ILLIT used live vocals to "crush" NewJeans, fans suddenly "turned around" and praised them.

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 12, 2024 at 15:32

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Just over 2 months after its launch, ILLIT was caught up in a dispute between HYBE and the "mother of NewJeans". Not only that, the group's unstable live singing ability is a topic that is always discussed on social networking forums

ILLIT belongs to Belift Lab, a subsidiary of Hybe Labels, which manages the famous b.oy band BTS. The group consists of three Korean girls and the remaining two "pieces" from Japan. All five members were recruited through the survival music show RU Next?.

Having just debuted, they are considered "monster rookies" as they immediately achieved a series of impressive milestones in their home country of Korea and the global market. However, ILLIT's poor live singing ability is always criticized on social networks.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 1

The encore stages revealed the vocal flaws of the two Japanese members - especially Moka, the most fan-attracting factor, causing ILLIT to be satirized a lot. ILLIT's initial success was denied because of plagiarism scandals and skills gaps.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 2

However, recently, in the "K-wave Concert Inkigayo" event, the group ILLIT appeared and performed two of their hit songs, "Magnetic" and "Lucky G.irl Syndrome".

During this performance, many audiences praised ILLIT members for their vocal progress. Although there are still some imperfections, ILLIT's performance is much more stable than the group's previous controversial stages when singing live.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 3

"ILLIT is doing very well. Hope you will work with a healthy b.ody and mind", "The group's live singing skills are really improving. Hope to go even further in the future".. . are encouraging comments for the ILLIT band after the performance.

Recently, ILLIT has been considered the unluckiest "golden spoon" rookie in Kpop. It is no exaggeration to say that ILLIT is the son of a rich family thanks to its starting point from HYBE - the largest entertainment group. Good music and sparkling visuals right from the debut are entirely resources from the management company. Outstanding musical achievements are also built from this foundation. It seemed like the road was filled with flowers, but ILLIT encountered countless "troubles".

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 4

ILLIT has only officially debuted more than 2 months ago but is currently suffering waves of outrage related to the hottest controversy in Kpop at the moment. In addition to her vocal shortcomings, CEO Min Hee Jin is not afraid to assert that ILLIT is a "NewJeans copy". The series of evidence and comparisons shown between the two groups made netizens admit that they are so similar that they are scary.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 5

Faced with a series of criticisms of plagiarism, HYBE and its subsidiary Belift Lab "added fuel to the fire" by completely denying the accusations and asking the online community to immediately stop the slander. This causes ILLIT to be greatly affected and if the management company does not handle it wisely, it will likely destroy the rookie group in just a short time.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 6

On the show Knowing Bros, ILLIT expressed its concerns when facing criticism from the audience. Specifically, member Wonhee opened up about her worries when she continuously received negative reactions due to making too many mistakes. In addition, she admitted that the short training period was also one of the reasons why she was worried about the audience's reaction.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 7

Next, Minju admitted, "I have a somewhat weak mental state, so when I see comments, I am often deeply affected."

Member Moka also said that she went through a difficult time when facing malicious comments, especially the female idol always remembered these criticisms while performing. "I wasn't really hurt but those comments always popped into my head when I was on stage. It was difficult. I kept wondering how to get over that," the star born in 2004 shared.

ILLIT used live vocals to crush NewJeans, fans suddenly turned around and praised them. - Photo 8

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