not have time to compete for favor and do "monumental" things in the three palaces and six courtyards in The Queen role had to die due to childbirth.

At the same time, it is also one of the films ranked as the second most "flop" among the works that Vu Chinh has ever written. The f.orced time-travel plot and lack of "popular" actors are the reasons why "Nga Vi Cung Cuong 2" is almost forgotten in viewers' memories.

In 2015, To Thanh continued to challenge herself with the role of Queen in "Van Trung Ca". This time, the character she incarnates is Hua Binh Quan, starting from a g.irl who makes wine and becomes a model of the world.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 5

In the first episodes, the audience couldn't help but be jealous of the early love relationship between Hua Binh Quan and Bi Di (played by Tran Hieu). The series of images of "love between a guy and a concubine" has made many viewers excited about the beauty of these two characters.

Later, unfortunately, Queen Hua Binh Quan had an accident while traveling by horse-drawn carriage, leading to a miscarriage and her life was threatened. Even though he tried to cure him, Binh Quan still could not survive. Her d.eath left sadness in the hearts of many viewers. However, this role did not stay long in the hearts of viewers.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 6

It wasn't until 2018 that the character Nhi Tinh was truly a bright spot among the boring Queen roles in To Thanh's acting career. After An Xuyen of "Civil War", Dieu Kim Linh of "Cung Tam Ke", Nhi Tinh of "Dien Hi Cong Luoc" left an unforgettable impression, leaving a strong mark on the character line of the The class of servants and servants in the palace and later "blackened".

Even though her role makes people hate her, in real life, To Thanh has a beautiful beauty like a goddess with a chubby face and big, round, attractive eyes. Thanks to this feature, the actress looks younger than her real age.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 7

In 2019, actress To attracted attention when appearing in the cast of "Dau Pha Thuong Khuong". The special thing is that this time her role gives her the opportunity to reunite with the "evil girls" Gia Phi and Dung Phi in "The Story of Nhu Y's Harem".

Accordingly, the little flower named To plays the role of Van Van - the true disciple of the old sect master Van Lam Tong. By chance, Van Van met Tieu Viem in a cave, from then on, many thrilling and fascinating details appeared between the two of them.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 8

As for Tan Chi Loi, she plays the role of Queen Me Do Toa - the wife of male lead Tieu Viem (Ngo Loi). With great power in his hands, Me Do Toa always brings a feeling of authority and courage. Every time she appears, she always wears black clothes and elaborate makeup. However, the sharp beauty on her face is the strong point that attracts attention from the opposite person.

And Ly Tham plays the role of Tieu Y Tien - a lovely, innocent, pure g.irl. She knew Tieu Viem at Ma Beast Mountain and was one of his confidants.

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 9

Thus, the roles of all three palace beauties from "Harem Nhu Y Truyen and "Dien Hi Cong Luoc" namely Ly Tham - Tan Chi Loi - To Thanh all have romantic relationships with the male lead actors. From the Forbidden City to swordplay, Ngo Loi's career in w.inning love and husbands has not ended!

Nhi Tinh To Thanh: The most hated Dien Hi Cong Luoc, no one remembers being the queen - Photo 10

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