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Tong Dat secretly abandoned the rumors, revealing a series of unusual signs

Mỹ Hoa16:27:35 17/07/2024
Recently, Chinese netizens were stirred by the news that famous showbiz couple Tong Dat and Bach Kinh Dinh had gone their separate ways after 2 years of dating. Accordingly, the Chinese media pointed out a series of unusual signs of the couple.

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Trieu Lo Tu suspected of "robbing" Bach Loc's boyfriend, netizens suddenly expressed their intention to cooperate?

Nguyễn Kim14:46:12 10/06/2024
La Van Hi and Trieu Lo Tu are two cult stars of the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, the two attracted attention when they leaked information that they would collaborate together on a new project. Currently, fans are eagerly waiting for authentic information from the two actors.

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Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh "fell" miserably

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:49:28 18/05/2024
Khanh Du Nien 2 is a rare super project in the history of Chinese films that sets a huge record. The film paralyzed the entire screen, destroying all achievements of previous films.

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Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentine's Day, what happened?

Snow14:29:49 15/02/2024
After Bai Jingting was entangled in a series of large and small problems, the people were focusing their attention on Song Yao even more. Underneath her new post, many netizens left advice on farewell to the male lead Chang Feng.

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Duong Mich took the spotlight at the Screaming Night, "feverishly" beautiful at the age of U40

Phong Trần21:02:30 26/11/2023
Duong Mich appeared at the Screaming Night event with a beautiful appearance, worthy of being called an ageless beauty. Her youthful face, bright white skin, and harmonious outfit and makeup, took the spotlight from a series of famous guests.

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Bach Kinh Dinh was suspected of being arrested for illegal behavior, insiders immediately spoke up to clarify

Phi Yến07:24:31 23/11/2023
The online community was stirred by the image of Bach Kinh Dinh at the authorities. Notably, there are rumors that the actor was arrested by the police because he committed illegal acts.

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Bai Jingting "kicked" Xiao Chien from Gu Man's film, and Yang Yang didn't have a door to touch it?

Nguyễn Tuyết17:11:14 29/08/2023
Some viral information shows that it is not Xiao Chien or Yang Yang, the male god Bai Jingting, who is targeted to play the male lead of Gu Man's film adaptation of Sunshine.

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Revealing a photo of Duong Duong going to a hotel with Vuong So Nhien 4 days 3 nights, Heat Ba was officially c.ut o.ff

Hoàng Phúc09:23:46 11/05/2023
On May 10, Sina reported that actress Wang Churan was exposed to a series of photos at a hotel in Shanghai, China. The person who picked up Vuong So Nhien was a close assistant of actor Duong Duong. Therefore, the news that the two stars are dating is causing a stir in public...

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Tong Dat: The beauty is good at "catching" the spotlight but still working as a "double side" and a love story with Bach Kinh Dinh

N.P15:43:42 21/02/2023
Possessing beautiful beauty, good acting, many times occupied the aura of the female lead, but Tong Dat still struggled in the supporting role. Instead, Tong Dat is only often mentioned by emotional questions with the top beauties in China. Song Yi (born in 1989) was born and...

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Song Dat was covered in a wonderful back like a Disney princess when he almost fell on the red carpet, making fans whisper

Duyên Trần19:26:05 14/01/2022
It can be said that the red carpet of the main events is the fierce beauty arena. Artists, especially female stars, always try to be the most sparkling and perfect in front of the camera, but stars can't always avoid unexpected situations. Recently, China's Weibo suddenly shared...

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Vuong Nhat Bac revealed the "bed" scene in "Phong Khoi Lac Duong", how did the fans complain?

An Nhi10:23:28 09/12/2021
The latest developments of Phong Khoi Lac Duong show that Vuong Nhat Bac's character will soon fall in love with "love wife" Tong Dat. As the most anticipated film of the year, Phong Khoi Lac Duong has the participation of famous actors including Hoang Hien, Vuong Nhat Bac, Tong...

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"Wife's wife Vuong Nhat Bac" - Tong Dat was accused of being fake at the filming ceremony of "Am Da Hanjia"

Hậu Hậu10:22:56 18/09/2021
Recently, after 4 months of filming Dark Night, the film crew officially closed. The entire cast and crew, especially the main couple Ly Dich Phong - Tong Dat, were present to celebrate with everyone. However, the beauty of the female lead Tong Dat is currently the topic of...

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