LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK "invisible" in Japan, even BTS succumbed

Hoàng PhúcJun 10, 2024 at 07:03

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Recently, the Billboard Japan Artist 100 ranked the 10 most powerful K-pop artists in Japan in 2024. Immediately after the announcement, this ranking caused a lot of debate in the Kpop follower community.

The reason is that Japan is the second largest music market in the world. It is a great honor for K-pop artists to be recognized here. In more than 30 years of development of the K-pop music industry, many entertainment companies have set the goal of "Japanese progress" for domestic chickens and achieved certain success.

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 1

According to a ranking from Billboard Japan, LE SSERAFIM is the most powerful K-pop artist in Japan in 2024, followed by the million-song b.oy group SEVENTEEN. These are also the two male and female representatives who hold the crown in the top 10 of the Billboard Japan Artist 100. In 3rd place is NewJeans, Jung Kook is the only solo artist to reach the top 5 at #5. ILLIT, even though they have just debuted, has been ranked high - 5th, ahead of both TWICE (#6) and BTS (#9).

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 2

10 names named by Billboard Japan Artist 100 in the top most powerful K-pop artists in Japan in 2024:



3. NewJeans

4. Jung Kook



7. Stray Kids

8. IVE

9. BTS

10. Treasure

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 3

Billboard Japan's chart gathers the most prominent names at the moment, has a large fandom and is especially successful and attractive in Japan. However, this chart still raises controversy when the top 1 belongs to LE SSERAFIM - the most hated K-pop group at the moment.

After Coachella 2024, the skill problem caused LE SSERAFIM to be boycotted. The terrible performance at the biggest music festival on the planet made the HYBE g.irl group called "national shame" by Koreans. The reputation of LE SSERAFIM has reached the bottom, and the fandom of LE SSERAFIM has also lost a lot. Even so, the 5 girls are still recognized as the most powerful group in Japan, making people feel confused.

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 4

LE SSERAFIM also surpassed the ranking of SEVENTEEN - a group that has just attracted nearly 150 thousand people to attend two nights of Follow Again concert at the legendary Nissan Stadium. Recently, SEVENTEEN has risen like a kite in the wind, especially famous in Japan.

Even the HYBE g.irl group surpassed TWICE - the "No. 1 pick of Kpop" in Japan and their BTS seniors. The global group only ranked 9th, behind both ILLIT and NewJeans. Jung Kook is the most popular member of BTS in the land of cherry blossoms.

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 5

In addition, a cult name like BLACKPINK is completely ignored, which also raises doubts among people. Despite breaking the global island with Born Pink's World Tour setting a record for sales going down in history, once holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome, the 4 YG girls are still ignored, "invisible" in the top most powerful artists in Japan.

In addition to the controversy about the above results, over the past time, a member of the g.irl group HYBE LE SERAFIM also caused frustration for imitating a senior. Specifically, when holding a fanmeeting FEARNADA celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Here, the 5 girls brought stages to perform the group's hit series while interacting with fans and covering the music of Kpop seniors. Notably, Japanese member Kazuha chose to cover Miss A's debut hit - Bad G.irl, Good G.irl, which sparked a big controversy.

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 6

Kazuha recreated the highlight choreography of Bad G.irl, Good G.irl in her solo performance. The Japanese female idol shows off her beautiful visuals in the shape of a princess, a bit of a balletcore. Originally a dancer, Kazuha did not forget to add a few ballet moves to make the choreography more impressive. It is not difficult to recognize that Kazuha learned Suzy's expression and performance spirit.

There is nothing to say if Kazuha's stage is not "attacked" by Suzy fans on platforms. The controversy stemmed from Kazuha and HYBE being suspected of using Suzy's reputation for "media play". Previously, the main dancer of LE SSERAFIM was known for its visuals that resembled "national first love".

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 7

Kazuha's feminine, soft lines and pure image have been compared many times to Suzy's seniors. HYBE also actively takes advantage of the keyword "little Suzy" to push Japanese female idols.

When witnessing Kazuha covering the song associated with Miss A's career, Suzy's fans were especially angry. Part of the reason comes from the concern that Suzy will be "exposed" when she is involved in a junior group that is hated by the public. Not to mention, the fact that the idol's name was used as a "paving stone" for another idol five times and seven times also ignited a wave of discontent.

LE SSERAFIM made BLACKPINK invisible in Japan, even BTS succumbed - Photo 8

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