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Hari Won "received criticism" and was crushed because of his heavenly attitude, Truong Giang grimaced and reminded

Gia Nhi11:11:09 25/05/2024
Tran Thanh's wife - Hari Won just had a leading performance and was criticized by the online community for being too unattractive, Truong Giang standing next to her could not accept it and cleverly reminded her. Netizens find it difficult to accept this heavenly attitude.

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Tran Thanh publicly announced his "girlfriend" after being away from Hari Won, pampering her to the fullest

Nguyễn Kim10:29:09 20/05/2024
After 8 years together and 7 years of marriage, Hari Won and Tran Thanh became a powerful couple and were loved and cared for by many people. The two often post sweet moments spent together on social networks.

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Tran Thanh shows off rare photos during puberty, fans call Truong Giang's name for an unexpected reason

Bút Màu11:08:26 15/05/2024
Tran Thanh caused a stir when he showed off family photos decades ago. More surprisingly, the male comedian even responded humorously when fans commented that his biological mother and Truong Giang had similarities.

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Hari Won was busy with "personal matters" and was absent from Tran Thanh's family party

Quỳnh Như18:12:36 13/05/2024
On May 12 - Mother's Day, social networks were dyed pink with meaningful wishes and happy images of families. Among them, the moment together of MC Tran Thanh and his family especially attracted the attention of many fans.

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Hoai Linh and Tran Thanh are involved in the Tinh That Bong Lai case, what is their attitude about "grandfather's teacher"?

Châu Anh09:04:06 13/05/2024
While the Tinh That Bong Lai case is becoming the focus of public attention, a series of names in the Vietnamese showbiz world are being called out such as Hoai Linh, Dam Vinh Hung, Tran Thanh,... making the audience couldn't help but be confused.

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Zhencheng 'stunned' with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife

Diệu Anh18:51:16 09/05/2024
Recently, Zhencheng has surprised fans by appearing with a completely new look that is far from the image of whiskers, long curly hair that once made people turn on their backs.

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Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears

Phúc Sen15:38:38 09/05/2024
The couple Diep and Soanh so far after 2 months of noisy entanglements, both of them are constantly r.evealing confusing details, increasingly showing their lives alone, both trying to gradually practice with a lifestyle without the other half.

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Zhencheng's sister questioned breaking up with handsome actor Quynh Ly

Vân Anh07:08:44 03/05/2024
Netizens can see the dating hint, they also quickly illuminate the question of the couple's path Uyen and Quynh Ly after more than 1 year of being exposed to a special relationship. This made many regret because the couple received a lot of love and support.

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BB Tran 'avoided' Tran Thanh for a reason, exposing a relationship that few people know about

T.P13:56:53 30/04/2024
Actor BB Tran has just shared frankly about his relationship with senior Tran Thanh, after a long time of being rumored to have shunned his senior, stopped playing, and not appeared together. Once clearly stated, the male artist exposed the relationship.

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Tho Nguyen stood up to protect Tran Thanh, helping the male comedian escape from "harming his seniors".

Keng21:07:24 29/04/2024
Recently, Tho Nguyen caused a storm on social networks when she continuously posted on forums discussing showbiz stories. After criticizing Jack and insulting Xuan Lan, recently, the female YouTuber even called Tran Thanh, making people stir.

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Tran Thanh added another male star to his group of friends, fans were shocked and didn't know when they became friends

Gia Nhi09:14:47 23/04/2024
Tran Thanh's close friends suddenly had a male MC join the group and travel together extremely closely. The identity was quickly revealed by netizens, but the most shocking thing was that fans did not know when the two had been close.

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Hari Won is "in love" with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu

Diệu Anh17:07:01 22/04/2024
Female artist Hari Won and Tran Thanh and close friends visited Korea. The wife of the famous tiktok trending MC is Chi Pu's rumored ex-lover who appeared after 4 years in hiding.

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JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing

Khánh Huyền16:12:01 16/04/2024
Recently, JustaTee and Tran Thanh confirmed that they will accompany the first season of Anh Trai Say Hi. This makes fans both happy and worried because they fear that the two artists will not be able to continue with another music show.

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Tran Thanh resembles Park Seo Joon like a "sibling", r.evealing his Korean name that no one knows

Kim Lâm13:37:10 16/04/2024
Recently, Tran Thanh was on a trip with his wife to Korea. He said that many people mistakenly recognized him as Park Seo Joon. Immediately after that, the male MC had a very humorous reaction, and also actively took photos of himself with famous Korean stars.

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Minh Tu was suspected of being pregnant, Tran Thanh said why he did not attend his junior's wedding

Bảo Nam17:52:07 14/04/2024
After nearly 13 years of knowing each other and 5 years of love, the wedding of Minh Tu and her German husband named Chris officially took place on the evening of April 13 at a luxurious wedding center in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Tran Thanh is the MC of 'Say Hi', netizens are afraid to sing for the contestants

Khánh Huyền10:53:36 10/04/2024
Tran Thanh was announced as the MC of the reality TV show My Brother Says Hi, immediately the online community erupted with many controversial opinions, some supporting, some frowning.

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Ngan Chi: Bu Tot "daughter of Zhencheng", the future of domestic cinema

Phương Thảo10:29:10 08/04/2024
Ngan Chi is not a strange face to Vietnamese audiences, although she is only 13 years old, she has been highly appreciated by many older directors and artists for her acting potential and professional demeanor.

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How beautiful is Anh Duc's fiancée r.evealing everyday and beautiful photos that are likened to the Vietnamese YoonA?

Phi Yến15:19:44 05/04/2024
After Anh Duc shared the proposal photo, information about his fiancée immediately became the focus of attention of the online community. It is known that this g.irl is also a member of Zhencheng's friends.

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Le Duong Bao Lam returned to Vietnam in a wheelchair after a US tour because of this incident

Kim Lâm13:28:06 05/04/2024
During his recent trip to the US, Bao Lam Legion not only attracted people's attention with a series of humorous skits but also his sultry incidents in the country of flags. Recently, the image of the actor in a wheelchair returning to Vietnam made many people worried.

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Zhencheng was criticized by the famous diva for "not knowing how to sing", saying profound sentences that stirred up social media waves

Kim Lâm16:50:46 04/04/2024
Zhencheng's voice is always a topic that people have to mention a lot on forums. Recently, the clip of diva Ha Tran frankly criticizing her husband Hari Won who cannot sing has quickly gone viral on social media.

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Zhencheng again made the public bored by showing off her talent in singing Mai soundtrack in the US

Khánh Huyền07:24:23 04/04/2024
Zhencheng, despite coming to the US, still made the public at home boo, bored by the controversial display of her voice at the performance stage to promote the film Mai. The series of opinions surrounding this issue is still ongoing after the clip of Zhencheng singing was posted.

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Zhencheng redeemed himself after "ignoring" Li Quyen, what did he say that the fans reacted?

Snow16:34:23 03/04/2024
During their recent overseas tour, Li Quyen and Zhencheng had the opportunity to reunite on the same stage. Here, Hari Won's husband repeatedly made eye-catching comments about her voice.

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Baolin Legion beats Hari Won in the middle of the street, nearly being taken back to the station by the American police

Nguyễn Tuyết14:27:42 01/04/2024
This trip to the US of Bao Lam and Le Giang caused many troubles for Tran Thanh and his wife. After badmouthing their colleagues, the couple continued to make skits that misled the American people.

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Legion Baolin was severely insulted by Hari Won, and immediately spoke ill of Zhencheng in retaliation?

An Nhi10:04:07 01/04/2024
The relationship between Bao Lam Legion and Zhencheng and his wife has always been a topic of discussion on social media. In the midst of Hari Won's controversy for being harsh with Yang Lin, the actor suddenly spoke badly of Zhencheng.

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