Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentine's Day, what happened?

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After Bai Jingting was entangled in a series of large and small problems, the people were focusing their attention on Song Yao even more. Underneath her new post, many netizens left advice on farewell to the male lead Chang Feng.

On Valentine's Day, the Chinese-language entertainment industry eagerly welcomed new couple, Chung Chu Hi and Hou Wenyuan. It is known that the two have been dating for a while, although they have not hidden from the media, but have never confirmed it. It won't be until Feb. 14, 2024, that they post a picture of the couple on their personal pages, officially making their romance public.

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 1

In contrast, the other Cbiz couple, Bai Jingting and Tong Yat, are facing many turbulences. Notably, in the latest post on the personal page of the Song family, many people did not hesitate to advise her to break up with the male beauty surnamed Bai. It can be seen that the actress had to spend an uncomfortable Valentine's Day.

The most remarkable thing is that Tong Yat and Bai Jingting have never publicly dated. However, through vague posts on social media and the gestures of the two when appearing at joint events, the romance is considered unspeakable but everyone knows.

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 2

At first, the dating news of the couple received a lot of support from the audience, especially after the drama "Changfeng" Do aired. However, the fact that the two did not admit the relationship but still threw "hint" alluded to made the public feel tired and unsympathetic.

Many netizens even said that Bai Jingting dared to love, did not dare to receive, did not give his girlfriend a title, was not an act worthy of a man's face. Meanwhile, some other opinions indicate that Song Yat also agrees with this approach because she herself needs to create a topic of discussion and attract attention.

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 3

However, recently, Bai Jingting has been involved in many scandals that have seriously affected the image of the actor himself and Song Yat has also been implicated.

As a result, fans have advised the 8X minor to "go their separate ways" with the rumoured love as quickly as possible, as he doesn't deserve a series of "phons" regarding manners.

A few hours ago, the topic that took the first place, the Chinese hotsearch board was the names of artists Bai Jingting and Qiao Han. The reason comes from the male protagonist Truong Feng Do "longing for center", deliberately changing stray clothes to gain prominence in Xuan Van in recent days.

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 4

Also from here, many scandals in Bai Jingting's past were "dug up" by netizens, including the incident involving the guy and actress Qiao Han.

Specifically, Xiao Hua was born in 1993 and asked her colleagues to promote new films for her. As a result, many artists commented and forwarded her film promotion, including: Zhao Huying, Wei Dahuan, Bai Jingting, Yangtze, Li Zhiting, Han Dongjun, Hu Xianxiu, Shen Yue, Zhao Xiaotang,...

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 5

However, the problem lies in the 3 comments that Song Yat's "rumored love" left below Qiao Han's Weibo post. The first comment was a copy with the names of Zhao Xiuting and Wei Dahuan. Netizens quickly realized that perhaps this was a "sample text" prepared by the 9X actress to ask each of her colleagues to propagate the film for her.

This speculation was soon corroborated when Bai Jingting deleted the comment and posted the chat history of 4 people: Qiao Han, Zhao Huying, him and Wei Dahuan (who filmed Glory Pingfan) together.

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 6

Watching the chat, it can be seen that Xiao Hua born in 1993 has already thought of comments for each of them. Seeing this, she immediately replied to Bai Jingting's ungraceful comment with 3 question marks: "???". Not stopping, Qiao Han also showed the chat screen showing that the male lead Chang Fengdu received 3 times his m.oney.

At this point, netizens deduced that the actress's intention was most likely: "You took my m.oney, why even let people know that I asked the promoter of the film?" Worth mentioning, Bai Jingting then responded to Qiao Han's comment with a photo of "drowning" Xiao Hua with the message: "Don't argue."

Song Yao was advised to bid farewell to Bai Jingting on Valentines Day, what happened? - Photo 7

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