ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears

Kim LâmJun 22, 2024 at 10:21

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ILLIT is a group that often causes controversy with its skills. In the group's recently posted recording clip, the audience was even more disappointed by the weak, hard-to-hear voices of ILLIT members.

ILLIT is HYBE's hottest rookie right now, but is currently suffering waves of outrage related to the hottest controversy in Kpop at this time.

Not only that, the group's poor live singing skills are also one of the discussed issues. Despite achieving record results for its debut product, ILLIT's reputation "hit bottom". especially when the group revealed a serious skill gap, 3/5 members were considered unable to sing live. Remember, when w.inning the first trophy at the music show, ILLIT was severely disappointed by the "disastrous" encore stage, being judged as a "group that can't sing".

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 1

Recently, ILLIT released a behind-the-scenes video recording its debut EP Super Real Me, many Kpop fans are extremely curious about the process of ILLIT and the music crew creating the product. Right from the opening, people were stirred by the image of the youngest Japanese g.irl Iroha "with tears in her eyes". She burst into tears because the recording process was so difficult, constantly doing it over and over again, causing the producer to soften and comfort her.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 2

At first listen, ILLIT's EP Super Real Me and the hit Magnetic have a youthful melody, and the vocal treatment is also quite simple with short, not too complicated verses. But to create the necessary spirit, ILLIT members must follow the instructions of the music producer and vocal team. For rookie girls, this must be a difficult challenge.

The member who gets the most attention is Moka. At the time of promoting Magnetic, she was the brightest element thanks to her concept-appropriate visual, bright stage charisma, and radiating positive energy. Moka quickly became the most fan-attracting piece of ILLIT, extremely popular with international followers.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 3

But, the public's good will disappeared as soon as Moka continuously caused controversy by singing live through encore stages. Moka's immature, shaky voice that hasn't been thoroughly trained makes Moka seriously criticized. Along with LE SSERAFIM's Sakura, Moka was called the "vocal hole" of HYBE.

In the studio, Moka also revealed her limited abilities. She is quite awkward in her singing lines. Moka's thin, weak voice was processed when the finished audio product was released. But right behind the scenes, it's not difficult to see the female rookie's lack of confidence. Because she just debuted, Moka still has many opportunities to improve her skills. Fans hope that the Japanese female idol will practice more diligently in the future.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 4

The two members with the strongest abilities are Minju and team leader Yunah. Minju is the one who "carries" the vocals for the group. Her natural voice and time spent training at YG help Minju have a stable skill foundation. During the recording process, Minju and Yunah gave their opinions to help the music crew better understand the girls' wishes. In addition, even though Wonhee only had 1 month of training time, she easily completed the recording. The female idol is considered suitable for ILIT's concept and musical direction.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 5

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 6

Besides their poor skills, ILLIT has been "exposed" many times for blatant lip-syncing. For example, at a university performance, the group brought many exciting songs but left the audience completely disappointed. With a smooth performance without a single breath, ILLIT was considered to have lip-synced the entire thing, making the audience feel like they were being "cheated".

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 7

Or in an exchange session, ILLIT performed Magnetic with a handheld microphone. As the opening singer, Wonhee forgot to... lip-sync her own part, causing the group to be exposed for lip-syncing right from the start.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 8

Because ILLIT is so used to lip-syncing, this clip just "adds fuel to the fire". However, many people also frankly believe that the company should focus on retraining the group's skills instead of constantly performing and lip-syncing so blatantly.

ILLIT reveals limited vocals in the studio: Moka disappoints, Iroha bursts into tears - Photo 9

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