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Suho: EXO's "mother", dream leader, excellent from visual to personality and talent

Famous stars

13:15:29 26/05/2024
Suho first debuted to the public as the leader of group EXO, managed by giant SM Entertainment. Over the past 10 years, Suho has always been the big brother, becoming the model of a standard, hard-working and good leader idol.

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Runner-up Huyen My: Once "lost" to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love

Star's profile

14:47:46 25/05/2024
Huyen My became famous after becoming Vietnam's runner-up in 2014. She is also active in showbiz activities in many fields from being an MC, acting, modeling... On the other hand, Huyen My is still entangled in a lot of noise. Her personal life makes her name often discussed

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Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online

Chinese stars

16:17:30 24/05/2024
After her burial, Chau Hai My's audience has many ways to remember and express their respect to her. Among them, fans can visit Chau Hai My's tombstone online through the website of Thien Tho cemetery.

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BLACKPINK was scared because Seungri was "playing a prank", and Jennie "ruffled feathers" in the middle of the concert

Korean stars

09:03:34 24/05/2024
After the Burning Sun scandal was sparked again, the former BIGBANG member's prank with a man taking off his shirt angered BLACKPINK fans. Worth mentioning, Seungri once made an unflattering joke that made Jennie's quills ruffled.

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Explains the phenomenon of brilliant halos appearing around the Sun in many places in the North

Wonderful world

19:52:23 22/05/2024
On the afternoon of May 21, images appeared on social networks of a halo phenomenon in the sky. According to the recorded images, the sun is surrounded by a colorful halo, creating an extremely beautiful and magical scene.

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Dam Truc went missing after being "wrongfully cleared" of the Fat Cat case, Chinese fans quickly "turned around"

H.ot trend

07:26:07 21/05/2024
After the investigation, Chongqing police issued a statement confirming that Fat Cat and Dam Truc have a true love relationship. Fat Cat's sister also admitted to leading public opinion and cyber v.iolence, Dam Truc was unjustly accused!

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Thu Nhi Eat Clean: TikToker 9X owns a "secret" to make people laugh, attract millions of views and cause a fever

Famous people

16:41:44 20/05/2024
Thu Nhi is one of the famous content creators and Tiktokers loved by many people. She is considered the happy vitamin of many young people as she always conveys positive energy from the clips on her channel.

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Angelina Jolie's Shiloh decided to "go big" after "rejecting" her father's surname

European and American stars

13:37:58 20/05/2024
Shiloh is the first c.hild of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Recently, public opinion has not stopped stirring because of her move to give up her father's surname, she continues to attract attention with her new image.

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Runner-up Tuong San: Comes from a "rich and rich" background, has outstanding education, and got married early

Star's profile

16:43:02 18/05/2024
Runner-up Tuong San has a sweet beauty and an average level of education. Tuong San achieved top 8 results and won the Best National Costume a.ward at the Miss International contest.

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Chu Thanh Huyen "argued with the doctor" while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My

H.ot KOLs

07:06:53 16/05/2024
As two of the famous Wags of Vietnamese football, Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are constantly compared by people, especially when they are both pregnant. Netizens also paid attention to the two's pregnancy journey.

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Nichkhun: Thai prince of Kpop, comes from a tycoon family, ex-lover Tiffany

Famous stars

16:33:55 15/05/2024
It's not for nothing that fans call Nichkhun the name Thai prince, because he has everything from being handsome, educated, famous and coming from a rich family where both his father and Both mothers are famous businessmen.

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Portrait of Spain's "war horse" at the International Peace Festival, captivating beauty

Showbiz 24h

16:17:22 15/05/2024
The brilliant beauty of the new Miss Grand Spain makes everyone fascinated. Susana has been considered an outstanding candidate for the beauty queen crown thanks to her modern and seductive beauty.

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