Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point

Châu AnhMar 15, 2024 at 11:22

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After a period of bombardment in the film industry, Vuong Nhat Bac has returned to the small screen race with the project Truong Phong Pha Lang in collaboration with Ly Tham. Recently, the two announced good news that made fans look forward to it.

After a period of focusing on film projects, Vuong Nhat Bac recently decided to return to the small screen with the war-themed drama Truong Phong Pha Lang (new name: Quang Minh Chi Lo ). The actress collaborating with Vuong Nhat Bac this time, as many bloggers previously reported, is Ly Tham.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 1

Vuong Nhat Bac and Ly Tham are both actors with outstanding works this year. If Vuong Nhat Bac has Warmth, then Ly Tham has That Dreamy Sea. Working together in the Truong Phong Pha Lang project, the two are expected to create a big "bang" for the small screen this year.

According to posted information, the film project Truong Phong Pha Lang with the participation of Vuong Nhat Bac, Ly Tham and Vuong Duong is expected to broadcast on CCTV. The film is scheduled to be shown in prime time starting from March 21. As soon as this information was released, it quickly caused a stir in the online community.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 2

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 3

If aired this March, Vuong Nhat Bac's Truong Phong Pha Lang will face off against Trieu Le Dinh's Du Phuong Hanh shown on Hunan TV. However, these two films have different themes so they will rarely be compared. In addition, Truong Phong Pha Lang has the advantage of being shown on CCTV, so the ratings will certainly overwhelm Du Phuong Hanh, which is only shown on satellite radio.

Truong Phong Pha Lang is expected to be a film that helps Vuong Nhat Bac consolidate his position in the television segment. The national image of him and Ly Tham were praised as a beautiful couple. The coincidence is that before that, Ly Tham also collaborated with Tieu Chien in That Dream Sea and received extremely high ratings when it aired.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 4

Remember that before Truong Phong Pha Lang started filming, Ly Tham fans tried their best to oppose the actress accepting this role. The reason is because the character in the movie played by Ly Tham is only part 2, with much less acting space than Vuong Nhat Bac in the first position.

There was even someone who was said to be a big fan of Ly Tham who was so angry that he quit being a fan, and then came back to mock the little flower g.irl, saying that she had been acting for 10 years but left her as "an idol with a dirty face and no acting". (Vuong Nhat Bac) oppresses, degrades himself,...

In addition, there are also fans who say that Truong Phong Pha Lang is a male-led movie, so it is not certain that Ly Tham won the second part as many people said.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 5

In terms of logic, Vuong Nhat Bac is the best, and the actor also directly sponsored the film to be able to start filming, so it is easy to understand that he is favored. However, in terms of strength, Ly Tham is far superior to his juniors, and being limited in acting space is also quite disadvantageous.

Currently, netizens are on the sidelines, saying that the movie hasn't aired yet and has encountered too many turbulences. If it's not successful, it will definitely have a big impact on the cast's reputation.

In 2023, Vuong Nhat Bac will appear in 3 movies: Vo Danh, Truong Khong Chi Vuong, and Heat Liet. It is worth mentioning that all three of these films are on the list of 2023 Chinese Cinema Anthologies released by the country's National Film Bureau.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 6

Previously, Vo Danh and Truong Khong Chi Vuong both reached the top nominations at the Golden Rooster Awards. Vuong Nhat Bac was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards, nominated for Best New Actor at the Asian Film Festival, Golden Lotus Awards (Macau Film Festival), nominated for Actor Best main character at Kim Loc a.ward...

In 2023, Vuong Nhat Bac entered the film industry as a rookie. The fact that the works he participated in were all honored and Vuong Nhat Bac himself also received a prestigious nomination, showing the actor's great strides in the film industry.

Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point - Photo 7

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