Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance?

SaMay 25, 2023 at 15:16

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Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien were exposed to evidence of a relationship above the peer level. Currently, the couple's every move is receiving attention from the media and fans .

Not long ago, many bloggers reported that Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien were secretly dating. The couple was even photographed in the same hotel. Although the incident was extremely noisy, both Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien refused to speak up.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 1

Recently, people have dug up another important proof that this couple is in love. Accordingly, a blogger placed an intimate image of Vuong So Nhien and his two co-stars Duong Duong and Dan Kien Thu side by side.

It can be seen that the same intimate hug scene, but the little Liu Yifei is very natural and happy for her seniors in the same company, and for Yang Zi's "lover" is very shy. From this evidence, people think that Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien must have been in love since they starred together in My Human World Fireworks.

However, there are also opinions that depending on the situation, the actors' scenes will have different shades. Therefore, this cannot be considered as proof that Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien are dating. In addition, before that, Duong Duong was also very enthusiastic when filming the hug scene with other actresses, so he was often pushed by the boat.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 2

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 3

This is not the first time Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien have been caught up in dating news. In mid-February, the source said that the couple was traveling in the Maldives together, but there is no confirmed photo.

In April, Yang Yang's fans revealed that the star couple went skiing in Jilin, China. This person posted a series of photos of an emotional couple, confirming that it was Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien. In addition, the media also found some evidence such as phone cases, locations of the same presence.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 4

Before much evidence of dating, so far, Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien have not spoken. However, the topic of dating news, the love history of the two stars recently caused a fever on the Weibo social network.

Duong Duong's silent move is being mocked by many viewers. Because in the past, the actor had been caught up in dating rumors with many female stars such as Ly Tham, Kieu Han, Trieu Lo Tu, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Truong Thien Ai ... but he also rarely spoke up. Many girls were criticized for being involved in these rumors.

Many opinions believe that Duong Duong's silence and refusal to acknowledge can cause female stars to be entangled in rumors with her to be affected and unfairly criticized.

However, a few other viewers said that Duong Duong's lack of voice was to protect the g.irl's family, to protect the upcoming film My Fireworks in the World with Vuong So Nhien, so silence was the most appropriate.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 5

Yang Yang is one of the "four great peaks" of the Chinese entertainment industry. He has the largest number of fans along with Loc Ham, Ly Dich Phong, Ngo Dich Pham.

Duong Duong is loved for her private life with few scandals. Not only has a large number of fans in the country of billions of people, but Duong Duong is also loved throughout Asia.

The 9X star entered the entertainment industry with the role of Jia Bao Ngoc in Tan Hong Lau in 2008, but it was not until 6 years later that his name became known to many audiences. In 2016, the movie Love you at first sight with Trinh Sang brought Duong Duong's name closer to the public and helped his fan base skyrocket. After that, he played Dao tomb pen signature, left ear, three births, three decades of peach blossom, Vu Dong Can Khon, Full service master... The actor was expensive in advertising shows, as the face of dozens of brands. major products at home and abroad. He co-starred with Dich Le Nhiet Ba in the movie You are my pride.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 6

Vuong Chu Nhien was born in 1999, played General in Thuong, Goodbye! The great mother, Thuong Thuc... She was called "Little Liu Yifei", "the new generation billion billion fairy" with her beautiful and attractive appearance. The beauty is also considered to have a good acting ability, fame accumulated from previous successful supporting roles in Thanh Binh Music, General above me below, I heard you like me.

The cooperation with Duong Duong in My Human World Fireworks is a great opportunity to help the beautiful people born in 1999 pop up in the 9X flower group.

Duong Duong and "Little Liu Yifei" revealed evidence of love that is hard to deny, Dilraba Dildo has no chance? - Photo 7

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