Dam Truc went missing after being "wrongfully cleared" of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly "turned around"

Châu AnhMay 21, 2024 at 07:26

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After the investigation, Chongqing police issued a statement confirming that Fat Cat and Dam Truc "have a true love relationship". Fat Cat's sister also admitted to leading public opinion and cyber v.iolence, Dam Truc was unjustly accused!

The case of Fat Cat's decision to leave at the Yangtze River (Chongqing, China) has been causing a stir on social networks for the past month. Everyone felt sorry for the 21-year-old man and constantly criticized his girlfriend Dam Truc, saying she was a "gold digger".

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 1

However, after the Nam Ngan District Police Branch, Chongqing City officially announced the results of the investigation of the case on the evening of May 19, public opinion changed direction. It turns out that Dam Truc did not commit any act of cheating or cheating. At the same time, what Fat Cat's sister posted online after her brother's d.eath is not entirely true. Therefore, the incident does not constitute f.raud.

Through investigation, it was confirmed that Fat Cat's sister was the one who actively led the online community to attack Dam Truc. Fat Cat's sister took her brother's phone, selected the content and edited it into a tragic love story, turning Dam Truc into the "villain" in the bad brother's story. your number.

The sister even created a fake account to spam, buy interactions, comments, and shares to push the incident to a c.limax. After the incident gradually became h.ot, the anonymous sister posted Dam Truc's personal information on social networks, leading netizens to commit v.iolence against Dam Truc.

The story is that after receiving attraction, the sister "shakes hands" with many parties to create communication campaigns from posting statuses, letters, etc. The team behind also builds the image of a crying and emaciated sister to gain sympathy from the online community.

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 2

Currently, Fat Cat's sister has admitted her actions of leading netizens.

After the results of the police investigation were posted, it immediately became the No. 1 topic on Weibo, a famous social network in China. Here, many netizens were stunned by the truth of this story. Many people said that they were completely led by the "power of the Internet" and could not believe that the incident could be so falsely rumored. Some people even believe that Fat Cat's sister manipulated public opinion and is responsible for this.

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 3

Meanwhile, many others believe that this incident is a wake-up call for many internet users, helping them stay alert to information that has not been verified by the authorities.

"So we were all led by our older sister?"

"This could be made into a movie on the topic 'The Scariness of the Internet!'".

"I hope people don't follow false information but have their own opinions."

"Perhaps this incident will contribute to improving laws and regulations regarding information on the Internet."

On social media platforms, a series of keywords related to Dam Truc are searched such as: "How is Dam Truc now?", "Dam Truc's current situation", "Latest information about Dam Truc" ,...

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 4

However, these questions still have no answers. Because Dam Truc has remained silent, almost completely disappeared from social networks since the noise broke out. The last time official information about Dam Truc appeared was on May 3. Accordingly, she went to the authorities to report that Fat Cat's sister had violated her privacy.

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 5

In addition, information such as "Dam Truc was attacked in real life", "a g.irl claiming to be Dam Truc made an apology clip",... have not been confirmed. As for Dam Truc's apology clip, netizens discovered that this was a clip created by a netizen using AI, impersonating her. The reason is because the impostor and Fat Cat's sister had a conflict online, so they intentionally exaggerated and heated up the matter.

Currently, after the authorities issued a vindication notice, Dam Truc still has not shared anything and cannot search her social media accounts.

Dam Truc went missing after being wrongfully cleared of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly turned around - Photo 6

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