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The news that Vu Linh compensated 1 billion VND for beef noodle p.oisoning, how real is it?

Minh Lợi14:56:13 10/05/2024
In recent days, information related to singer Hong Phuong's beef noodle shop has caused a stir in the online community. Recently, the granddaughter of the late Vu Linh has officially denied rumors of being f.orced to pay compensation of 1 billion for customers to eat at the restaurant.

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Vu Linh's daughter told about the last day of the late artist's life: After listening to it, she could only tear up

Nhật Duy15:39:51 05/03/2024
The sharing of Hong Loan - the daughter of the late Vu Linh about the last days of the life of the prince of Cai Liang Ho Quang made the audience emotional. Many people comforted Hong Wan, wishing her not to grieve too much.

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Nam Em was corrected by Hong Wan's spokesperson for touching seniors

Phúc Sen14:39:11 05/03/2024
After a series of noises and touching statements, recently once again made many people dissatisfied, the representative of Vu Linh's daughter - Ms. Hong Loan, Hong Ni directly corrected.

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Vu Linh's daughter got into trouble claiming: The audience "turned the car" because she no longer trusted

Minh Phúc11:24:43 02/03/2024
All the noise surrounding the family of the late artist Vu Linh has always received attention from the public. In particular, Hong Wan's statement case is especially followed by viewers on social media platforms.

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Hong Loan caused controversy when she bluntly threw away all the audience's gifts to the late artist Vu Linh

Hương Duy08:41:34 28/02/2024
Hong Loan's blunt action of urging the removal of gifts and flowers from the audience to the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh is causing a lot of controversy from public opinion. Many comments expressed sadness when seeing their flower baskets lying on the road.

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Vu Linh's sister asked to cancel Hong Loan's birth certificate, and her close friend clarified the matter of reconciliation

Đình Như14:37:42 31/01/2024
In addition to demanding a division of inheritance, artist Hong Nhung - Vu Linh's younger sister recently filed an additional lawsuit, requesting to cancel the adoption certificate and cancel Hong Loan's birth certificate.

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Vu Linh left a will under the bed for Hong Loan, Hong Phuong and her mother had a strange attitude

JLO09:52:32 30/01/2024
Nearly a year since Meritorious Artist Vu Linh passed away, but the noisy stories surrounding the late artist's family still make the audience constantly stir and discuss. In particular, disputes over inheritance from relatives cause many controversial issues.

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Nguyen Vu responded to rumors of taking advantage of Vu Linh's daughter, why did he stop helping Hong Loan?

Bảo Nam06:54:21 11/01/2024
Nguyen Vu said he helped Hong Loan - Vu Linh's daughter because he admired the late artist's talent. The male singer affirmed that he does not enjoy fame, just doing what he thinks is right.

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Phuong Le scolded Vu Linh's daughter and said she didn't know Hong Loan. Her attitude towards Vu Luan was shocking!

Bảo Nam11:01:22 27/12/2023
Recently, on the social network TikTok, a clip about Miss Phuong Le was spread. Miss Hau received a question from a netizen related to Hong Loan - daughter of Meritorious Artist Vu Linh.

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Vu Linh's niece hinted that she was depressed, lazy to go out, and afraid to communicate. Hong Loan happily showed off the good news

Hoàng Phúc10:08:55 22/12/2023
Since Meritorious Artist Vu Linh passed away in March, the noise related to adoption and biological children, property division, and family conflicts between Hong Loan and Hong Phuong's mother and daughter have attracted the attention of the public. Fame.

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Nguyen Vu left when he saw his adopted son Vu Linh, Hong Phuong and a writer in the US openly mocking Vu Luan

JLO06:43:11 13/12/2023
In March 2023, Meritorious Artist Vu Linh passed away at the age of 66 after a long battle with illness. Since the reformed King left the temporary world, noises surrounding the division of assets between relatives have continuously erupted.

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Vu Linh's daughter was accused by an actress and had to post an apology, r.evealing her father's property manager

Keng13:49:06 12/12/2023
Recently, Meritorious Artist Vu Linh's daughter sent an apology to a young actor - and also a person who was close to her family - whom she misunderstood. She said she did not verify the information and hastily posted an article that affected this character.

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Phuong Le was accused of making a recording of defaming her adopted son Vu Linh, and immediately livestreamed out the divisive tactic

Minh Lợi06:54:30 12/12/2023
After Vu Luan leaked the recording file talking about her close friend Hong Loan, netizens suddenly turned to attack Phuong Le, accusing the queen of being the one who released the above recording. Frustrated at being falsely accused, she spoke up in response.

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Ro recorded Vu Luan upset with his daughter Vu Linh's best friend, r.evealing the story of Phuong Le still secretly helping Hong Loan

Minh Lợi10:01:40 11/12/2023
Since the noisy property dispute with Ms. 6 Hong Nhung - Hong Phuong's cousin, Vu Linh's daughter has always been protected and encouraged by her adopted children and a few artists.

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The news that Vu Linh's daughter was banned from broadcasting, had to livestream to apologize to the director, close friends clarified about the 1 billion sand

Hoàng Phúc12:01:33 08/12/2023
On the evening of 7/12, Hong Loan livestreamed and shared about the role of Seven Children in director Nguyen Duong's drama Love Again. Vu Linh's daughter said she decided not to accept the role for many reasons, not being banned from the air.

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Dr. Vu Linh refused the People's Committee, Hong Loan voiced the reason for not making the application for title review

Hoàng Phúc14:33:28 06/12/2023
Vu Linh (1958 - 2023) is one of Vietnam's talented Cai Luong artists, but until the end of his life he did not apply for the title of People's Artist (People's People's Artist).

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She and her niece Vu Linh went to Hong Wan's house for the 2nd appraisal, laughing wryly when the crowd shouted 1 sentence

Minh Lợi15:02:07 05/12/2023
This morning (5/12), at the house of the late Vu Linh, where his daughter Hong Loan was staying with her husband and children after her father's d.eath, there was a court assessment to serve the litigation.

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Wu Linh's daughter reveals the last day of her father's tragic life, 1 subtle detail enough to understand how sorry she was

Minh Lợi15:37:24 04/12/2023
Vu Linh's daughter Hong Loan posted pictures of her family gathering to celebrate her third son's birthday. A detail that touched people because it was reminiscent of the late artist.

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Miss Phuong Le unfriended her adopted son Vu Linh, Hong Loan choked back tears

Minh Lợi06:04:15 03/12/2023
On her livestream, Miss Phuong Le recently revealed that she has unfriended and no longer has s.ex with Vu Linh's adopted son Vu Luan. She asked fans and netizens not to ask about the male artist.

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When news broke that Phuong Le gave a gift of 5 billion to apologize to Nguyen Vu's mother, his personal bodyguard immediately spoke up, hinting at Vu Luan as well.

Đình Như15:07:51 30/11/2023
Recently, the story of sisters helping each other in difficult times between Hong Loan - daughter of the late distinguished artist Vu Linh and Miss Phuong Le has received a lot of public attention.

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Vu Linh's daughter sobbed at the grave of her third c.hild, r.evealing the story of artist Tai Linh's visit from the US

Thảo Mai15:34:25 27/11/2023
Present at the grave of reformed artist Vu Linh, Hong Loan could not hold back her emotions while sharing about her late father. In addition, she also told the story of artist Tai Linh visiting her house.

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Vu Linh's adopted son got along with the children again, calling Phuong Le's name and sending an emotional message to Hong Loan

Bảo Nam16:35:02 23/11/2023
In recent days, the public has focused their attention on the dramatic story of the daughter of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh and her friends. As the eldest brother in the family, Meritorious Artist Vu Luan shared about the recent story.

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Vu Linh's daughter's livestream revealed Phuong Le's pitiful situation, asking netizens this one thing

Bảo Nam11:50:27 23/11/2023
After Meritorious Artist Vu Linh passed away, many artists quickly spoke up to protect Hong Loan, Vu Linh's daughter, when they saw her entangled in a noisy lawsuit to divide assets with family members.

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Vu Linh's daughter secretly said "enough to understand family love", Phuong Le suddenly came to visit as if she wasn't angry yet.

Thảo Mai17:22:33 22/11/2023
In recent days, Vu Linh's daughter has faced many extremely stressful dramas. The cause comes from the controversy between beauty queen Phuong Le and singer Nguyen Vu about making a film about Hong Loan's life.

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