Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who "turned around"

Nam PhươngFeb 17, 2022 at 16:07

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The online community believes that CEO Phuong Hang's statements are increasingly out of control on social networks.

Among the artists whose names are being called into the charity buzz. Tran Thanh is the person with the most drastic moves such as: proving statements, inviting lawyers to protect personal rights... On January 23, the Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued document No. 01/QD-CSHS about the decision not to prosecute a criminal case. The Police Department said that Vbiz artists, including Tran Thanh, did not commit f.raud or appropriate charity m.oney contributed by people.

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 1

Even though it was "vindicated" by the authorities. However, CEO Phuong Hang - the proponent of the drama - continued to livestream attacking the MC of the show "Rap Viet". A few days ago, the rich woman from Binh Duong even threatened to go to Tran Thanh's house to "physically impact" her because she thought that the web drama "Cut Alley" was ironic about her. As soon as he received the bad news, the national male MC seemed calm and not too concerned about these harsh words.

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 2

On the afternoon of February 17, a series of forums shared statements believed to be from Mr. Dung's wife talking about Hari Won not having children. It is unclear where the source of the incident came from, but the act of violating the privacy of others is unacceptable. Not to mention, Hari Won did not participate in the donation story from beginning to end. If you want to be aggressive, that CEO should just go directly to the husband of the singer "The scent of the night flies away".

Below the interaction, there are many angry comments. Believe that businesswomen are increasingly losing control. Can even be counter-sued if serious. Many "righteous" fans who once supported the director of Dai Nam company also expressed their intention to "turn away" because of their idol's uncivilized statements.

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 3

Ms. Phuong Hang harshly cursed: "A poisonous tree without fruit, a single g.irl without children is your wife, Tran Thanh. Your style of filmmaking is the ultimate uneducated style, both profound and uneducated. I must say how profound you are. Even better than Dam Vinh Hung. I promise you, this year I promise you special care. You announce it to the public, including where you perform. I will go there."

In episode 1 of the show When Men Get Pregnant 2018, Tran Thanh - Hari Won shared about the fact that they both do not have children even though they have been married for more than two years. The couple expressed that they accepted to participate in the show because they wanted to have more confidence in having children. Currently, both are still playful and Hari is not really ready in terms of health to get pregnant.

Hari Won revealed that she once had cervical cancer. After treatment, she did not go back for a check-up and consider the possibility of pregnancy. 2018 is a milestone year for her to wait to see if the cancer will return or not. She thought that if something unfortunate happened, the poorest thing would be the c.hild. "When a c.hild is born, he or she must receive the best things in the world. If I don't have enough m.oney, responsibility, sacrifice, and love, I would rather not give birth to him. I hope God will love and give you both A husband and wife have a c.hild on a very suitable occasion, when the couple is ready, has enough economic conditions, and sacrifices to welcome a c.hild into the world," Tran Thanh said.

During the conversation, Tran Thanh's mother expressed her thoughts to her daughter-in-law Hari: "I really like that you are pregnant. After being pregnant, you will love your c.hild and think of your mother more. Only then will you have a b.aby." I feel happy when my c.hild grows in my belly and have many memories of my pregnancy!".

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 4

At the end of 2021, Hari Won was suspected of being pregnant after 5 years of living in the same house with Tran Thanh. Until the evening of August 12, on the 6pm City program, Tran Thanh officially spoke up to answer the question of Hari Won being pregnant. On the livestream, Tran Thanh confirmed that the couple did not have children because he did not want to.

"Why don't we have children? I know there are many anti-fans saying that Tran Thanh is like this or that so he has been married for several years and has no children. Ladies and gentlemen, it's not because I can't, it's because I can't. want, it's that simple.

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 5

When we have children, it means creating another living being for this planet, it can be good or bad. I don't want my c.hild to be born without enough sharing and protection from my parents.

Sometimes I don't know what my children will be like when they grow up. I just hope that through this pandemic, we will have time to rethink together to do better things for society. Because we don't know what will happen tomorrow," Tran Thanh said frankly.

Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who turned around - Photo 6

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