Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: "As an actor, you must have culture", what's going on?

Bảo TiênOct 25, 2023 at 14:49

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Recently, Tieu Chien reluctantly became an "enemy" of Cbiz when the "dirty" actions of his back staff were condemned. Accordingly, the move from a famous Chinese director is said to have mentioned Tieu Chien, attracting attention.

Khanh Du Nien, after 4 long years, making the audience tirelessly wait, finally started the filming plan for season 2. The film crew held the opening ceremony last May and just finished filming. a few days ago.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 1

Tieu Chien - who played the supporting male role of Ngon Bang Van in season 1 of Khanh Du Nien, as predicted by netizens, was absent in season 2, and the person chosen to replace Tieu Chien was Ngo Hanh Kien. Along with the filming of the film, an excerpt shared by director Khanh Du Nien in May suddenly became widely discussed, and quickly attracted great attention.

In it, there are a number of statements that, although not directly mentioned to anyone, people cannot stop suspecting that this great leader is making fun of Tieu Chien.

Original words shared by director Ton Hao: "The actors must have a good level of education and understanding of the role. Some actors have tried their best to give instructions but they have not met the requirements and cannot cooperate. must be replaced". He also frankly said: "Actors are the top of the pyramid, illiteracy should be eliminated."

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 2

Digging through Tieu Chien's posts on Weibo before he became famous, people suddenly discovered that Tieu Chien made many spelling mistakes, for example he mistakenly wrote "Hello" as "Holle".

Furthermore, netizens also discovered that when filming the first season of Khanh Du Nien, director Ton Hao enthusiastically taught Tieu Chien's acting. He himself also praised the young actor's serious attitude, and at the same time said that he believes Tieu Chien really loves acting.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 3

However, coincidentally, right when Tieu Chien did not return in season 2 of Khanh Du Nien, Ton Hao made such a profound and hidden statement that netizens could not ignore it.

After the video interview with director Ton spread online, a part of netizens expressed their dissatisfaction, saying that he should not be angry just because Tieu Chien refused to appear in season two. This was like he was laughing at himself, because before he was the one who praised Tieu Chien so much.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 4

When taking on the role of Ngon Bang Van in Khanh Du Nien, Tieu Chien was still an unknown actor. However, the appearance of Tran Tinh Lenh caused the trajectory to completely change, Tieu Chien's reputation and career "broke" like the noonday sun, until now, he still stands firmly at the top. save floor segment. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Tieu Chien refuses to "be the background" for others.

Khanh Du Nien 2 is currently entering the post-production editing stage, the film is expected to be released to audiences in 2024. In addition to Tieu Chien's absence, the main cast in season 1 r.emains the same, including: Truong Nhuoc Quan , Ly Tham, Ngo Cuong, Quach Ky Lan, Tong Dat,... in addition to the presence of Vuong So Nhien, Mao Hieu Dong, Kim Than.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 5

In addition, since the prestigious Golden Rooster 2023 a.ward ceremony took place. Tieu Chien - a top performer with many expectations of appearing in one of the nominations, suddenly became "invisible". This makes the actor's fan club unhappy.

Besides constantly mocking Vuong Nhat Bac - the face nominated for the Most Popular Supporting Actor a.ward. Tieu Chien's fan community was recently criticized by big fans of Chu Nhat Long.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 6

It is known that the reason is because Tieu Chien's fans maliciously rated the movie project Mistakes on the River 1 star. These accounts rated Chu Nhat Long's new movie 1 star but simultaneously rated 5 stars for H.ot Sun Beside Me, Ngoc Cot Giao and That Dreaming Sea.

Not only that, the films of Yang Zi, Vuong Nhat Bac, and Thanh Nghi also received a series of 1 malicious star. This action of Tieu Chien's fans made many people extremely angry.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 7

Previously, Tieu Chien's movie project Condor Heroes also caused controversy when using Man Giang Hong and Vuong Nhat Bac as a platform to gain heat. Many people think that it seems that handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh wants to polish his path back to the big screen.

Accordingly, the actor has just "been" entering the film industry again, taking on the male lead role of Quach Tinh in the movie Condor Heroes directed by Tu Khac. However, just after returning to acting in movies, Tieu Chien has become an enemy of a series of traffic peaks and even the Golden Rooster - Chu Nhat Long.

Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: As an actor, you must have culture, whats going on? - Photo 8

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