Chu Bin happily announced "I'm back, everyone" after the detention scandal

JLOJun 13, 2024 at 16:13

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On June 4, the District 10 Police force, during an administrative check of a house in the area, discovered 6 people holding a party using banned substances. 6 people were detained for investigation, including male singer Chu Bin.

This information is of interest to netizens. Many people criticized, saying that this scandal could completely destroy Chu Bin's career.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 1

However, on June 6, the information source said, the police let Chu Dang Thanh (39 years old, a singer, with the stage name Chu Bin), leave, waiting to consolidate the file for later processing. Several other people involved in the party using banned substances are still being detained by the police.

A week later, Chu Bin suddenly made his first move. Specifically, on the fanpage, he shared a photo of his return to singing with the status line: "Hello everyone. Congratulations. I'm home, everyone."

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 2

However, after just a few hours, the guy edited the post. Below the comments section, many viewers congratulated him on his return.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 3

Chu Bin was born in 1985 in Buon Ma Thuot. He is the youngest c.hild in a family of three brothers. The 39-year-old singer once sought out singing as a way to escape poverty, due to previous difficult family circumstances. He moved to Ho Chi Minh City to start a career in 2005. He later became famous thanks to a series of songs like Let's consider it a dream, Can you pretend to love me?... Chu Bin is considered a singer with "little talent and many flaws". . His name gets more attention because of the noise.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 4

War of words with 'internet phenomenon' Hoa Vinh

In 2018, Chu Bin got into a noisy controversy with Hoa Vinh on social networks. The incident originated from the male singer's belief that the internet phenomenon used a vocal editing software when livestreaming. Faced with this opinion, Hoa Vinh denied it. He also used tense words to talk about Chu Bin, saying that the singer born in 1985 used his name to attract attention.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 5

In response to those provocative words, Chu Bin called Hoa Vinh directly to resolve the matter. The male singer affirmed: "I have never been a brother to you." Talking about taking advantage of Hoa Vinh's name, Chu Bin affirmed that he was famous first. The male singer also said that the "internet phenomenon" relies on other people's songs to become famous.

Accused of a.dultery and irresponsibility

Chu Bin once got into trouble in his personal life when his ex-girlfriend accused the male singer of being irresponsible and having an affair. The fact that the singer Consider it a Dream responded later caused him to receive a wave of reactions from netizens. Because of this noise, Chu Bin's music night was canceled. The organizers stated that the male singer "did not meet the conditions for permission".

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 6

After the incident, the singer Let's see it is a dream admitted that he did not meet the standards of a father, so he received many mixed opinions. He realized his mistake and wanted to be corrected.

"I was wrong to hurt the people who loved me and had scandals that caused me to lose the love of the audience. I hope the audience and friends will open their hearts and forgive me for the mistakes I made. "Please don't attack or hurt either woman because they are not at fault," the male singer once shared.

Encountered a sensitive problem while performing

In October 2023, information that Chu Bin had a sensitive incident on stage spread on social networks. Some images related to the male singer were widely shared by the audience and became a topic of discussion on many forums. At that time, Google Trend also recorded a sharp increase in search speed for the keyword "Chu Bin" on October 22, 2023.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 7

After the incident, the male singer said this was an unwanted incident. Vocalist Can you pretend to love me? I also think that someone is playing bad tricks on me.

Chu Bin happily announced Im back, everyone after the detention scandal - Photo 8

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