Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end

Nam PhươngMar 26, 2022 at 16:00

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Although CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang is in the process of being prosecuted and detained for 3 months for investigation, Ms. Le Thi Giau announced that she will continue to pursue the 1000 billion case until the end.

Regarding the case of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang - General Director of Dai Nam Company, was prosecuted and detained by the Ho Chi Minh City Police for abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, rights and interests. legitimate interests of organizations and individuals according to Article 331 of the Penal Code 2015, as amended and supplemented in 2017.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 1

In addition to the victims, artists, journalists, and lawyers... directly filed lawsuits about the above crimes. The wife of the giant Dung lime kiln was also sued by businessman Le Thi Giau, demanding compensation of 1,000 billion dong and asking to stop the act of insulting the honor, reputation, dignity of self as well as the brand of the company's products. In addition, they must publicly apologize and correct false information.

Before the requests from Ms. Le Thi Giau, CEO Phuong Hang sarcastically will send "1000 jackfruit leaves" without paying a single silver coin. Even in June 2021, the diamond giant also announced a counter-suit against the opponent on the livestream. At the same time, he threatened to r.eveal the wrongdoings that had been buried for so long.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 2

"I will prove to everyone that what I say is right or wrong, how many witnesses are willing to stand up to defend me, to speak up about what kind of person Ms. Le Thi Giau is in public." Ms. Hang stated.

"Le Thi Giau told me to go to court for 1,000 billion? There are 1,000 jackfruit leaves, but they don't even have them". In the midst of tension, Mrs. Hang still cheerfully informed everyone that she was going to court, inviting everyone to come out and cheer.

"I'm going to court, please come with me, cheer me up? I'm going to court, I'm so scared, I can't eat or sleep", Mrs. Hang said while laughing.

At the event on the afternoon of March 25, answering questions from reporters VTC News. Entrepreneur Le Thi Giau said that she and her lawyer are still pursuing the case of 1,000 billion VND. Although Ms. Hang is in the process of being prosecuted and detained. This drastic move further shows the anger as well as the heavy losses that Ms. Phuong Hang has caused to the General Director of Binh Tay Food Joint Stock Company.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 3

"Even though Nguyen Phuong Hang has been arrested, the civil lawsuit about the dispute for compensation for non-contractual damage and compensation of VND 1,000 billion will continue as usual and I will follow this case to the end." Ms. Le Thi Giau said.

In the lawsuit filed on May 17, 2021, Ms. Giau angrily said that Ms. Phuong Hang had offended her honor and reputation by fabricating and slandering her "forced monk Buu Chanh - abbot of Phuoc Son Pagoda - return the m.oney and car to Ms. Hang", "the box of merit m.oney of the temple is managed by Mrs. Giau", "Mrs. Giau is a super fraudulent, aggressive businessman who buys Buddha statues and flowers without paying",... At the same time, she also asked the court to force Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang to compensate her for material and mental losses in the amount of VND 1,000 billion.

Talking to the press, Ms. Le Thi Giau said that she would be determined to pursue the lawsuit to the end, and confirmed that there were enough grounds to claim a compensation of VND 1,000 billion for the losses she and her company had suffered. have to bear.

"This year I am over 60 years old, but she has insults to my honor and reputation. The fact that Ms. Hang's livestream has curses, insults and humiliation of others has a great influence on society. society, even destroy their way of life...", Mrs. Giau shared.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 4

Ms. Le Thi Giau was born in 1959. She is a famous businessman in Vietnam. In addition to holding the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Binh Tay Food Joint Stock Company, she is also the Vice President of the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association. It is known that Le Thi Giau is also a regular volunteer.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 5

In May 2018, businessman Le Thi Giau was entangled in a scandal related to land f.raud. Nearly 60 industrial enterprises in Phuoc Tan, owned by Ms. Le Thi Giau, were f.orced by the functional forces and dismantled a series of factories.

The reason is that these factories do not meet the standards for establishing self-managed CCNs and are contrary to the planning prescribed by the Prime Minister. Despite the mistake, Ms. Le Thi Giau's company still divided plots to sell plots to other businesses, causing them to fall into the abyss.

In addition, Ms. Giau's business was also accused of producing dirty soy sauce, which affected consumers' health. As of now, no decisions have been made on these scandals.

Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end - Photo 6

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