Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a 'devil', reminding her that 'you should keep your strength when you're old' and don't run away for 1 billion

Thư KỳJan 26, 2022 at 07:59

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With the "fight - accusation" drama between a series of Vietnamese artists and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, recently the voice of "Green Dong" excitedly announced good news in the lawsuit with the female CEO of Binh Duong.

On January 21, the Ministry of Public Security officially issued a written notice about artists "stealing" charity m.oney i.n the Central region in 2020 after Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's "exposés" on livestream.

The Ministry of Public Security has also confirmed that artists such as Hoai Linh, Dam Vinh Hung, Tran Thanh, Thuy Tien,... have shown no signs of stealing charity m.oney.

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 1

The announcement that the Ministry of Public Security will not prosecute criminal cases against artists was shared by Dam Vinh Hung

As the incident became clear, the online community simultaneously congratulated the artist, calling on Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang to apologize and pay like what Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang had previously shared.

Immediately after this information was announced, Dam Vinh Hung frankly said that he would frankly work with the authorities to handle individuals and groups that slandered and insulted the honor and reputation of the Party. you all this time.

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 2

Not only Dam Vinh Hung, female singer Vy Oanh also sued the owner of the Dai Nam tourist area because this person repeatedly humiliated and insulted her through livestreams, such as saying "surrogate child", "husband snatcher", "cousin". girl".

According to Thanh Nien's news on the evening of January 24, the People's Court of District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City) has just announced the acceptance of the case of non-contractual compensation dispute between the plaintiff, singer Vy Oanh, and the defendant. The applicant is Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang.

Since then, the singer Dong Xanh asked Ms. Phuong Hang to compensate her with 1 billion VND, which is the loss of honor, reputation, and dignity that Ms. Hang caused her.

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 3

The female singer shared as follows: "1 billion is only symbolic because according to civil law, there must be compensation, but honor and dignity cannot be calculated in m.oney, it is priceless."

On the evening of January 25, Vy Oanh also continued to update information that the Criminal Police Department shared about the results of the investigation into the charity activities of Tran Thanh, Dam Vinh Hung, Thuy Tien,... and consideration of prosecuting Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang after a series of statements "denouncing" artists.

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 4

Accordingly, Vy Oanh said that even though she was busy going to the New Year party and wishing New Year, Vy Oanh still did not forget the important thing, which was posting on the forum to criticize Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang. The reason comes from the fact that CEO Dai Nam just continued to call out the name of the singer Dong Xanh on live broadcast.

"Hot and happy news everyone (Link below in the comments, the chief of criminal justice has just spoken). I'm busy with the company's New Year's Eve, going to wish everyone a happy new year, but I heard that the ghost is calling my name again tonight? "Maybe when you see the court accepting the lawsuit, you feel like you've lost so much that you're afraid you'll have to pay 1 billion. Why are you telling me to sue and now you're so angry?" , the female singer sarcastically said.

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 5

Talking about the compensation of 1 billion , Vy Oanh added: "Vy Oanh promises that if the devil pays the 1 billion fine, Vy Oanh will share it all for difficult situations, and will make it publicly available online for everyone. Everyone knows it (Vy Oanh is not like the devil promised and then broke his promise). The only way to escape is to find evidence, oh my god, the day you cursed Vy Oanh, you swore to take responsibility. Why are you yelling now? The village sits there complaining that it's a waste of time and it's tiring but it doesn't accomplish anything. Tet is the busiest, no one listens, poor thing.

And if the devil is worried that running dirty media will cost too much m.oney, and now he's running out of m.oney and has no time to pay the fine, then Vy Oanh will consider amnesty and let him pay gradually according to the court's decision, but Vy Oanh's honor is priceless, not measured. It can be counted in m.oney, but if there is, the fine will be thousands of times higher, so Vy Oanh will not be satisfied. The m.oney for the b.oy is 183 billion, I hope when the court collects 1 billion, don't say it's all gone hihi."

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 6

Talking about the information that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang threatened to sue, Vy Oanh bluntly responded : "Are you still suing Vy Oanh? Dream away, you're old, save your strength and be less delusional. That sounds scary, right? , are you planning on playing the PR game of suing and suing to get even? What a pity, this must be just a dream of the devil. How can anyone with a mind as evil as a devil be able to sue someone? Is it ok to call someone a devil, everyone? The person who has passed away has nothing to do with it, but if you keep bringing it up and c.ursing all day long, then you are only a demon, there is no human being like that, not to mention other crimes!".

Vy Oanh boldly said that Mrs. Phuong Hang was a devil, reminding her that you should keep your strength when youre old and dont run away for 1 billion - Photo 7

Vy Oanh's sharing has attracted the attention of the online community. Most netizens left messages supporting the female singer in finding the truth, teaching the Binh Duong tycoon what honor is, what is right and wrong.

- I hope an artist wins the lawsuit so she can publicly apologize. Leave the habit of defaming the reputation of others. Their private lives are also criticized. The dead are not spared"

- Only reincarnated ghosts can gamble with the dead. Promised Ho Van Cuong 500 million, don't know if he gave it yet?

- Vy Oanh, why don't you increase the compensation for that woman? Why does she say honor is so cheap? It makes me cry.

- 1 billion is personal compensation, but do you still have to report criminal violation 331, Vy Oanh?

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