Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support

Nam PhươngApr 02, 2022 at 17:55

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As an entrepreneur and mother of 4 children, CEO Phuong Hang understands more than anyone the importance of taking care of and educating her children.

In recent days, the press has reported a series of heartbreaking cases related to "adolescent depression". Most of the pressures come from academic work and disagreements. Or simply old confidants that have not been untied. Even knowing that "every tree has a flower, every house has a scene", each family will have a different way of educating. However, those young souls need to be understood and listened to instead of imposing too much of a stereotype.

Despite being prosecuted and detained by the authorities for the crime of "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the state, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals". However, Phuong Hang is still supported by the public opinion by volunteering activities, helping the community. In particular, the talk shows sharing life experiences and parenting secrets of female CEOs always receive positive feedback.

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 1

Recently, netizens have re-shared the livestream of the giant Dung's wife, pointing out the wrong points of parents when educating their children. Phuong Hang said that although she is a famous businessman and has a certain influence in society, she has never placed a burden on her children and f.orced them to achieve the highest achievements. The owner of Dai Nam KDL emphasized that children need to have a childhood, live a happy and healthy life, and be innocent at the right age. It is important that when you come into life, you need to be ethical, treat people in harmony, the door to success is always welcome.

"Parents impose too much on their children. It learns to fatigue, fear and it learns to feel like t.orture. Every life has a destiny, not all learning, but not without learning. is failure. So each person has their own destiny, their own path. As a parent, I never force my c.hild, I never expected my c.hild to be like this abcd Because of myself I had no one to teach me but I'm still human. I'm 16 years old I've lived up to now. I've never been indigo and I've never been indigo. Somehow I'm still a person who eats well, dresses well and knows And when I was ashamed, I didn't do anything bad.

There are many people with 5-7 university degrees who also work as hired laborers. Life is so c.ruel, learn a lot, learn to be a good person. Living ethically is the guideline for success. Because words are only knowledge, not flexible in life. In practice, it needs flexibility and suitability for each object." - Ms. Phuong Hang shared

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 2

After listening to these words, most of them expressed their admiration for the modern thinking of CEO Dai Nam.

"If the other student's parents see this, they will regret it. At 3 am, they still watch their children study; her every sentence is forever in the hearts of the people; she spoke too well, and another student at a special school was under pressure to study. practice and pass away forever; The prediction is forewarned, but the school and teachers should reconsider the way of teaching and exercises. It's like I'm in high school and then I stay home and give birth to a c.hild in real life, but I can't get up. So let's learn to be a human first."

Information on the media said that Phuong Hang has been married 3 times and has 4 children: Quang Tien, Tin, My and Hang Huu. Before the giants stirred up the internet, 4 rich kids were quite secretive, only occasionally appearing on their mother's personal page, so people were more and more curious about them.

Quang Tien (29 years old) is Phuong Hang's son with her Chinese husband, born and raised in Canada. After her husband's d.eath, Ms. Hang inherited a fortune of millions of dollars and decided to bring her children to Vietnam to do business.

In early January 2021, the owner Dai Nam announced the incident related to Quang Tien on her personal page. Phuong Hang said her son on football, borrowed m.oney from friends and borrowed m.oney from outside. Despite the pain, the giant woman is not ashamed, but ready to face it, and share it so that parents like her have more courage to face it.

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 3

By the end of January 2021, Ms. Phuong Hang was pleased to announce that Quang Tien had returned to a peaceful life with her family. In particular, the young master also had positive thoughts and thanked his mother for helping him.

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 4

Phuong Hang's second son, named Tin, is also the most secretive character in the family. Up to now, this young master has only appeared on his mother's personal page during Mrs. Hang's birthday in early 2021.

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 5

The third c.hild of Dai Nam's owner, My (nickname: Natalie) also rarely appears. Phuong Hang's only daughter was allowed to study abroad by her mother when she was young, but she is currently in Vietnam. According to the female giant's share, Natalie is very obedient and polite, and is a copy of herself, from appearance to personality. Phuong Hang also affirmed that she will not put any standards or expectations on her c.hild and will try her best to support her son to fulfill his dream.

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 6

The youngest master of the Huynh family is 9 years old this year, sometimes appearing in his mother's livestreams. In particular, Hang Huu was also given a huge fortune by his parents and the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company on his 1st birthday and became "the youngest billionaire in Vietnam".

About the relationship with 4 children, Phuong Hang once revealed in the livestream on the evening of May 25. The giant woman shared that mother and daughter were very close, had their own group chat: "Everything is sent there, at night we have to talk to each other a few sentences before going to bed".

Phuong Hang "taught" parents for putting pressure on their children, Netizen "turned the car" to support - Photo 7

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