Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing

Nam PhươngOct 09, 2022 at 19:43

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Before the bad comments on social networks, musician Thanh Bui has proven that he is not "sitting cool eating a golden bowl" as many people mistakenly believe. Success today is a process of hard work and constant effort.

In 2013, the wedding of singer Thanh Bui and the fourth generation daughter of the Truong family made many people admire. It is known that before getting married, the couple secretly dated for 4 years. In all events, Thanh Bui expressed his avoidance and did not know Truong Hue Van. To secure the wedding, Thanh Bui hired a powerful bodyguard, limited guests, only those with a card can set foot in the 40-storey Times Square building. In addition, party guests will be treated to new delicious dishes priced at up to 35 million VND/table.

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 1

At that time, Thanh Bui was likened to the "chapter king" of Vietnamese showbiz. In addition to her beautiful beauty, terrible education, Truong Hue Van also inherited a huge fortune from real estate, commercial centers, restaurant chains - hotels, resorts... In the market, Truong Hue Van is also famous for her sharp mind and has been named for 35 businesses, with a total capital of up to tens of trillions of dong. In particular, Thanh Bui's wife has held the position of General Director of Van Thinh Phat Group since August 2020.

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 2

Meanwhile, Thanh Bui is more "inferior". Since childhood, the musician was born in 1983 and moved with his family to Australia. However, their parents are not too wealthy financially. With his musical talent, Thanh Bui has the opportunity to collaborate with international record labels and artists. In particular, the milestone of reaching the top 8 in Australia has helped him advance in his career.

After marrying Truong Hue Van, Thanh Bui proudly shared that his wife is the luckiest thing in his life. She is not only talented but also very delicate, fulfilling the role of mother and wife well. Having a rich wife and good children, Thanh Bui gradually retreated backstage. He was absent from the Vpop racetrack, instead focusing on developing a music education academy and cooperating in developing a television channel.

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 3

Before sarcastic comments such as "rats on the wrong side of rice", Thanh Bui thinks that he does not care about these things. Musician 8x explained, he himself had a solid career before he got married, bought a house - a car at the age of 25. He did not "sit and eat a bowl of gold" as Netizen mistakenly thought: "By the age of 25, I had built a career, convincing my parents with two keys on the table. It was a house and a car. Audi. I said to my parents: 'Materials already exist, can you give me faith'. So speaking of economic conditions, I had it when I was 25 years old, not today." .

"I don't care so I don't feel offended when people say I'm successful because of my wife. I myself don't just sit there and do nothing. Success starts with actions. Luckily I know myself too well, so it's hard for anyone or anything to affect me. If I had to go and explain it to each person, it would be a waste of time, that time going to other jobs would be more meaningful."

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 4

In order to have the current success, Thanh Bui thanks the past difficulties for training a strong will. In particular, it must be mentioned the hardships that his parents worked in Europe. For him, it was the most memorable time.

"In childhood, seeing the difficulties of his parents, Thanh also knew how to share with his parents. After school, he still helped his parents with sewing and overclocking. Thanh was assigned the task of sewing pants pockets. Drawing a bag is half cents, sews a bag, Thanh has 1 cent. But never before, Thanh finds himself miserable, he works hard. His parents, taught him how to live meaningfully. M.oney will come. will go somewhere, most importantly, live together emotionally.

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 5

Now, with Thanh, if you don't succeed 100 times more than your parents, it's considered a failure. Just thinking about her parents, every time she sees her childhood years, Thanh gets emotional again. Thanh Bao, his parents are very patriotic, they say war is life, a moment of history. In foreign countries, but they are always aware that they are Vietnamese. They teach their children Vietnamese culture, not allowing them to speak English when they return home. They make their children think beautifully about the country."

Thanh Bui responded when he was said to be rich by marrying billionaire Truong My Lan's nephew: It's not like sitting around doing nothing - Photo 6

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